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The Framework of Legal Due Diligence in Egypt

Egypt, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and business, stands as a beacon of opportunity in the Middle East. The legal landscape, mirroring the country’s complexity, demands rigorous due diligence, particularly for businesses aiming to establish or operate in the region. This article offers a comprehensive look into the framework of legal due diligence in Egypt, highlighting the pertinent legislation and the key considerations for businesses.

Insurance Company Bad Faith Tactics and Examples in Mississippi

Countless Americans rely on insurance coverage of many types to be there for them when and if disaster or tragedy strikes. Insurance is supposed to provide coverage for unexpected events such as medical issues, the death of a loved one, a work accident, a destructive fire, a hurricane, or a motor vehicle accident. In short, insurance is supposed to provide “peace of mind.” An insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the policyholder or insured. Just like any other type of contract, both parties have rights and responsibilities. Insureds must pay their premiums and notify the insurer promptly of claims. If the insured fails to uphold certain responsibilities, the insurance company may be able to cancel their coverage or deny an otherwise valid claim.

I Was Paid With a Cheque That Bounced, the Bank Said the Account Was Closed.

I have a cheque that was bounced due to the account being closed, according to the bank. I cannot contact the owner of the cheque and I do not know his address. My question: What is the appropriate procedure to take against the owner of the cheque so that he does not leave the country, and how can I obtain my right to get the cheque amount? Please advise.

Egypt’s Transfer Pricing Penalty Framework

Transfer pricing in Egypt has swiftly garnered global attention as an indispensable aspect of international business and finance. In contexts where promoting transparent business operations is of paramount importance, a profound comprehension of transfer pricing becomes imperative for multinational corporations.

ESG: From Soft Law to Hard Law

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and refers to three key elements, to measure the sustainability of a business. At European level, recent legislative initiatives regarding ESG were taken. The legislation is moving more and more from soft law to hard law. We further discuss this legislation and its consequences.

Egypt’s Transfer Pricing Laws: Balancing Fairness and Compliance

Value-Added Tax (VAT) is an integral component of Egypt’s tax system, levied on most goods and services, including imports. However, understanding the various VAT exemptions available can offer substantial financial benefits for companies importing goods into Egypt. This article outlines ways in which companies can potentially qualify for VAT exemptions on their imports.

Advancement of Employment: A Recent Legislative Enactment in Albania

The Albanian Parliament has already approved the law no. 47/2023, which is otherwise referred to as "Amendments and Enhancements to Act no. 15/2019: A Bill on the Promotion of Employment''. The new legislation will effort to renew and strengthen employment policies, where the focus will also be placed on the empowerment of young people or vulnerable groups, but of high importance to groups with limited abilities. This new legislation will be formally implemented on the 29th of July 2023.

What Damages Can I Receive in a Telephone Consumer Protection Act Claim?

Damages for any civil lawsuit generally depend on what happened, the extent of the injury and the value of the claim. The damages are calculated by the plaintiff's lawyer alone or with another professional. Understanding what damages the affected person can receive may depend on how much the TCPA relates to the individual or if there are multiple incursions with different agencies.

Complying with Accounting Formalities is Necessary to Avoid Directors' Liability in Belgium

Directors can be held liable when their company goes bankrupt, except when the bankrupt company is a small business. But, the Supreme Court ruled recently that small companies are not always immune from this directors' liability. Only if they comply with the accounting formalities. We discuss this ruling in this article.

Drownings in Arizona: Know the Law and Save Lives

The haunting trend of drowning accidents at Lake Pleasant has taken a distressing turn, with eight tragic deaths already recorded in 2023. Shockingly, five of these fatalities occurred after Memorial Day, indicating a spike over six weeks. Maricopa County Supervisor Thomas Galvin voiced his alarm earlier this summer expressing deep concern about the number of rising, fatal boating accidents transpiring on our cherished lakes.

