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The International Criminal Court (ICC) was created to reduce crimes and eliminate perpetrators of atrocities across the world. The ICC deals primarily with serious international crimes such as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

  • ContentDeterring Crimes with the International Criminal Court

    The International Criminal Court system exists to reduce or eliminate crimes and perpetrators of these atrocities so that contributions to illegal acts are removed from society. However, various countries in Africa, the Middle East and similar locations are not seeing much of a dent in these incidents, and it has been asked if the ICC has any impact at all on criminal actions.

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  • ContentInternational Criminal Court and the Policy Paper on Case Selection and Prioritization

    The International Criminal Court is tied to the policy paper with consideration to prosecutorial discretion in both selection and prioritization with prosecution and investigations. This means there are certain processes the ICC must follow in regards to choosing incidents, those involved in investigations and certain situations where prosecution occurs.

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  • ContentInternational Criminal Court: Handling Cases Involving Immunity

    There are many cases where one party has immunity, and there are certain factors that must exist to seek action against these persons, companies or dignitaries. For the International Criminal Court, it is important to ensure that all requirements are satisfied to ensure decisions and judgments are upheld.

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  • ContentWhen Does the Geneva Convention Apply?

    Often an argument raised by inmates or others who feel they have been wronged but are not sure what rights to call upon, the Geneva Conventions are frequently misidentified as the source of a variety of “rights” one does not have. The Geneva Conventions are actually a series of agreements, not a single document, and among the most misapplied by legal novices. So when do the Geneva Conventions really apply?

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