Law Firm Networks

What is a Professional Services Network?

All businesses represent a pool of financial and human capital that create a product or perform a service. This capital can be configured in an unlimited number of ways to achieve specific objectives for the service provider or manufacturer. With professional services, the primary delivery methods are operations through a controlled entity, such as an accounting or law firm, and membership in an association of independent service providers. These associations are commonly referred to as professional services networks.

Law Firm Networks and Accounting Networks

Professional services networks are primarily found in accounting and law. They may also be found in investment banking, insurance, real estate and architectural services. Any profession that operates locally, but has clients in multiple locations, are potential members of a network. This book focuses on accounting, legal, multidisciplinary and specialty practice networks whose members employ more than one million professionals and staff and have annual revenues that exceed $300 billion. Copyright

From Professionals Services Networks – The Future of the Accounting and Legal Professions (2015) by Stephen McGarry

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30 Largest Primarily Legal Networks
60 Largest Law and Accounting Firm Networks

Legal and Multidisciplinary Networks

  • Address Map ABIL - Alliance of Immigration Lawyers
    Region: Global   Members: 36   Professionals: 1000
    36 Global Law firms and 1,000 professionals have chosen to join forces in advancing best practices and stellar outcomes for their immigration clients. Through these collaborations, ABIL has established new levels of capacity and excellence. Global and U.S. Coverage Through ABIL, we can offer a single point of contact for immigration process management and filing, invoicing and online client case tracking in over 50 countries. ABIL members operate directly in 17 countries, with vetted affiliates elsewhere. Click on the global map to find immigration services and location of ABIL lawyers. Most Comprehensive U.S. Coverage ABIL has renowned immigration lawyers in 24 U.S. cities. Click on the U.S. map to find immigration services and location of ABIL lawyers.
    Contact: John Nahajzier Phone: 404.949.8150
  • Address Map Adlaw International
    Region: International   Members: 23   
    Adlaw International is a global network of law firms specialising in advertising and marketing law. We service the needs of the modern advertiser in the global market place. With the combined strength of our local member firms through-out the world, we provide international clearance advice to advertisers and agencies who need to comply with the legal and regulatory issues in other markets.
    Contact: Charles Swan, Chairman Phone: +44 20 7520 9560
  • Address Map ADVOC
    Region: International   Members: 90   Professionals: 5500
    Each of the legal firms in membership of ADVOC is known and respected for its region and each has agreed to respond immediately to the needs of clients of other member firms.
    Contact: Niels Opstrup Phone: +45 7011 1122
  • Address Map Advocacy Group
    Multidisciplinary   Region: North America   Members: 16   Professionals: 1500
    An international inter-firm network focusing on public affairs and government relations. TAG provides a diverse array of professional advocacy services through its members. TAG works with firms in all fifty states, Washington, D.C. and six countries.
    Contact: Ben Dendy Phone: 703.740.3801
  • Address Map Advoselect Ewiv
    Region: Europe   Members: 30   Professionals: 255
    Die Advoselect EWIV (Europäische wirtschaftliche Interessenvereinigung) ist ein europäisches Netzwerk von Wirtschaftskanzleien mit Sitz in Stuttgart. Die ca. 183 Rechtsanwälte aus derzeit 26 Advoselect-Kanzleien beraten vor allem mittelständische Unternehmen.
    Contact: Mrs. Viktoria Maruschka Phone: +49 (0) 641-972832
  • Address Map AEA International Lawyers Network
    Region: Global   
    The AEA is an international network of offices situated all over the world. The AEA covers all the 193 countries that are in the United Nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine. No other lawyers covers so many countries. The second, the International Bar Association covers 125 countries. The third, UIA, Union Internationale des Avocats covers 110. The AEA has the most prestigious and important offices in each country within its group along with the best professionals. The network was founded in the European Union and with time has been growing and expanding to a more global scale, starting with the European countries that were not part of to the European Union and then expanding to countries in America, Asia and Africa. In most of the countries all the larger cities have AEA offices, and some cities have more than one. The offices had been chosen rigorously following the criteria the AEA require, professionalism, competence and effectiveness of each professional chosen.
    Contact: Pedro Beltrán Gamir Phone: (+34) 96.598.65.40
  • Address Map Affinitas
    Region: South America and Europe   Members: 8   Professionals: 240
    Unlike traditional models based on opening dedicated offices, “best friend” agreements or diverse professional services networks, Affinitas was created with a new approach in mind: the ability to offer the common clients of member firms a high-quality, yet, above all, highly uniform service. Clients thus receive identical legal assistance and advice in any of the different countries in the Alliance, as if they were provided by one firm.
    Contact: Antonio Alonso Phone: +34.91.514.52.00
  • Address Map Africa Legal (Norton Rose Group)
    Region: South Africa   
    As a dynamic, national firm with offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, we have one of the largest legal footprints in South Africa, employing more than 500 people, with 200 lawyers offering expertise across the spectrum of legal disciplines. Our clients include financial institutions, major industrial and commercial corporations, mining houses, parastatals and government departments. Further, we provide an international pan-African legal service and expert legal advice to corpora-tions, investment funds and financial institutions doing business in Africa.
    Contact: Deneys Reitz Phone: +27 21 405 1200
  • ALAE – Aliança de Advocacia
    Region: South America   Members: 15   
    ALAE – ALIANÇA DE ADVOCACIA EMPRESARIAL[CORPORATE LAW FIRMS ALLIANCE] is an association of legal firms that specialize in the area of corporate law, With the objective of catering to both Brazilian and international companies and corporations by providing legal services of the highest quality and ethical order, ALAE proposes, in innovative style, to bring together respected legal firms with regional and cultural experience of Brazil, with a view to offering a unified and fully comprehensive service founded on excellence.
    Contact: Nogueira Reis Phone: 71 3555 3099
  • Address Map ALFA International
    Region: International   Members: 133   Professionals: 9300
    Alfa is a global network of independent law firms. Founded in l980, ALFA is the oldest legal network and remains one of the largest and strongest. The ALFA organization is comprised of 120 member firms with 85 members in the USA and 35 members in Professional Services Networks © Manuscript July 15, 2011 108 Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. The ALFA reach is a broad one. In the USA, ALFA members maintain offices in
    Contact: Richard L. Hetke
  • Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL)
    Region: Europe   Members: 8   Professionals: 270
    The ABL network links lawyers in Europe, North America and across the world. Wherever clients need legal or tax advice we can quickly get them the advice they need. We believe clients want the confidence of knowing their affairs are being looked after by advisers with a personal interest in them, who understand the issues facing them and their businesses everyday, yet who also understand the complexities of international transactions. Our high professional standards and skill means we can react more quickly, with greater flexibility and at more competitive rates than some larger cross border legal organisations. ABL members can communicate in a variety of languages, and our technology gives clients instant access to our network, its facilities and our services. The Alliance of Business Lawyers was established in 2000 following a merger between Integra Legal International and Druces International, and has since grown from strength to strength, and continues to attract more and more member firms from across the world.
