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Immigration fraud is usually committed through false documentation, securing visas, or even impersonating someone else. Immigration fraud is a serious problem and may cause a person to face criminal prosecution. Learn more about the laws regulating immigration fraud.

  • ContentDefenses to Charges of Immigration Fraud

    Immigration fraud is a serious problem when the immigration authorities cannot monitor who enters the country legally or with false documentation, and if the person is innocent of these actions, it is important to use any defense available to prove it. The defending party could face criminal prosecution that leads to a conviction and other penalties if the defense is not viable.

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  • ContentImmigration Benefits Fraud Is a High Priority for Prosecution

    Document and benefits fraud with immigration processes often go hand-in-hand, and those that participate in these crimes can face federal criminal charges along with severe penalties depending on the extent of the illegal activity. Much immigration-related criminal activity involves both benefits and documentation.

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  • ContentImmigration Documents Fraud

    Documentation fraud with immigration processes normally involves the misrepresentation of factual details, identification information and authorization for both work and residence in the United States for someone immigrating from another country. The immigration documents fraud classifies any documents with these inaccuracies with intent as a crime.

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  • ContentImmigration Fraud - How It Can Happen and Who Can Commit It

    Some individuals are able to commit immigration fraud through working with securing visas, providing false information and even giving information of a different person to the immigration authorities. However, even businesses and other individuals in the United States can commit immigration fraud through the solicitation of various services.

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  • ContentImmigration Fraud - What is Notario?

    When applied to immigration fraud, notario is the act of representing oneself as an authority with either legal experience or a degree for immigration rules and laws such as an immigration lawyer or someone that prepares legal documentation for immigrating foreign nationals. Those engaging in this type of fraud will usually face criminal action and charges for the illegal activities.

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  • ContentImmigration Services Scams - What Are the Penalties?

    Scams with the immigration services can affect those in the immigration offices, departments or those seeking to immigrate from one country to another through either valid processes or through fraudulent activity. When these individuals or businesses commit these scams and the subsequent criminal actions, there are certain penalties that are possible.

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  • ContentMarriage Immigration Fraud - What Is a Stokes Interview?

    The Stokes marriage immigration fraud interview is for couples where one is a United States citizen and the other is a foreign national where he or she is attempting to immigrate through marriage. The Stokes interview is necessary to determine if the marriage is a sham or if the relationship satisfies all necessary requirements for the visa.

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  • ContentMarriage Immigration Fraud and How a Lawyer Can Help

    When a person in the United States marries a foreign national for money or to help the person cross the international border, both parties may commit marriage immigration fraud. Many of these situations require the services of a lawyer to help support the marriage or to defend against the charges in the courts to avoid penalties.

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  • ContentIncrease in Penalties for Employment Eligibility Form I-9 Violations

    Increases in enforcement for the Immigration Reform and Control Act violations affect employees that work as non-home office workers. Many of these employees may or may not have signed an I-9, but when the federal government checks, these issues could lead to fines and other penalties when the worker has not filed the proper paperwork with the company.

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  • ContentSocial Media Screening for Immigration Visas

    Immigration fraud and criminal behavior are common with various types of foreign nationals, and because of this, the immigration authorities have initiated numerous ways to screen for intent to defraud for an immigration visa. By using social media, the United States Citizenship and Immigration or USCIS authorities can better look into the possibility of immigration fraud.

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  • ContentIllegal Immigrant in My Seized Vehicle: What Next?

    Vehicles seized with an illegal immigrant inside may proceed through the Border Patrol authorities and remain impounded until the owner attempts to reacquire the car. The owner will need all relevant documentation for ownership, registration and insurance and will then need to contact the CBP office with possible fines, penalties or other penalties.

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