Navigating VAT Exemptions on Imports in Egypt

Value-Added Tax (VAT) is an integral component of Egypt’s tax system, levied on most goods and services, including imports. However, understanding the various VAT exemptions available can offer substantial financial benefits for companies importing goods into Egypt. This article outlines ways in which companies can potentially qualify for VAT exemptions on their imports.

Navigating Customs and Import VAT in Egypt

Customs and import Value-Added Tax (VAT) form an essential part of any country’s economic structure, with Egypt being no exception. They influence the cost of imported goods, impact international trade, and play a crucial role in the national revenue. This article dives deep into the understanding of customs and import VAT in Egypt, providing crucial insights for businesses looking to engage in commercial activities in the country.

Understanding a Personal Guarantee in a Commercial Lease

When leasing commercial property, several conditions must be met - including finances - in order for the lessor (landlord) to be assured they will receive monthly rent. When the lessee (tenant} of the commercial property has less than good credit, the landlord may require a personal guarantee that funds will be available.

Buying Land in Rwanda as Foreigner

Buying land is Rwanda is very easy for foreigners if one follows the right procedure. Ministerial Instructions determining modalities of the possession of residential land by foreigners issued recently by Ministry of Environment in Rwanda indicate that a foreigner can own land in following ways: The Law states that a foreigner has rights to emphyteutic lease for a residential house. The same law further provides that a foreigner may possesses a plot of land for single family residential house in residential area not exceeding the size and standards in accordance with relevant laws.

DMDC Bill 2023 in India: An Attempt at Modernizing the Regime Governing Medical Products

The Drugs, Medical Devices and Cosmetics Bill, 2023 (Drugs Bill) seeks to replace the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 as the law governing the manufacture, sale and distribution of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. The Drugs Bill aims to adapt to the changing landscape of medical products, considering a growing global focus towards health and medication, and an advancement in technology. In this update, we have analyzed the key features of the Drugs Bill.

New Law Broadens Reach of California’s Non-Compete Restrictions to Those Signed Out of State

On September 1, 2023, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill (SB) 699, which enhances the current state law that voids contracts that restrain an employee from engaging in a lawful profession, trade, or business.

Strategies to Limit a Director’s Personal Liability

Directors have significant responsibilities when overseeing a corporation. It is crucial for directors to prioritize the company’s interests and adhere to their fiduciary duties and legal obligations. Failure to do so can result in personal liability for their actions or omissions. To safeguard themselves and limit personal liability, directors must steer clear of certain actions and behaviours. In this article, we will explore the top important actions directors should avoid to minimize personal liability.

M&A Reviews by China's SAMR Under the AML

On 9 June 2023, the State Administration for Market Regulation (“SAMR”) released the Annual Report on Anti-Monopoly Enforcement in China 2022 (“2022 Report”).

M&A Firms in India: Choosing the Right Firm for Your Business

In this era of expanding and vibrant economy, India is fast emerging as a target for several global companies to establish their foothold. In the year 2022, mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) deal value in India has risen by 139% (one thirty-nine percent). Several international businesses are looking to establish their presence in India by entering into M&A transactions with Indian companies. Further, M&A deals are being preferred by various companies for corporate restructuring, market expansion, geographical diversification, optimizing taxation, and for promoting other business interests.

What’s in a Fictitious Name?

A fictitious name is a pseudonym for a business or person that is often most beneficial in marketing and advertising efforts. Fictitious names are regulated by Florida Statute 865.09 and must be registered with the Division of Corporations and published in a local newspaper. A properly filed and registered fictitious name allows the business or person that owns it to conduct business legally under that name and claims the name so it cannot be easily used by others.

The Legal Framework Governing Mergers and Acquisitions in Egypt

In the dynamic world of business, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) serve as critical strategies for expansion and diversification. Within the Egyptian context, the legal framework surrounding M&As plays a pivotal role. As one of the leading Mergers and Acquisition law firms in Egypt, Andersen Egypt stands uniquely poised to guide businesses through the M&A maze.