    Contact: Emmanuel Moulin Phone: +33 1 4720 9292
  • Address Map Alliott Group Legal
    Region: International   Members: 169   
    Extending throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, Alliott Group has merged the reality of global ambition with the need for truly local coverage. Alliott Group brings together quality local firms that want to maintain their independence but recognise the benefit of being able to link up with link-minded professionals in most major markets of the world to provide a true alternative in the supply of professional services.
    Contact: James Hickey Phone: +44 (0) 203 3300 111
  • Address Map Alliuris - Alliance of International Business Lawyers
    Region: Europe   Members: 18   Professionals: 200
    The ALLIURIS Group is composed of independent, medium sized law firms in Europe, who specialise in European and international business law. The experience of the firms covers all areas of civil and commercial law – to enable them to fulfill all the requirements of the medium sized company. Member firms are conversant with the requirements of international clients; the partners are experienced in understanding the differing approach of foreign clients to legal matters and are able to respond to their needs and questions; lawyers often speak several languages and many have undergone their legal education in several countries.
    Contact: Ulrich Herfurth Phone: +32 2 375 16 14
  • Address Map ALN (African Legal Network)
    Region: Africa   Members: 10   Professionals: 60
    Africa Legal Network was created with a view to providing seamless, high quality and efficient legal services to clients in the countries that Africa Legal Network is currently located as well as to those who may from time to time require legal advice in one or more jurisdiction. The association is structurally set up to operate as if it were one firm. It is the only association of its kind in East and Central Africa. In this regard, the member firms of Africa Legal Network work very closely together. For example, the member firms: Share library and precedent resources; Operate similar accounting and time recording programmes; Undertake joint professional training and development and second staff to each other on a transactional as well as a longer-term basis; Operate common marketing and administrative systems; and Operate similar quality assurance methods.
    Contact: Jason Harel Phone: (+230) 213 7920
  • Address Map American Counsel Association
    Region: United States   Members: 155   Professionals: 300
    The networks seeks to establish and maintain an organization of lawyers experienced in the general practice of law and united in fellowship and effort, thereby to improve and enhance standards of practice, the administration of justice and the discharge of the responsibilities of the profession.; to encourage and assist law students in preparing, qualifying and establishing themselves in general practice; to promote or assist programs designed to inculcate in law students the principles of professional responsibility and service to the profession and to the public, to promote or assist programs of continuing legal education for active practitioners and to promote programs designed to draw together in cordial friendship all members of this Association.
    Contact: Wesley Horton
  • Address Map Antitrust Alliance
    Region: EU   
    The Antitrust Alliance brings together the knowledge and resources of independent specialised antitrust teams in Europe to provide clients with first rate competition law counseling. The Antitrust Alliance has been founded in the slipstream of the decentralisation of the enforcement of EU competition law triggered by Regulation 1/2003.
    Contact: Frank Wijckmans Phone: 32 (0)2 275 00 75
  • Ars Legis
    Region: Europe   Members: 52   Professionals: 500
    Since 1993 Ars Legis, the attorney network, has been providing its partner firms and their clients with expert and fast international consulting and representation services - all from one source. Our portfolio also covers legal areas that would not be a part of a law firm's standard services. The organization allows clients to continue to work with their local and trusted attorney while the counselor can count on the support of specialized Ars Legis partner firms.
    Contact: Dr. Pierre-Roger Preussler Phone: +39-0473-490-900
  • Address Map Associated European Energy Consultants
    Region: Europe   Members: 22   Professionals: 67
    Founded in the year 2000, the AEEC is an international network for leading law and consultancy firms across the European continent. From Norway to Portugal and from the United Kingdom to Turkey, AEEC’s more than twenty member firms are all renowned energy law specialists with hands-on experience and valuable insights into the energy market of their home country. Among others, the AEEC offers member firms the necessary framework to effectively combine local expertise with a strong international outlook. This allows our members and partners to stay at the forefront of legal developments in today’s constantly changing energy market.
    Contact: Peter Gussone Phone: + 49 (0) 30 611 28 4
  • Address Map Association of European Lawyers
    Region: Europe   Members: 37   Professionals: 4200
    The Association of European Lawyers (AEL) was founded in 1989 with the object of providing readily available expert legal services across Europe. AEL was originally established by the combining of resources of five leading law firms in the UK, following which a non-exclusive network of correspondent firms throughout Europe was developed, offering a broad range of legal services for business, with high standards of care and efficiency.
    Contact: Mike Scott
  • Address Map Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF)
    Region: United States   
    The Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF) is an international association of independent specialty law firms that devote a majority of their practice to patent law, trademark law and copyright law. Our member firms provide expert patent litigation support, portfolio strategy advice and protection against copyright and trademark theft. Membership is by firm, not by individual attorney.
    Contact: Lynda Dickey Phone: (201) 403-0927
  • Avrio Advocati
    Region: International   Members: 49   Professionals: 360
    AVRIO Advocati is a nonprofit association established by the merger of two prominent European groupings of law firms, growing over the years since 1987 and becoming an effective, cohesive structure with a strong European base, while progressively reaching out to other destinations (such as USA, China, India, Australia, Lebanon). AVRIO Advocati member firms are prominent local firms with firsthand knowledge not only of their legal environment but also of all relevant business issues, and are able to arrange cooperation with local authorities and other professionals. Our members believe that it is always quality that determines the success of their clients. Our structure, which provides for close and continuous cooperation between members, reflects that belief.
    Contact: Tomasz Kozlowski Phone: +48 58 555 21 11
  • BDO Legal Network
    Region: Internatonal   
    The current economic climate is permanently subject to change. National and international legislation and regulatory processes are becoming increasingly complex. Our legal advisers are experienced lawyers who use their expertise to advise and guide our clients in situations that require specific judicial know-how. BDO Legal Services offers you a wide range of services built on shared foundations: a team of highly-trained lawyers with proven experience in similar projects and a dedication to quality service and client proximity which together represent the best guarantee for the protection of your interests. As part of a multidisciplinary organisation, our legal services team can to offer you legal support in close cooperation with their colleagues from the audit, tax and advisory areas. Our international presence gives us a global vision of business and allows us to advise our clients with the support of a strong, dynamic network that offers industry and legislation specific knowledge in each country.
    Contact: Caroline Macdonald
  • Address Map Begbies Traynor Group PLC
    Region: International   
    We work in the areas of corporate finance, corporate recovery and restructuring, personal insolvency, specialist tax advice, commercial finance, investigations, forensic accounting and security risk consulting. Our clients are commercial organisations of all sizes that may be facing day-to-day or long-term financial challenges – and we’re here to help them meet those challenges in order to secure the best possible financial outcomes for their customers and creditors, their shareholders and stakeholders. We also provide independent advice and solutions for professional clients including banks and financial institutions, the accountancy and legal professions.
    Contact: Nick Hood, Executive Chairman
  • Biolegis
    Region: International   Members: 15   Professionals: 163
    Biolegis is a network of leading independent European law firms with extensive expertise in life sciences, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and related fields of law. The aim of the network is to offer integrated, high-quality legal services across Europe to companies and investors in this field. Biolegis offers access to 163 lawyers specialized in life sciences across 15 European countries.
