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Crime of Forging Deeds in California

  December 15, 2017     By
Forging a deed in California is similar in how the person is charged with a criminal offense and then arrested, but there are some differences...

Cops, Guns, and Marijuana in Hawaii

  December 15, 2017     By Hebets & McCallin
Medical marijuana has been legal in Hawaii for quite some time, and as with most medical states, this means screening individuals to allow them...

Consequences of Refusing a Breathalyzer Test in Texas

  December 14, 2017     By
Texas law enforcement officers may give a Breathalyzer to individuals whom they suspect of drinking and driving. The results of this test are...

Could Missouri's New Expungement Law Help You Clean Up Your Criminal Record?

  December 13, 2017     By The O'Connor Law Firm, PC
Missouri Senate Bill 588 (also referred to as SB 588) goes into effect on January 1st of 2018. If you have been convicted of a crime, how may...

Juvenile Justice: Can Video Featuring Juveniles Be Used to Apprehend Them?

  December 12, 2017     By
The juvenile justice system is set up much differently than the traditional justice system because it focuses on rehabilitation and countering...

New Law Changes Mandatory Minimums, but More Must Be Done

A number of important laws have been passed in the 21st century that have changed the landscape of how defendants charged with drug crimes are...

New FAR Regulations on Tax Delinquencies and Felony Convictions

  December 8, 2017     By
Federal Acquisition Regulation are necessary when contracting a business with the federal government, but if there are tax delinquencies, the...

Medical Expert Witnesses in Death Penalty Cases

  December 7, 2017     By
Medical expert witnesses are often hired and used for various cases in prosecution and defense alike, and these professionals are able to...

Effects of State of Emergency Law in Turkey on Prison Sentences Under Criminal Execution Laws

  December 7, 2017     By ADMD Law Office
With the Statutory Decree No.671 dated August 17, 2016, and the recent changes with Regulations No.29987 and No.29824 on Regulation Regarding an...

Gender Studies Expert Witness on Sexual Assault and Discrimination Cases

  December 5, 2017     By
Sexual assault and sexual discrimination are rampant in the United States due to a lack of understanding of both genders and how these issues...

Our Criminal Justice System – Almost 20 Things Clients Should Know

  December 5, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
There are many myths and misconceptions about the criminal justice system. People should be prepared with knowledge when personally confronted...

Contesting the Use of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory Testing in New Jersey Criminal Cases

  December 4, 2017     By
Like several other states, New Jersey may use the Million Clinical Multiaxial Inventory III (MCMI-III) when evaluating a defendant. However,...

Legal Problems of Alcoholism and Drugs Assumption in UAE

  December 4, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
Any person found selling, buying or acquiring alcoholic drinks without a valid alcohol license shall be punished under Law on Alcoholic Beverage...

Expert Witness Explains Objective Reasonableness Standard in Police Practices

  December 4, 2017     By
Police practices when confronting someone that may have perpetrated a crime should be reasonable and have guidelines to prevent consequences...

What Are the Charges for Marijuana Possession in Florida?

  November 30, 2017     By
Unlike many other states, Florida has not decreased its potential punishments or reclassified marijuana as a less serious drug at the time of...

Can Suing the U.S. Attorney General Make Medical Marijuana Legal?

  November 30, 2017     By Hebets & McCallin
Alexis Bortell is a 12 year old girl who suffers from epilepsy. Most of her life she experienced frequent seizures and the treatments she used...

Debt Collection in Texas

  November 27, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
The Texas Tribune, in conjunction with NerdWallet, recently reported on the debt collection practices of rent-to-own businesses in Texas and...

Use of Force Experts Testify in Police Brutality Cases

  November 22, 2017     By
Police brutality cases are often experienced when officers are not trained properly, have been subjected to pressure or abuse in their lives or...

Legal Problems of Alcoholism and Drugs Assumption in UAE

  November 22, 2017     By Hassan Elhais
Any person found selling, buying or acquiring alcoholic drinks without a valid alcohol license shall be punished under Law on Alcoholic Beverage...

Commuting Sentences for Drug Charges

  November 21, 2017     By
When drug charges are issued to someone arrested under suspicion of possession, intent to distribute, trafficking or manufacturing, the possible...

Ignition Devices for DUI Offenses: Can I Get a Waiver?

  November 17, 2017     By
Due to the public recognition of the risks of accidents caused by drinking and driving, many states have implemented laws that require the...

Understanding the Laws on Underage Drinking in California

  November 15, 2017     By
Like many other states, California has a number of underage drinking laws that prohibit people under 21 years of age from drinking or being in...

Criminal Record Keeps Many Ex-Cons Shackled

  November 15, 2017     By Dan Carman, Attorney at Law, PLLC
If the punishment fits the crime, then it would seem as if for someone who was convicted and has completed the sentence they were given, their...

