International Intellectual Property Laws

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It can be quite difficult to process and accomplish intellectual property protections in different countries. Registering a trademark, copyright, or patent varies country by country. However, it may be possible to obtain global protections through an international trademark or copyright.

  • ContentProcess of Acquiring an International Trademark

    After acquiring the United States trademark, it may be possible to obtain the same protections globally through an international trademark for the brand of a company.

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  • ContentProtecting U.S. Trademarks Abroad

    Protecting intellectual property rights overseas is often difficult based on country laws that could be lax or nonexistent in ensuring that a trademark or other IP is safe when moving through the nation. However, it is possible through contacting the right officials that a trademark may have safeguards in place with the Trademark and Patent Office.

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  • ContentChina Trademark Infringement Issues

    Intellectual property issues are constantly occurring around the world, and China is no exception to this rule. Because of these problems with trademark and other concerns with protections on these items, it is important to know what this means, how to safeguard the trademarked brands and what is necessary to avoid the complications in the future.

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  • ContentPatent Cooperation Treaty for International Patents

    International patents are complicated and take more time and energy than any single patent in the United States because often, the applicant must apply to each country individually. There are some nations that may be coupled together through the Patent Cooperation Treaty and similar programs, but this does not solve the issue for every location around the world.

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  • ContentCease and Desist Letters for Intellectual Property Prohibitions Abroad

    Intellectual property protections in different countries may be difficult to process and accomplish. Various countries around the world have more lax IP safeguards than the European Union and the United States, and this causes issues for those that travel to these locations when attempting to keep IP private and protected.

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  • ContentDoing Business Overseas and Problems Protecting Your Intellectual Property

    Depending on the intellectual property, the owner may need to seek a lawyer to find new ways of keeping the items or the property from infringement with others in doing business interactions overseas. The laws protecting IP in the United States do not often extend to other countries in the same manner.

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  • ContentRegistering a Trademark in Romania

    Registering a trademark is slightly different in various countries. This is no exception to Romania where it is vital to search through the current trademarks for intellectual property and ensure that no words, phrases, symbols or brands have already been used by another company.

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