    Contact: Allistair Booth Phone: 44 207 917 8500
  • Address Map Bomchil Group - Association of Independent Latin American Law Firms
    Region: Latin America   Members: 19   Professionals: 400
    Founded in 1963, THE BOMCHIL GROUP is an Association of Independent Latin American Law Firms engaged in a full-service international practice in each of the nineteen jurisdictions in which its members are located. The member firms provide specialized services in international commercial and civil matters, including corporate, foreign investment, banking, transfer of technology and in-bond (maquiladora) regulations, mergers, acquisitions, tax, labor, real estate, trust, mining, immigration, customs, admiralty, aviation, patents & trademarks, copyright, licensing, estates, and representation in all courts and administrative agencies in each relevant jurisdiction.
    Contact: Dr. José Ramirez Gastón Roe Phone: (51-1) 372 7373
  • Bridge Group
    Region: United States   Members: 11   Professionals: 800
    Each member of The Bridge Group is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality legal services and maintains a responsive and timely approach to each client's special needs. The Bridge Group members call upon the expertise and services of other group members in a given geographic area in order to most efficiently and professionally represent each client. Being able to call upon other members of The Bridge Group allows Bridge Group members to provide their clients with local expertise for a given legal matter as well as cutting edge legal resources in newly developing areas of practice. Bridge Group members do not pay referral fees to each other and are under no obligation to each member firm.
    Contact: Edward A. Peterson Phone: (214) 745-5400
  • Address Map Business Counsel Inc.
    Region: United States   Members: 39   
    Business Counsel, Inc. is a network of law firms based in the United States and abroad focused on providing high quality legal services to the corporate business community. Members of Business Counsel include private law firms in most major economic centers in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong engaged in business law representation, including transactional law, regulatory law, and litigation.
    Contact: Florian Gibitz, Arthur Braun (Co-Chairs) Phone: 781 871 4090
  • Address Map bvp LEGAL
    Region: International   
    Business Counsel, Inc. is a network of law firms based in the United States and abroad focused on providing high quality legal services to the corporate business community. Members of Business Counsel include private law firms in most major economic centers in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong engaged in business law representation, including transactional law, regulatory and litigation.
    Phone: 781 871-4090
  • Address Map Cib Counterforce Network
    Region: International   Members: 41   
    The International Chamber of Commerce formed the ICC Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB) in 1985 as a focal point for industries and other affected interest worldwide to fight the growing problem of counterfeiting. Totally unique, the CIB is the first international, private business initiative to go beyond political lobbying with practical prevention and enforcement support for police and customs authorities – a vital element in the campaign against the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit goods around the world. Members include large multinational companies, trade associations, law firms and technology producers from various countries and sectors.
    Contact: Peter Lowe Phone: 44 (0)20 8591 3000
  • Address Map Cicero League of International
    Region: International   Members: 36   
    CICERO TM is an established network of international independent law firms which provides links to high quality niche law firms principally in the corporate/commercial/property sectors. Unlike many international networks CICEROTM admits into membership only Professional Services Networks © Manuscript July 15, 2011 112 one firm in any one country allowing close professional relationships to be created for the benefit of members and clients. Each member firm maintains autonomy over the services it provides to clients recommended
    Contact: Peter Munday Phone: (44) (0) 1372 843
  • Address Map Club de Abogados
    Region: South/Central America & Spain   Members: 21   Professionals: 3000
    Three basic principles led to the founding of the Club: (i) the organization of the member firms on an institutional basis to preserve their integrity; (ii) the continued modernization of the member firms to enable them to render services to clients on an international Stage; and (iii) the contribution by all Club members of information on their respective structures and experiences on updated organizational practices, to enable them to provide their clients - particularly multinational companies - with the comprehensive range of services that they demand. With more than 40 years of history, the Club de Abogados - Iberoamerica is proud that it can boast of almost half a century of achievements in providing its clients with professional advice for current-day needs in an increasingly global environment, as well as in fostering a variety of joint activities such as seminars, publications and other initiatives, focused on matters of interest for both regional and global markets where its member firms' clients do business.
    Contact: Rodrigo M. Carneiro de Oliveira Phone: (5511) 3247-8600
  • Address Map CMS Legal
    Region: Europe   Members: 9   Professionals: 1600
    CMS aims to be the best European provider of high-quality legal and tax advice. Each CMS firm is a market leader in its own jurisdiction. Our detailed knowledge of industries, plus extensive European presence, means that CMS is uniquely qualified to provide highly specialised advice that adds value to your business. CMS has a common culture and a shared heritage that is distinctively European. With more than 5,000 people working in 53 offices, CMS has the most extensive footprint in Europe. Our single organisation of practice groups and sector groups provides clients with high quality advice that is seamless, client-driven and coordinated across borders. It means we understand your business and can provide the best legal and tax solutions. Our clients expect the best, and we deliver. It is all part of creating and maintaining strong relationships built on trust.
    Contact: Cornelius Brandi Phone: +49 (0) 30 20 360 12
  • Address Map Conference Bleue
    Region: International   Members: 21   
    As the cross border health-care markets continue to expand, so too does the need for expertise in the legal structures and health-care policies of each European country. In response to this need, we have formed a network of European law firms specializing in pharmaceutical, health-care and medical law. Together we can offer our clients legal expertise by providing comprehensive advice and assistance on a "multijurisdictional" Stage. We are not just another law firm with international offices throughout Europe. Instead, we are a network of experienced, independent law firms with a history in our respective countries. It is because of this history, that we are able to understand the legal, economic, cultural and political issues facing our clients.
    Contact: Alexander P. F. Ehlers Phone: +49-8177-997483
  • Address Map Consulegis Ewiv/EEIG
    Region: Europe   Members: 88   Professionals: 1600
    CONSULEGIS is an international network of highly professional independent law firms. The network comprises of over 1600 lawyers spread across 40 countries and more than 150 cities.
    Contact: Dr. Roland Ermini Phone: 41 44 422 54 20
  • Address Map Deloitte Legal Network
    Region: Global   Members: 56   Professionals: 1300
    Depending on local laws, customs, and business practices, the structure through which legal services are offered by a Deloitte entity in a particular country may vary. In the United States, neither Deloitte Tax LLP nor any of its U.S. affiliates (the “Deloitte U.S. Firms”) engages in the practice of law. The following description of services is limited to those firms outside the United States providing certain legal services. Deloitte Legal professionals bring a strong combination of tax and legal knowledge to provide clients comprehensive guidance across a broad range of critical business issues. Our services include: Acquisition, divestiture, and joint venture Legal purchaser and vendor due diligence Legal framework of supply chain management and distribution network Statutory compliance
    Contact: Jean Victor Prvost Phone: 33140882963
  • Address Map DIRO - Europäische Rechtsanwaltsorganisation EWIV
    Region: Europe   Members: 170   Professionals: 1400
    DIRO is a network of legal offices working Europe-wide. It was founded in 1992. To date, there are more than 170 law offices in Germany and internationally. Altogether, more than 1400 lawyers work in DIRO law offices. Due to its special structure, DIRO is able to offer its law offices, clients and corporations partners more, both in cross-border advice and also before the courts.
