How Can A Lawyer Help With Child Custody and Visitation?

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Child custody cases can be some of the most contentious and complex cases and the law varies from state to state. Family lawyers can advise families of the process of a custody hearing within their state and helping them to prepare for their case.

  • ContentChild Custody Litigation Preparation

    Child custody cases can be some of the most difficult and emotionally-ridden family law cases. By preparing well before the child custody hearing, a party is more likely to be prepared for the possible outcome and more likely to prevail than if he or she is completely unprepared.

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  • ContentHow Can A Lawyer Help Me Get Child Custody?

    Getting custody is difficult for some spouses over others because of a lack of funding, not having a job or having additional responsibilities that could take away time from raising children. With the assistance of a lawyer, obtaining and keeping child custody is less difficult than attempting to accomplish this goal without a legal professional.

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  • ContentWhat are the Questions I Need to Ask My Lawyer in a Child Custody Case?

    Child custody cases can be some of the most contentious. They can also be complex, and the way that they are decided varies from each state and region. To better prepare for a custody dispute, parents may retain the services of family law lawyers to help advise them of the process entailed in a child custody case.

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  • ContentHow Effective Is Mediation in Child Custody Disputes?

    Disputes over child custody can be among the most heated. After all, the stakes are incredibly high when the issue of being able to see your own children is on the line. As a result, it may seem like the prospect of ever reaching an agreement with your child's other parent is highly unlikely, but mediation can often lead to surprisingly positive results.

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  • ContentThe Dos and Don'ts of a CPS Visit

    CPS or Child Protective Services is a government agency in the United States of America that mainly deals with cases of child abuse and neglect.

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  • ContentMy Ex is Fighting for Custody of the Kids, what Do I Do?

    Children are often the unfortunate pawns of battles between exes. Sometimes motivated by desires to hurt the other parent or out of a selfish desire to be the sole or primary influence on the child's life, these battles can be emotionally challenging for both parents and children alike. So, if you see such a battle looming on the horizon, what can you do? How can you avoid a fight that will harm your child while preserving your own interest in being with your son or daughter?

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  • ContentHow to Win Your PA Child Custody Case - 5 Tips

    As a Pennsylvania family law attorney, I regularly counsel both mothers and fathers with regard to PA divorce and child custody actions. While each case is certainly unique with its own set of facts and circumstances, below I’ve outlined five general tips to increase your likely of success in your child custody case.

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