7 Legal Loopholes that Actually Exist

  November 15, 2017     By Blackford & Flohr, LLC
The law is the law, and there is no getting around that. Right? Well, not technically. In the law, several loopholes exist that really don’t...

Death Penalty Appeals Process

  November 15, 2017     By
When the death penalty has been invoked for as punishment for a lost case, the appeals process may be the only saving grace to overturn or stay...

The Long Battle of the Death Penalty Appeal

  November 15, 2017     By
The death penalty is used for the most aggravated of crimes to deter and prevent the same actions occurring again in the future. However, when...

How Criminal Justice Reform Is Changing the Political Landscape

  November 15, 2017     By Blackford & Flohr, LLC
The government’s approach to criminal justice has changed dramatically in recent history. In 1994, President Bill Clinton led the charge in an...

Texas Lawmakers to Look at Criminal Prosecution of People in Debt to Rent to Own Companies

  November 14, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
Usually, when an individual has a payment dispute with a business, the matter is ultimately settled in a civil court.

Expert Witness on Opioid Lawsuits

  November 13, 2017     By
Opioid usage, abuse and prescription issues have become such a problem that some persons are addicted and may become injured through use and...

Drinking Citations and College Students - You Might Want to Call a Lawyer

  November 8, 2017     By Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP
An underage drinking ticket in Wisconsin faces a penalty of a fine from $250 to $500 for the first offense. Many students believe that this is...

How the Bill of Indictment Affects an Individual

  November 8, 2017     By
The Bill of Indictment is a formal document that accuses a specific person of a criminal act. This is presented to the grand jury and signed by...

What Happens after Being Detained by Police?

  November 8, 2017     By
When someone has been suspected of criminal activity, the law enforcement officers that observe the individual may arrest him or her and take...

Is the Polygraph a Standard of Proof?

  November 8, 2017     By
The polygraph or lie detector test is used by many to determine if someone is telling the truth about certain questions asked. However, the...

Fingerprint Evidence - How Useful Is It

  November 8, 2017     By
Fingerprint evidence is used in investigations for criminal cases often, and the findings are frequently used to determine if someone is...

Reliable and Accurate Forensic Testing at Risk under Attorney General Sessions

  November 8, 2017     By Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP
Several of my law firm colleagues and I, as well as others in the criminal defense bar in Wisconsin, regularly deal with DNA and other trace...

Raising the Blood Alcohol Defense in DUI Cases

Raising blood alcohol content defense is a common and sometimes successful defense of DUI charges. This defense explains that the BAC may have...

Are Miranda Warnings Required for DUI Jail Time?

  November 6, 2017     By
The issuing of Miranda Rights to persons that have been pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not...

Finding the Best DUI Attorney: Is "Best Rated" Really the Best?

  November 6, 2017     By William C. Head, PC
For those skilled in Internet searches and Google rankings, narrowing down your search for the best DUI lawyer can be challenging. Pushing past...

Motion To Suppress: How Evidence Gets Tossed Out in Court

  November 6, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
The motion to suppress is used to challenge illegally seized evidence obtained by the police. [It is one of] the most powerful motions in the...

Arrested in Italy: How Does It Take Place and How to File an Appeal

  November 3, 2017     By Arnone & Sicomo
Arrest, as a measure that restricts personal liberty, is carried out by the Criminal Police against an individual who is caught while committing...

Ethical Violations by School Counselors: Loss of Custody, Defamation, and other Penalties

  November 2, 2017     By
Some parents may find themselves on the receiving end of false allegations of child abuse or neglect. Sometimes these reports originate from...

The Project to Free Innocent Convicts

  November 1, 2017     By
When a person has been convicted of a crime, the courts are saying he or she is guilty of the criminal act that ended him or her in the...

The Innocence Project and Wrongful Convictions

  November 1, 2017     By
When a convicted individual is innocent of the charges, the wrongful conviction could truly affect his or her life in negative ways. Because of...

Compensation for a Wrongful Conviction

  November 1, 2017     By Edelman & Edelman, P.C.
Man Freed after 23 Years in Prison for a Crime He Didn't Commit -- and Gets $0. More than two decades ago, a Kansas man named Lamonte...

Biomechanical Expert Witnesses Used to Support Prosecution in Criminal Cases

  October 31, 2017     By
When the prosecution requires the assistance of an expert witness, one is hired that may provide reliable and relevant testimony for the subject...

Using the Criminal Justice System to Break Free from a Cult

  October 31, 2017     By
When a cult is created, the leader has the ability to inspire faith and others to follow him or her through his or her words and actions. Others...