    Contact: Mrs. Sylke Schwiering Phone: +49 711 2 23 73
  • Address Map E&Y Legal Network
    Multidisciplinary   Region: International   
    EY delivers legal services that help minimize the gap between business advisors and legal counsel. Our lawyers understand the increasingly complex tax, regulatory, and commercial laws of this global economy. We provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions and offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of some routine legal activities. To thrive in this world, you need access to legal advice that you can trust.
    Contact: Cornelius Grossmann Phone: +49 30 25471 25050
  • E-Iure
    Region: International   
    The objective is to provide corporations, companies, private clients and public authorities with direct legal advice and local representation in more and more countries. E-Iure is a worldwide economic interest Alliance of currently 18 national members. Each of these 18 member firms furthermore cooperates with a net of reliable correspondents world-wide. Hence, when consulting a local E-Iure law firm, you will not only have a worldwide legal access, but your lawyer will always be in the position to contact the appropriate lawyer abroad or provide you with details about the legal practitioners you need to contact. Besides, all E-Iure firms are committed to highest internal quality standards relating to confidentiality, mandatory professional indemnity insurance, knowledge of foreign languages and promptness.
  • Address Map Eagle International Associates
    Multidisciplinary   Region: North America and Europe   Members: 50   
    An international network of law firms, adjusters and claims-related service providers throughout North America and Europe. Members provide clients (primarily insurance companies and self-insureds) with legal and adjusting services. Member firms handle litigation and claims focusing on areas such as Product Liability, Professional Liability, Toxic Liability, Premises Liability, and General Liability
    Contact: Mr. Eugene Backus Phone: 702-221-1399
  • Address Map East Legal Team EEIG
    Region: Eastern Europe   Members: 5   Professionals: 60
    East Legal Team – European Economic Interest Grouping (ELT) is an alliance of independent law firms from the Central and Eastern European region with the main purpose of providing their clients a wealth of advantages arising from our interdisciplinary professional cooperation, as well as from their ability to provide unified services at regional Stage.
    Contact: Dr. Tamás Balazs Phone: +36 1 302-5697
  • Address Map ECOMLEX
    Region: Europe   Members: 18   Professionals: 1170
    An association of leading IT and e-commerce lawyers established to meet the needs of businesses throughout Europe. The member firms are located in the countries shown on the website The members act for the full range of clients in the technology sector and in other sectors where they use technology – including government and intergovernmental bodies, multinationals and growing businesses which are expanding outside their own territories.
    Contact: Paul Barton Phone: +44 (0)20 7861 4000
  • Address Map Employment Law Alliance
    Region: International   Members: 120   Professionals: 3000
    When 3,000 of the finest labor and employment lawyers from more than 100 nations form an alliance dedicated to assisting employers, the result is a powerful legal resource for management: the Employment Law Alliance. With a presence in all 50 U.S. states, and more than 300 cities around the globe, we are backed by the strength and resources of some of the world’s finest and most established law firms.
    Contact: Stephen Hirschfeld Phone: 1-415-835-9011
  • Address Map Energy Law Group
    Region: European Union   
    The Energy Law Group (ELG) was created in 1993 and has grown consistently since then. It is made up of lawyers with specialist expertise in the energy and natural resources sectors and all belonging to independent European law firms. The ELG covers most European countries and constitutes the most extensive network of European experts in energy and natural resources law. The coordination of our network is such that it offers to each client of a member law firm an opening in Europe and beyond, for legal services within the energy and natural resources sectors.
    Contact: Thierry Lauriol Phone: 33 1 45 05 80 48
  • Address Map Environmental Law Network
    Region: North & South America, Europe   
    The Environmental Law Network (ELN) is the first environmental law firm network that makes local representation available nationwide. Through ELN, more than 250 environmental attorneys share ideas, information, experiences, and contacts to increase the value of legal representation for their respective clients. ELN also has foreign affiliates in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Spain. Leaders in each of the member firms average more than 20 years of experience in the field.
    Contact: Greg DeGulis Phone: 216-621-1312
  • Address Map Euravocat Group (EEIG)
    Region: Europe   Members: 18   Professionals: 230
    Euravocat Group EEIG - a European group of economic interests aimed at providing prompt and efficient services throughout Europe. We are also an active member of the ICC Commercial Crime Bureau in London and of the Asset Protection and Recovery Network aimed at providing a quick response in international fraud cases.
    Contact: Mr. Philipp Ganzoni Phone: 41-22-704-30-50
  • Address Map Eureseau
    Region: International   
    We are an international group of independent law firms serving clients around the world. Established in 1986, we now have offices in 24 countries and our secretariat in London. All the law firms in our network have a reputation for integrity and quality. Our lawyers have worked together for many years. Our clients come from the full range of international commercial concerns, governments, institutions and individuals. We give sound, prag-matic, commercial advice on a wide range of matters under many different national laws and on the trans-national and cross-border implications which arise between jurisdictions.
    Contact: Marc van der Storm Phone: +31 (0) 10 410055
  • Address Map Euro - American Lawyers Group
    Region: Europe and US   Members: 26   Professionals: 350
    The Euro-American Lawyers Group (EALG) is an association of Law Firms founded in 1985. The members of EALG believe that they can best serve their clients' interests overseas by co-operating with likeminded firms who have local knowledge of, and immediate access to the legal system operating in their own jurisdictions.
    Contact: John Friedemann Phone: + 44 161 833 3355
  • Address Map Euroadvocaten (EEIG)
    Region: Europe   Members: 18   Professionals: 300
    Euroadvocaten EEIG is an international network, founded in 1990, of medium-sized and larger law firms which makes it possible for each firm to assist their own clients quickly while offering a high Stage of quality.
    Contact: Mr. Angelo Anglani Phone: 39 06 474831
  • Address Map EuroCollectNetLawyers
    Region: Europe   Members: 23   
    An association of European law firms offering a comprehensive cost-effective service for the collection of debt throughout Europe. Accessible either directly or via your local ECN-Lawyer. Members commit themselves to observe the following fundamentals for quality assurance in contact with clients and with each other: 1) the members will cooperate in an internal network for mutual benefit through exchange of technical and personal resources based on growing trust; 2 respect and loyalty among members that extends far beyond the ethics of professional collegiality; 3) assurance of qualitatively high-valued service through the possibility of drawing on expertise outside one’s own law office; and 4) discretion and confidentiality in all matters.
    Contact: Dr. Jur Thomas Voller Phone: +49 69 63 15 070
  • Address Map EuroITCounsel
    Region: Europe   Members: 16   
    A quality circle of independent European specialist computer and IT lawyers. Established advisers in the IT, computer and elecommunications sectors, we provide a one-stop service, based on quality and value to clients with no obligations of exclusivity. EuroITCounsel was born from an informal group of specialist lawyers who had worked together over a number of years. Brought together by experience in advising clients on issues affecting businesses and transactions involving the Internet, E-commerce, Computers and Telecommunications, they realised a new approach to offering Europewide legal advice was required for clients and companies working in Europe. That approach focuses on quality of service, sector experience and value: these are among the prime commitments our members make when they join.
