Illinois Business Law Guide

In our guide to Illinois business law, learn about how to form a business in Illinois, how to litigate business disputes, and what rights business partners have. Businesses in Illinois can flourish with the right business formation, and often need help from a business lawyer in order for a successful start-up. Learn more about which business entity is right for you in Illinois.

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  • ContentBusiness Planning in Illinois

    Business formation and succession planning is a necessary step when opening a business and makes the business a distinct legal entity. There are four main types of business formation options: Limited Liability Company (LLC), partnership, sole proprietorship, and corporation. Learn more about your options

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  • ContentBusiness Ligation Law in Illinois

    Business litigation law governs disputes which arrive out of commercial and business transactions. This area of law is non-criminal and can lead to huge awards or settlements. Learn how to protect yourself against litigation in Illinois, how to respond to a civil lawsuit and how a lawyer can help you.

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  • ContentBusiness Partners and Business Succession Planning Law in Illinois

    Conflicts often arise when business decisions are shared by multiple people. These may be business partners or shareholders. It is important to understand how best to proceed when these conflicts arise and what legal options are open to each party in Illinois.

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