Illinois Criminal Defense Law Guide

Illinois has one of the largest criminal court systems in the United States, centered around Chicago’s court systems. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything about the Illinois criminal court system from sentencing, to drug crime law, to violent crime and weapon law. In addition, understand what rules govern the police and appointed judges and what to do if stopped by an officer in Illinois.

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  • ContentWhat Is Criminal Law in Illinois?

    There are a variety of laws in Illinois that impact the rights of individuals charged with crimes in the state. Many of these laws are discussed below. It is important to understand the nature of the charges that you are confronting and the potential penalties if convicted of the crime.

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  • ContentSentencing in Illinois

    Illinois sentencing laws vary depending on the crime, severity of the crime, and past convictions. Learn more about Illinois specific sentencing laws.

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  • ContentExpungements and Sentence Reductions in Illinois

    Convicted of a crime in Illinois that you didn’t commit, or receive a felony sentence rather than a misdemeanor? Learn how to petition for factual innocence and the steps necessary to get an expungement.

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  • ContentDomestic Violence and Child Abuse Law in Illinois

    Domestic violence is an act of aggression conducted at home, usually by a spouse or a partner. Discover more about the legal ramifications of domestic violence and child abuse in Illinois and how a lawyer can help with your case.

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  • ContentGuide to Drug Crime Law in Illinois

    Charged in Illinois with drug manufacturing or possession? Find out what your options are, next steps to take, and how a lawyer may be able to help you.

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  • ContentGuide to DUI Laws in Illinois

    Laws concerning driving under the influence vary greatly state by state. Illinois has its own laws regarding complications of driving while on drugs, breathalyzer tests, civil damages available, and more.

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  • ContentWhite Collar Crime and Theft Law in Illinois

    White collar crime includes fraud, forgery, embezzlement, and more. How does white collar crime and theft law work in Illinois, and how can you defend yourself? Learn more about these topics and how to navigate the Illinois court system.

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  • ContentViolent Crime and Weapon Law in Illinois

    Violent crimes usually causes contested, emotional court battles. Learn how violent crimes are treated in the California penal codes and court systems, and how a lawyer can help you with your case.

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  • ContentCriminal Defense Procedural Law in Illinois

    Criminal Defense Procedural Law refers to the body of law that ensures that each case brought to court is treated justly. In our guide to Illinois criminal procedural law, understand what rules govern the police and the appointed judges.

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