    Contact: Nick Arnold Phone: 020 7405 2000
  • Address Map Eurojuris International EEIG
    Region: Europe   Members: 630   Professionals: 5000
    A leading network of law firms in Europe, covering 610 different cities/locations in 16 countries. Each country has a national EUROJURIS association which selects as members medium-sized independent law firms well established in their country and who satisfy the Eurojuris selection criteria. The objective is to provide to companies, corporations, public authorities and private clients direct legal advice and local representation all over Europe.
    Contact: Diane Tries Phone: +32-2-502.18.82
  • Address Map EuroLaw
    Region: Europe   Members: 21   
    Eurolaw is a group of independent, European law firms , medium sized and specialised in business law. The group is organised as a European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.) with its seat in Paris. The law firms are selected after an observation period of about one year following quality criteria within it is stressed on technical and linguistic competences, but also following professional and geographical complementarity. The law firms are supported by a network of professionals who are united by strong links of confidence, respect and mutual comprehension, determinant quality criteria for the performance of services.
    Contact: Jean-Jacques Zander Phone: +33 (0)1 45 00 02 33
  • European Immigration Lawyers Group
    Region: Europe   Members: 21   Professionals: 35
    EILN is a network of 21 specialist immigration law firms providing advice to businesses and individuals on EU free movement and other immigration law issues
    Contact: Paul Gulbenkian Phone: +44-207-242-3000
  • Address Map European Law Firm EEIG
    Region: Europe   Members: 25   Professionals: 400
    The network was established in 1989 to meet increasing demand for cross-border legal advice and was the first legal network to register in Brussels as an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). With the globalisation of business and the increasing influence of EU law on all commercial activities, many businesses today require expert legal guidance on a pan-European or international Stage.
    Contact: Neil Meakin Phone: +44 117 917 7724
  • European Law Group
    Region: Europe   Members: 12   Professionals: 500
    European Law Group (ELG) was established in 1983, and now has members with close working associations throughout Europe. Our international connections ensure that if you are undertaking a cross border transaction or need advice from a lawyer resident in a particular country, we can provide specialists able to advise and assist you. The focus for ELG has been to assist clients in their increasing demands for cross border legal services in Europe whether this is as part of a cross border merger or acquisition or simply wishing to know more about the legal framework existing in a particular country. As a non exclusive association of law firms practising in Western Europe, particularly the countries of the European Union, we are committed to providing our clients with legal advisers who understand your needs and can deliver the appropriate advice within your timescale and budget.
    Contact: Anna Frankum Phone: 44-20-7457-3000
  • European Lawyers Network
    Region: Europe   Members: 8   Professionals: 100
    ELN is a close association of law firms with offices in Europe and North America. Its primary objective is the provision of international legal advice, which satisfies three fundamental client demands for efficiency, value, and local expertise. It was in response to these client demands that ELN was formed in 1990. Since then ELN’s clients have been able to reap the rewards of developing their businesses internationally while working with local law firms they can trust at a cost that does not lead to any unpleasant surprises. The lawyers within ELN are used to dealing with international projects and are able to create a fully integrated team approach to corporate and commercial transactions with clear reporting lines that avoid duplication of efforts and ensure the client feels at the centre of their transaction, regardless of where it is taking place.
    Contact: Nikolas Hensel Phone: +49 69 79405
  • Address Map First Law International
    Region: International   Members: 67   Professionals: 7000
    First Law International ("FLI") is the Brussels-based hub of a global network of over 40 independent, national law firms known as FLI NET™. We specialize in providing a wide range of multinational clients from Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Heavy-industry, Retail, Real Estate, Finance, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, Services, and IT among others with valuable cross-border legal support on a global basis. As the central point of coordination and management, FLI's HQ is comprised of seasoned former General Counsels and Senior Corporate Counsels of US Fortune companies. Our extensive inhouse cross-border experience makes us uniquely qualified to coordinate and manage legal services rendered by FLI NET Member firms.
    Contact: Orlando Casares Phone: +32 2 626 0600
  • Address Map Food Lawyers Network
    Region: International   
    Food Law is of increasing importance for the day-to-day business of Food Business Operators. But it is a complex matter. And legal conditions for the production and marketability of food vary considerably from country to country. Therefore, with regards to cross-border traffic, the food industry needs the assistance of proven food law experts. FLN offers a unique world-wide platform of expertise that enables the Food Business Operator to quickly find a competent and experienced specialist in Food Law. Further, FLN e.V. enables an international exchange of experi-ence and a transfer of knowledge and facilitates the access to other legal systems. Through the ongoing scientific dialogue, important insights are gained for the application and development of Food Law.
    Contact: Dr. Markus Grube Phone: +49 (0) 2261 60140
  • Address Map Geneva Group International (GGI)
    Multidisciplinary   Region: Europe, Latin America, Asia   Members: 460   Professionals: 11000
    Members are committed to providing clients with specialist solutions for their international business requirements. Both members and their clients can select a Geneva Group International firm with confidence. All of our member firms share a common mission: to provide top quality services. Established in 1995, Geneva Group International has grown to more than 460 professional, independent firms with over 395 offices and 12,700 employees worldwide. GGI members have ready access to the expertise and market knowledge of fellow member firms all over the world.
    Contact: Claudio Cocca Phone: +41 (0)44 256 18 18
  • Address Map Global Advertising Alliance
    Region: International   Members: 57   Professionals: 100
    GALA is an alliance of lawyers located throughout the world with expertise and experience in advertising, marketing and promotion law. GALA provides a worldwide resource to individuals and corporations interested in answers to questions and solutions to problems involving the complex legal issues affecting advertisers and marketers. GALA, a network of independent law firms, is neither licensed nor authorized to render legal services. While GALA can coordinate the consultation an Associate Member or third party may receive from GALA members, each individual GALA member, and not GALA, is solely responsible for the advice they provide.
    Contact: Stacy Bess Phone: 212-549-0343
  • Address Map Globalaw
    Region: International   Members: 94   Professionals: 5000
    A worldwide network of 5,000 lawyers located in more than 93 firms. The organization provides members with local expertise, lawyer exchanges, connections with local business networks and meeting
    Contact: William "Buz" White Phone: 213.620.0460
  • Address Map Harmonie Group
    Region: United States   Members: 85   Professionals: 5000
    The Harmonie Group was founded in 1993 at the Harmonie Club in New York City, when several experienced and well-respected members of the defense bar met to discuss forming a national network of high-quality law firms that had the proven ability to serve the special needs of the risk industry. The Group believed then, as it does now, that both clients and attorneys benefit from a better understanding of the unique circumstances and concerns facing each of them. The members at the initial meeting wanted to create an organization where quality members would be encouraged to introduce their quality clients to other members, to promote an exchange of ideas between clients and lawyers, and to have frank discussions concerning the lawyer/client relationship.
