How Can A Lawyer Help Me in a Sex Crime Case?

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Hiring the right attorney can greatly affect the chances of winning your case. Sexual offense cases can be particularly complicated and emotions usually run high. The sensitive nature of these cases often warrant hiring an experienced attorney; learn more here.

  • ContentAdmitting Prior Bad Acts in Sex Crimes Cases

    Sex crime defendants often lament the difficult in receiving a fair trial after being accused of a heinous crime. They may confront juror bias and a criminal justice system that is stacked against them. This has become evidence with the change in how the process works in some states concerning the admission of prior bad acts.

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  • ContentBizarre American Sex Crimes Laws

    Every state is responsible for passing laws regarding local standards for moral conduct. As a result, each state has enacted its own laws regarding sex crimes. Most are common to every jurisdiction, such as laws prohibiting rape, sexual contact with minors, and public exposure. But some laws are so unique and so inexplicable that they are worth review.

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  • ContentCan Class Action Lawsuits Be Brought in Sexual Abuse Cases?

    When there are multiple individuals affected by the single or group of abusers in sexual crimes, it is sometimes possible to initiate a class action lawsuit when the statute of limitations does not pass. It is important that the victims band together and provide incontrovertible evidence to increase the strength of the claim.

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  • ContentCivil Lawsuits Involving Sexual Abuse

    Sexual abuse occurs through cases reported in the thousands each year. Some are tied together, while some crimes stand alone. Unknown in many instances, the victims of this abuse have a legal right afforded to them to sue the abuser that caused the damage and injury. These lawsuits are civil suits with less news coverage in most situations.

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  • ContentSex Crime Accusations, Criminal Sexual Conduct and Other Claims

    Sexual offenses are among some of the most serious charges to be accused of. Often these accusations affect lives negatively even if nothing becomes of them due to the sheer importance behind what a sexual offense is.

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  • ContentUse of a Weapon During a Sexual Assault Can Result in a Maximum Sentence

    The use of any weapon during a sexual assault can sentence a person harsher with longer penalties in jail or prison because this factor can cause aggravated crimes of sexual assault rather than the standard charges. The individual convicted of these aggravated crimes will usually face the maximum sentence.

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  • ContentWhat is the Statute of Limitations for Rape?

    For those states that have a statute of limitations for rape, some period between three to thirty years is common. However, not all states have a statute of limitations for rape and others have exceptions to their own statutes.

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  • ContentDate Rape – Are the Complaint and Prosecution Handled Differently?

    When a person suffers from the devastation that is date rape, he or she may file an initial complaint that is vastly different in how the authorities handle the matter than when proceeding through prosecution against the culprit. It is significant for the victim to work with the prosecuting lawyer even if the complaint appears to matter little to police or other authorities.

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  • ContentRemoving Your Name From the Sex Offender Registry

    The penalties faced by those who have been convicted of a sex offense continue to increase.

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