India: A Legal Analysis on Online Fraud Using Fake Identity

Online fraud utilizing fake identities presents a complex legal landscape characterized by a convergence of criminal, civil, and regulatory aspects. This analysis examines the legal dimensions surrounding the phenomenon, encompassing identity theft, fraud, cybercrime, and privacy laws. The exploration navigates through relevant legislations, such as the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the Indian Penal Code, to address the criminal implications of creating and exploiting fake identities online. The study highlights the challenges of jurisdiction and cross-border collaboration in an increasingly globalized digital landscape. Additionally, the analysis examines the interplay of financial regulations, defamation laws, and civil liabilities in tackling online fraud. The role of regulatory frameworks like the Reserve Bank of India's guidelines on cybersecurity.  

Special Economic Zones in Cambodia

As of 2021 there were stated to be 54 Special Economic Zones (“SEZs”) in Cambodia, spanning the entirety of the country, with zones in Sihanoukville in the south, the capital Phnom Penh and in border towns such as Bavet. SEZs were created in two pieces of legislation promulgated on the same day; Sub-Decree 147 on the Organisation and Function of the CDC and Sub Decree 148 on the Establishment and Management of Special Economic Zones, which both came into force on 29 December 2005. The function of these special economic zones is to stimulate growth in the Cambodian economy by incentivising investment, primarily in the manufacturing sector, by providing tax incentives, improved infrastructure and a simplified method of operation in Cambodia. This newsletter will set out the procedures of setting up a company in an SEZ as well as the investment incentives available.

The Management of Commercial Advertising on Goods and/or Services in Cambodia

On 4th November 2022, Ministry of Commerce (the “MOC”) issued Sub-Decree No. 232 on the Management of Commercial Advertising on Goods and/or Services (“Sub-Decree 232”). The Sub-Decree sets out the mechanisms, formalities, and procedures for the management of commercial advertising on goods and/or services. Its purpose is to protect consumers and to promote fair competition. Subsequently, the MOC has promulgated, on 16 November 2022, Prakas 249 on Formalities and Procedures for Applying for a Compliance Certificate of Commercial Text and Spot Advertising (“Prakas 249”), setting out the formalities and procedures to apply for the compliance certificate for commercial text and sport advertisement on goods and/or services in all forms and by any means, including digital means.

Buy Now, Pay Later Companies in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Their Regulatory Rules

In recent years, the Kingdom has seen significant developments in the field of digital financial services, especially in the field of buy now, pay later (BNPL), which allows consumers to purchase goods and services online and pay for them later under favorable terms. This type of payment has become popular among young people and online shoppers, as it provides them with flexibility and ease in shopping.

Impact of Laws and Regulations on Investment and Sustainability in The Kingdom

Investment and sustainability are pivotal aspects of economic and social development in the Kingdom. The government embraces a series of laws and regulations aimed at bolstering environmental and social sustainability, enhancing investment in promising sectors, and promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) among companies and investors. In this article, we delve into the influence of these laws and regulations on sustainability and investment in the Kingdom.

An Insight Into Tax Incentives Provided to Foreign Investors in Saudi Arabia

Tax incentives are a potent tool employed by nations to attract foreign capital and investments, stimulate economic activity, and bolster sustainable development. Notably, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers significant tax incentives to foreign investors with the aim of enhancing the business environment and increasing the level of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country.

What Does “Employer” Mean in The California Fair Employment and Housing Act?

A recent case tasked the California Supreme Court with clarifying the meaning of the term “employer” as used in the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Saudi Arabia: Electronic Invoicing and the Entities Obligated to Issue

Electronic invoicing is a modern technology aimed at simplifying and enhancing the process of issuing and digitally documenting invoices, offering numerous benefits to individuals and businesses alike. an electronic invoice is an invoice that is issued and stored in an organized electronic format through an electronic system and contains the requirements of a tax invoice.

Interpretation of Dutch Contracts

As the landscape of contract law continues to evolve globally, the Netherlands remains at the forefront of legal transformation, setting precedents that inevitably shape the manner in which contracts are drafted and interpreted. At MAAK Advocaten, we are deeply invested in these developments, ensuring that our clients remain not just informed, but ahead of the curve.

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