    Contact: Timothy C. Violet Phone: 612 875 7744
  • Address Map IAG International (Integrated Advisory Group International)
    Multidisciplinary   Region: International   Members: 71   Professionals: 1600
    Our deep personal knowledge and trust of one another makes all the difference. IAG is unique in the level of well-justified confidence it builds and maintains between members. International offices don't mean distant relationships. IAG members know one another. Each member firm is carefully selected after an exhaustive interviewing process. We hold three meetings a year, each in a different country. Over time, this discipline, plus the operational experience of working together, allows every member to develop strong bonds of trust, and often friendship, with every other member. This dynamic translates into seamless, hassle-free service for members' clients around the world. When we pick up the phone to speak to a member in another country on your behalf, we're talking to someone we know and in whom we have confidence. No red tape. Quick answers to easy questions; expedited strategy and action on more complex challenges. We work with large companies, mediumsized businesses, and individuals. Our members include lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and fiduciaries, some of whom work in association with other specialists: economists, real estate advisers or financial advisers. No matter what your challenge, no matter where it is, you won't have to feel like you're working in a country that's "foreign" to you ever again.
    Contact: Christopher Whitamore Phone: +44 1572 724733
  • IAPL
    Region: Europe   Members: 36   Professionals: 37
    The International Association of Practising Lawyers (IAPL) was set up to answer the complex and rapidly changing legal requirements of companies with international business. Every IAPL member is committed to offering the same standards of professional and personal services overseas that you would expect in your own country.
    Contact: Dr. Rainer Riek Phone: +41-41 728 71 61
  • Address Map IGAL
    Multidisciplinary   Region: International   
    IGAL'S purpose is to generate business opportunities for its members and their clients, while continuing to provide international legal, auditing and accountancy services of the highest standard to such clients. Additionally, IGAL aims to provide a global forum for the professional exchange of ideas, firm management, and social interaction. Our members are dedicated to providing expert and personal assistance to reduce the obstacles of doing business in a foreign environment and at a distance, with an emphasis on quality, communication and collaboration. The open exchange of information and business referrals are of utmost importance to members, and we are united in furthering the best interests of the client.
    Contact: Beverley Leonache Phone: 33-1-83-23-14
  • Address Map IJ International Jurist
    Region: International   Professionals: 30
    We are committed to delivering high quality legal assistance. Member firms are committed to delivering high quality legal assistance and excellent client services. Each prospective member is submitted to a strict assessment of professionalism and competence. Each member has a profound knowledge of local legislation, business and politics. We are experienced in cross border enterprise transactions. ij International Jurists members are experienced in nearly all manner of cross-border business and enterprise transactions. They are used to working internationally and are able to assist and deal with complex multi-jurisdictional issues. All members serve their international clients not only in their own language, but also in English and often in a second foreign language.
    Contact: Gunther Kreuzer Phone: 49 911 20 22 0
  • Address Map IMMLAW (National Consortium of Immigration Law Firms)
    Region: United States   Members: 17   Professionals: 43
    A network of Lawyers concentrating exclusively on immigration law. IMMLAW has 17 members located throughout the USA.
    Contact: Jay I. Solomon Phone: 770.955.1055
  • Address Map Information Technology Law Group Europe
    Region: Europe   
    Established in 1989, ITIP Law Europe is a network of independent law firms that has members in countries across the European Union, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Our pan-European network, the first and largest of its kind, gives clients the benefits of: •speedy access to specialist computer and e-commerce lawyers across Europe •a network with demonstrable experience of team work on pan - European •assignments •extensive experience of providing IT legal services within Europe to local and overseas companies •genuine leading edge expertise in the areas of computer and internet law •a cost effective approach to obtaining expert advice on IT and e-commerce legal issues within Europe
    Contact: Dietrich Beier Phone: 49 89 92 805 215
  • Address Map Insuralex
    Region: United States   Members: 33   
    Insuralex is a group created by independent law firms that specialise in Insurance and Reinsurance coverage, defence, litigation, and all other related legal services. Globalisation and changes in the worldwide insurance market enable insurers and reinsurers to market their products across national borders in a growing global economy. Different local laws and procedures may affect the conduct of insurance business on a cross-border basis, and this is evident in the handling of international or multinational claims. An insurer can navigate these complexities by using a group of lawyers from different jurisdictions who are each specialised in their respective national insurance and reinsurance law systems, but who are also affiliated to work with each other.
    Contact: Bill Perry Phone: +44 (0) 207 816 2628
  • Address Map Inter-American Network of Environmental Law
    Region: North and South America   Members: 17   
    RIELA™ (Red Interamericana de Especialistas en Legislación Ambiental) is a network of independent law firms providing for the exchange of professional information about the local and regional practice and development of environmental law in the Americas, facilitating and disseminating communications among its members and improving the members’ abilities to serve the needs of their respective clients. The members of RIELA™ maintain complete autonomy; render professional services to their respective clients on an individual and separate basis; are not in any way restricted from handling or accepting cases from non-RIELA™ members or from joining other professional organizations; and are not affiliated for the joint practice of law.
    Contact: Aileen Hooks Phone: +1 512 322-2616
  • Address Map Interact Europe
    Region: Europe   Members: 13   Professionals: 150
    The InterAct group was founded in 1990 by Pitmans, based in Reading, UK, at a time when that firm felt a need to be part a European-wide association to obtain reliable legal services for its clients. With trade expanding within the European Community, Pitmans increasingly had to be able to obtain legal advice throughout the Community. There were six founder members, all of whom had been personally recommended for membership and who were all visited at their offices by partners of Pitmans before being admitted to membership
    Contact: Mr. C.H. Avery Phone: +44-(0) 118 958 0224
  • Address Map Interjures
    Region: Europe   
    Interjures is an international network of lawyers, accountants and auditors, which are cross-border mainly for its clients operating in the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Because of the constantly advancing international integration of the economy and the growing importance of business management, business consulting and supervising assets we have established for our clients at home and abroad, the legally independent Jureš Inter-Consult GmbH in Frankfurt. This company coordinates the services of the professions, together with our foreign colleagues connected. We accompany the client even when going beyond tasks independently and offer an institutional presence, eg on acquisition of subsidiaries, investments, relocation and start-ups. The primary goal of Inter Jureš is the comprehensive care of clients, which not only national but also expect to need for its international commitment, "one-stop solutions" and. Such all-round care requires the involvement of experienced, with the local situation familiar to lawyers, accountants, auditors and, if necessary - in consultation with the client - the assistance of other external service providers and the composition of advisory teams to "virtual law firms".Interjures provides the client a functioning network of the German language for him specifically required service provider. The consultants involved to ensure a common high standard are, learn to cooperate and collaborate usual confidence. This also means that you understand the partner over the national borders personally, professionally and linguistically. In particular, by the most modern, secure communications systems enable faster flow of information between members. Such a cost-effective and efficient services is guaranteed.