Proving Intent to Sell Drugs versus Possession

  October 31, 2017     By
When charged with the intent to sell, the accused often has more drugs in possession or in easy reach than is usual for personal use. This...

What Is the Threat of Money Laundering Associated with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular as an alternative form of currency over the last several years. The digital currency offers interesting...

Insanity Pleas for the Criminally Insane

  October 30, 2017     By
When someone has committed a crime, it is difficult to prove that he or she was insane in the moment, but when the person does have a true issue...

When Temporary Insanity Pleas Are Made

  October 30, 2017     By
Pleading temporary insanity in a courtroom is one possible defense that a criminal defendant may raise. It requires evidence showing that the...

Logging Company Destroyed Land While Exceeding Scope of Contract. Can It Be Prosecuted or Just Sued?

  October 30, 2017     By
When a person or entity has been wronged, the victim may consider criminal as well as civil remedies. In many cases, there may be criminal...

Time Limitations Imposed by the East African Court of Justice

Private litigation has time restrictions imposed by the East African Court of Justice that limits how the African regional community in economic...

Guidelines for Drug Conviction Sentences

  October 27, 2017     By
When criminal charges for drugs are issued, the sentencing guidelines depend on various factors present in the arrest, the case and the events...

Legal Consequences of Personal Drug Use

  October 27, 2017     By
Personal drug use is often not discovered unless the person is showing the drugs in public where a law enforcement officer may be stationed or...

Should We Allow Our Clients to Tell Us the "Whole Truth?"

How the defense attorney controls the flow information from the prospective client is often a tactical decision. Knowing less may be better.

Why We All Should Love Learned Treatises!

The key to effective cross-examination of an expert witness is the learned treatise. Criminal lawyers love them!

My Father Was Arrested for Money Laundering and I Don’t Know What to Do

Question: My father was arrested for a money laundering case. I learned this through his colleagues. It has been about 21 days and we do not...

Criminal Charges of Cult Crimes against Families

  October 26, 2017     By
Cult actions often lead to abuse, injury, death and harm to families and other members within the organization. Because of these actions,...

Do Cults Have Legal Protection?

  October 26, 2017     By
When a cult is created by a single individual, there is little cause for concern because this person usually starts small with only a few...

Why Do People Join Cults?

  October 26, 2017     By
Cults are organizations that perpetuate throughout time based on one single leader or a group that share power over members. The core of the...

Cults Tearing Apart Lives

  October 26, 2017     By
The activities of cults often lead members to perform aggressive actions after their belief and faith have been won by those in charge. Through...

Drug Possession Legal Consequences

  October 26, 2017     By
Being arrested and convicted of drug possessions is a most severe act within the United States, and it could lead to several years or decades in...

The Differences between Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Charges

  October 25, 2017     By
Drug charges are often severe even if the ones issued are misdemeanor, however, knowing the difference could assist the person arrested in...

What Is Drug Possession and Why Is It Criminal?

  October 25, 2017     By
Drug possession is a constant problem throughout the world, but it has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. While it is illegal...

Non-violent Drug Offenders and Charges

  October 25, 2017     By
Drug charges often lead to the most severe and strict penalties for any person that is found to possess, consume, distribute and sell the...

Fighting Drug Charges of Possession and Distribution

  October 25, 2017     By
When charges of drug possession and intent to distribute are issued, it is crucial the individual accused seek legal assistance immediately....

Navigating Ezekiel Elliott’s Legal Plays

  October 24, 2017     By Hebets & McCallin
Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys has been fighting a 6 game misconduct ban since the start of the football season. His legal moves have...

Cyber Court in China

  October 23, 2017     By
Cybercrimes are on the rise in the age of computer and networking capabilities, and even in China, these issues are a problem for law...

Challenging a Warrantless Search by Police in a Constitutionally Protected Space

  October 23, 2017     By Stephen Gustitis, Attorney at Law
Warrantless searches by police of a place that is protected by the Fourth Amendment are presumptively unreasonable.

International Criminal Court: Handling Cases Involving Immunity

  October 13, 2017     By
There are many cases where one party has immunity, and there are certain factors that must exist to seek action against these persons, companies...

Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Defense in Texas

Administrative License Revocation (ALR) court is where we fight to protect a client's drivers license from suspension and get dirt on the cop.

Defending Burglary, Robbery and Theft Related Charges in Philadelphia

  October 12, 2017     By Wimmer Criminal Defense Law
Burglary, robbery, and theft-related charges in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania carry serious consequences which will affect your life...

Defending Drug Trafficking and Drug Offenses in Philadelphia

  October 12, 2017     By Wimmer Criminal Defense Law
Defending drug trafficking and other drug offenses in Philadelphia requires a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands the best...