    Contact: Peter Heun Phone: +49 9281 7055
  • Address Map Interlaw
    Region: International   Members: 66   Professionals: 5000
    Interlaw is global organization consisting of more than 5,000 Lawyers in approximately 120 cities. The network offers member's listservs organized by geographical location, practice groups and industry areas. INTERLAW also produces a number of publications. Membership is by invitation only.
    Contact: Mr. Johan Brink Phone: (310) 459-2905
  • Interlegal
    Region: International   Members: 34   Professionals: 500
    As an international network of independent commercial law firms, Interlegal is an attractive and accountable alternative to a large international firm or to firms with offices in more than one specific jurisdiction. Interlegal member firms are culturally sensitive to the ways of doing business in different jurisdictions. We counsel a diverse clientele, from large public corporations and public authorities to small businesses and individuals, offering clients a full range of corporate legal services, complemented by knowledge of business, customs and local culture within each country.
    Contact: Bill Blum Phone: +1 212 267 7600
  • Address Map Interleges
    Region: International   Members: 24   Professionals: 500
    Interleges was created in 1989 as one of the first international legal networks. It is an association of independent law firms and today has members across the world in the European Union, Eastern Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. Interleges also has approved correspondents in the jurisdictions where we do not have members. Each member of the association is equally committed to providing a quality service and solution to the legal issues you may have. Contact any firm in the Interleges network and you can be confident of receiving the assistance of an experienced lawyer with the requisite local knowledge to provide a quick and effective solution for you. Wherever necessary, your own lawyer and the overseas Interleges lawyer will work together on your behalf.
    Contact: Jeffrey E. Glen Phone: 1- 212 278-1009
  • Address Map InterLex Group
    Region: International   Members: 45   Professionals: 10500
    Founded in 1973 the InterLex Group is a global association of 40 leading law firms providing a range of business and legal services to clients. Members are located in such diverse regions as Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the USA. Member firms are encouraged to develop personal relationships through the organization's annual meeting and periodic meetings of specialized practice groups.
    Contact: Lawrence B. Swibel Phone: 312-224-1214
  • International Alliance of Law Firms
    Region: International   Members: 35   Professionals: 1000
    The Alliance is an international network of select,business oriented law firms. It was founded to enable clients to obtain global legal services from the Alliance's individual Members. The common aim of the Member firms is to combine positive legal advice with sound commercial judgment and litigation expertise when required. Each Member of the Alliance is an individual law firm which is responsible only for the work which it carries out. Alliance Member firms seek to provide their clients with a swift and effective response to the challenges of international business requirements. The Alliance has 56 Member firms in 40 countries. Candidates for membership in the Alliance are submitted to a detailed selection procedure in an effort to ensure that every Member firm affords its clients
    Contact: Monica Fitzgerald Oathout Phone: (713) 752-0017
  • Address Map International Attorneys Club
    Region: International   Members: 25   Professionals: 500

    Contact: Mr. Peter Appel Phone: +45 33 41 41 41
  • Address Map International Business Law Consortium (IBLC)
    Region: International   Members: 100   Professionals: 1500
    The International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) brings together more than 100 independent law firms, tax advisers and business consultancies. These firms have more than 1500 professionals with both general and specialized expertise.
    Contact: Paul Clifford Phone: 43 662 835399
  • Address Map International Franchising Lawyers Association
    Region: International   Members: 52   
    IFLA is an international organization of lawyers specializing in Franchising, Distribution and Licensing. IFLA operates in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa, although it happens to be a registered Association under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The member law firms are engaged in advising Franchisors and Licensors all over the world. Most of IFLA's members have been involved in Franchising and International Business for at least 10 years.
    Contact: Jan Patrick Giesler Phone: 49-228 98391-26
  • Address Map International Law Firms
    Region: International   Members: 70   
    International Law Firms (ILF) is an international association of independent law firms. ILF prides itself in providing high quality, responsive and effective representation. Founded in 1998, the organization has grown to include approximately 70 firms from 50 countries worldwide. The size of ILF's members fosters close personal and professional relationships between member firms. ILF members value these personal relationships because clients can be recommended to associated firms in other locations with complete confidence.
    Contact: Lutz Kaiser Phone: +49 7221.992390
  • Address Map International Lawyers Network (ILN)
    Region: International   Members: 91   Professionals: 5000
    ILN is an association of 91 law firms with over 5,000 lawyers worldwide. Member firms offer service in a wide range of practice areas including corporate and commercial law, securities law, taxation, commercial litigation, dispute resolution, employment law, government contracting, intellectual property law, administrative law and estate planning.
    Contact: Lindsay Griffiths Phone: 201-594-9985
  • Address Map International Network of Boutique Law Firms
    Region: International   
    When the legal matter is important for your business or for you personally, you will want an attorney who is highly credentialed and thoroughly experienced in that area of the law. At the International Network of Boutique Law Firms (INBLF), our objective is to introduce you to the lawyer you need.
    Contact: Steven Spielvogel Phone: (212) 710-5160
  • Address Map International Practice Group
    Multidisciplinary   Region: International   Members: 61   Professionals: 1122
    International Practice Group is one of the leading networks working across disciplines as well as across borders. In the interest of the clients, we bring together not only expert specialists in one discipline but several recognized professions: accountants, lawyers and tax specialists across all borders. This trusted network of professionals was created in 1992, and has been growing ever since.
    Contact: Hiacenta Leutert Phone: +423 237 44 28
  • Address Map International Referral
    Region: Global   Members: 800   
    International Referral is the next generation of networking and an evolution of the way firms promote themselves. The group is designed to assist forward thinking firms with the highest standards by providing new business opportunities and a reliable referral service. Based on ethical principles, the focus is on quality, trust and shared ideals. This creates a hub that can cater to any need! The International Referral head office is available to provide introductions, referrals, recommendations, advice and support within the business, high net worth & luxury sectors. We offer members unrivalled exposure and value by being able to provide a platform for them to feature an up to date profile on their business, current news, deal and advisory requests and strategic proposals where required
    Contact: Tom Wheeler Phone: 44 1675 443396
  • Address Map International Society of Primerus Law Firms
    Region: International   Members: 1140   Professionals: 1400
    The network is a nationwide alliance focused on promoting the professional integrity of its members. Members are carefully screened before being admitted to the organization. Questions are asked of the candidates, their clients, other lawyers and local judges. Nominees are evaluated for integrity, excellence of work product, reasonable fees, continuing education, civility to bench and bar and community service. Primerus is an international network of top-rated, independent, law firms that have earned the right to display the Primerus seal of quality.
    Contact: John Buchanan Phone: 1-800-968-2211
  • Address Map Interserve
    Region: United States   Members: 10   Professionals: 75
    USA-based alliance of independent professional firms serving international trade and investment markets. The firms of InterServe are dedicated to encouraging and facilitating global commerce.
    Contact: Stephen E. Handel, Esq. Phone: 713-224-5011
  • Address Map IP Lawyers Network
    Region: International   Members: 66   
    Our intellectual property specialists provide high level legal services protecting and managing your intellectual property globally. All law firms connected to our network have severe experience in protecting trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs and trade secrets. In addition, all lawyers connected to the IP Lawyers Network have extensive knowledge of media - entertainment and sports law as well as highly rated litigators within the field of intellectual property law. Our global team of IP lawyers will look after your business interests in the most meticulous manner.