Defending Assault Charges in Philadelphia

  October 12, 2017     By Wimmer Criminal Defense Law
Assault charges in Philadelphia are actually quite complex. The successful defense of any assault-related charge will be based upon the...

Defending Murder Charges in Philadelphia

  October 12, 2017     By Wimmer Criminal Defense Law
Defending murder charges in Philadelphia requires experience and an extensive understanding of the strategies which can make the difference when...

The Persuasive Case - The Story

The story is the vehicle through which a case is built for the jury. Juries are programmed to listen to good stories.

The Persuasive Case - Evaluate & Narrow

The criminal defense attorney selects the best interpretation and arguments for the client from all the possible cases.

The Persuasive Case - Brainstorming for Ideas

Brainstorming for ideas is key to a successful trial lawyering practice. Focusing too much on legal analysis inhibits the generation of ideas.

International Crimes and Extradition

  October 12, 2017     By
When someone has been accused of a crime, he or she is usually provided the right of a fair trial. However, some of these situations involve...

Using a Forensic Scientist as an Expert Witness

  October 11, 2017     By
Forensic science is useful when criminal or civil court cases arise from various complications. With the assistance of a forensic scientist...

The Persuasive Case - Get the Facts

Gathering facts is a critical aspect of developing a persuasive criminal defense strategy.

The Persuasive Case - Credibility

A criminal attorney's stock-in-trade is their courtroom lawyer credibility. Without credibility the criminal attorney has no hope.

Drawing Blood Without a Warrant

The process of drawing blood without a warrant has been determined by the Supreme Court to be protected through the Fourth Amendment. There may...

"Making a Murderer" Mini-Series' Steven Avery Denied a New Trial

  October 10, 2017     By Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP
This week the Circuit Court Judge of Sheboygan County considered whether to grant a new trial in the Steven Avery case; a case that captured the...

A New Cybercrime Court Complex to Be Built Close to Fleet Street

  October 10, 2017     By Giambrone Law
The City of London Corporation, HM Courts and Tribunal Services (HMCTS), the Ministry of Justice and senior judges are backing the plan to build...

Sex Offender Registration

Sex offender registration requirements make the sex offender stigma more tenacious than any other criminal charge.

Defending Accusations of Sexual Abuse

Research showing children are susceptible to suggestive interviewing techniques by local child advocacy center employees helps defendants.

Sealing of Criminal Records to Restrict Their Availability Across the State

  October 6, 2017     By Steven J. Pisani, Attorney at Law
If you do not want to be reminded of your criminal record every now and then, then getting it expunged would be a great option for you.

Immigration Consequences for Non-United States Citizens

The immigration consequences related to criminal charges for non-U.S. citizens can be severe.

Texas Probation Travel Issues Resolved

Probation travel issues were addressed in the June 24, 2008 Interstate Commission for Adult Supervision (ICAOS) advisory opinion.

Vehicular Manslaughter in Italy: A New Criminal Offense

  October 6, 2017     By Arnone & Sicomo
Vehicular homicide in Italy is governed by Article 589 bis of the Criminal Code, as separate criminal offense introduced by the new law no. 41...

Unforeseen Consequences of Conviction

For a person with a felony conviction, many problems faced are the result of collateral consequences of getting convicted this serious offense.

Is Much of Forensic Science Unreliable?

A report from the National Academy of Sciences says much of what passes for forensic science does not meet minimal scientific standards.

Deterring Crimes with the International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court system exists to reduce or eliminate crimes and perpetrators of these atrocities so that contributions to...

Sessions Continues to Threaten Legal Marijuana

  September 28, 2017     By Hebets & McCallin
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made no secret about his attitude towards marijuana, he is vehemently opposed. Since his appointment there...

The Severe Consequences of a DUI Conviction

  September 27, 2017     By Parks & Braxton, PA
Bad thing can happen to good people such as in the case of DUI conviction. The effect can be devastating and it will affect the quality of your...

Reinstating Your Driver’s License after a DUI Conviction in Tampa, Florida

  September 27, 2017     By Parks & Braxton, PA
A competent DUI attorney can help you fight for your reinstating your driver license in Tampa, Florida.

Medical Marijuana Law in Texas Goes into Effect

  September 25, 2017     By The Posey Law Firm, PC
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that because of a recent medical marijuana law passed by the Texas Legislature, pot is going to be...

Risks of Ignoring a Subpoena and Refusing to Attend a Deposition

Subpoenas must be served in person to someone that is required in court. This means the individual must accept the paperwork and his or her...

DUI with Child in Car in Georgia: Misdemeanor DUI and Potential Felony DUI Punishment

  September 25, 2017     By William C. Head, PC
DUI with Child in Car is a form of Child Endangerment that not only carries potential jail time at the county lock-up, but can also constitute a...

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