    Contact: Dr. Johannes Ulbricht Phone: +49 40 4605767
  • IsFin – Islamic Finance Advisors
    Region: Global   Members: 50   
    iSfin is the world’s leading network of Islamic Finance law specialists. iSfin members are all specialists from elite law firms with an international focus and deep understanding of islamic finance. Each member is admitted only after substantial due diligence and peer review procedures. iSfin is a global organization of legal practitioners working in member firms, each of which is an independent legal entity.
    Contact: Laurent Marliere Phone: + (32) 483 359 515
  • Iurispan
    Region: Europe   Members: 13   Professionals: 79
    IURISPAN is a Network of Spanish Law Firms, established more than fifteen years ago. Its purpose is to provide legal assistance and advice of the highest professional quality and ethical standards in all fields of legal practice. We have offices located in the main Spanish cities and tourist resorts such as: Alicante, Almeria, Oviedo, Bilbao, Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza), Barcelona, Cadiz, Canary Islands (Gran Canaria, Playa del Ingles, Lanzarote and Tenerife), Cuenca, Gijon, Huesca, Leon, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Pontevedra, Salamanca, Teruel, Toledo, Valencia and Zaragoza.
    Contact: Fernando Scornik Gerstein Phone: (34) (91) 350 72 62
  • Iurope
    Region: Europe   Members: 6   Professionals: 250
    Business Law Firm: Totaling more than 200 lawyers, this alliance of midsize ‘full service’ law firms offers expertise in almost all areas of business law to national and international business clients active in Continental Europe. Excellence & Quality: All firms are leading players in their respective jurisdictions. They all have deliberately avoided merging either with "Big 5" firms or with "Magic Circle" firms so as to continue offering value to clients who are after expert advice on national and European law at an attractively reasonable cost. Experienced Teams: By working together frequently, members of IUROPE have developed extensive experience in carrying out together complex cross-border transactions and projects. Lawyers have learned to work with one another and have built long-term professional and personal relationships.
    Contact: Prof. Dr. Kurt Bartenbach Phone: 49 221 951 9088
  • Address Map IUS Laboris
    Region: International   Members: 43   Professionals: 2500
    Ius Laboris is an alliance of leading Human Resources law practitioners. We have more than 2,500 lawyers providing local Human Resources law expertise across the globe, with member firms in over 43 countries and coverage in more than 100 countries.
    Contact: Jean-François Gerard Phone: +32 2 761 46 10
  • Address Map JCA International
    Region: Europe   Members: 25   
    JCA International was founded in 1995 with the aim of creating a network of European commercial law firms. Its individual members provide their clients with services of a comparable standard and quality in the course of cross-border transactions. JCA’s strength is in close personal relationships between members as well as a high standard of service in terms of quality and competence. Membership is limited to one member firm per country. Each member remains the exclusive contact and addressee for its clients, but may utilize the services of other members whenever required by the client
    Contact: Klaus Langefeld-Wirth Phone: +49 220 937 09 383
  • Juritax
    Region: Europe   Members: 74   Professionals: 222
    JURITAX ® - The German Commonwealth – Rechtsanwälte, Notare, Patentanwälte, Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer in ständiger Kooperation wurde 1997 gegründet von Rechtsanwalt Jörg G. Schumacher als geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der JGS ® Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in Berlin. Die Kooperation ermöglicht ihren rechtlich und wirtschaftlich selbständigen Mitgliedern, überwiegend kleine und mittlere Kanzleien, nicht nur im deutschsprachigen Raum, sondern auch auf europäischer und internationaler Ebene für deren Klienten (Unternehmer und Verbraucher) fast immer vor Ort präsent und spezialisert für deren (Rechts)Probleme zu sein. Zukünftig sollen in die fachübergreifende Zusammenarbeit weitere Freiberufler, beispielsweise Ärzte, Dolmetscher, Erbplaner, Finanzplaner, Ingenieure, Sachverständige, Übersetzer, Unternehmensberater sowie Vermögensverwalter einbezogen werden, um für die Mandanten auf dem morgigen Markt der sogenannten wissensbasierten Dienstleistungen die umfassende Beratung, Hilfe und Vertretung zu gewährleisten.
    Contact: Jörg G. Schumacher Phone: +49-(0)30-816 853 0
  • KPMG Legal Network
    Region: Global   
    In the midst of increasingly fierce competitions fueled by globalization, the need for companies to access integrated professional services across a broad spectrum of commercial disciplines has never been more important and compelling. Virtually all critical business initiatives or activities, whether driven by the need to improve fundamentals, boost competitiveness or expand across the border, are highly multi-faceted and entail expertise in legal, accounting, tax and finance counseling. With the intensifying and fast-paced global competition as the backdrop, companies require a dedicated professional services provider who can provide seamlessly integrated professional services across a broad range of expertise in law, accounting, tax and finance. KPMG Law Firm has assembled a unique team of highly qualified professionals in our key service areas. Currently our legal professional team is led by our partners, Alan Jih (as managing partner), Victor Lin , Jerry Cho and Sonia. Our firm has forged solid and close strategic alliances with the established and reputable accounting, tax and finance teams of KPMG Taiwan. Going forward, KPMG Law Firm will collaborate with all of KPMG Taiwan’s professional teams jointly led by the Chairman - Mr. Winston Yu, the Board, and the Executive Committee of KPMG Taiwan, towards the common goal of fully supporting clients to compete in today’s fast-changing global marketplace with our “value-added” and “one-stop shop” professional solutions combining legal, accounting, finance and tax advisory services.
    Contact: Tom O'Malley
  • Address Map L&E Global
    Region: Global   Members: 21   
    In today’s global economy, it is likely that your business is international in scope — or soon will be. When your employees are your most valuable asset, the employment, labor, employee benefits, workplace privacy (including data privacy) and immigration issues you address every day are also truly global. Each member law firm has depth of experience in employment law, employee benefits, labor relations and immigration, and each firm is recognized by clients and legal organizations as a leader in this field. Our member firms provide workplace law advice and services throughout the globe, in every major U.S. city, throughout North and South America, in key European business centers as well as vital regions in Asia and the South Pacific and we are currently expanding into other territories and markets.
    Contact: Stephan Swinkels Phone: +32 2 64 32 633
  • Address Map L2B Aviation
    Region: International   Members: 12   
    L2B Aviation is the world’s largest international network of aviation law firms. We currently have members in approximately 40 countries and contacts in a further 35 countries. Our network covers Europe, USA, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Far East. We specialize in providing legal advice to the aviation industry. We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of all aspects of aircraft and engine leasing and financing, including operating leases, export credit financings, commercial debt financings and tax based transactions
    Contact: Richard Hames Phone: 44-1249-740
  • LA Tax Net
    Region: Latin & Central America and the   Members: 18   Professionals: 1200
    LATAXNET offers integrated tax advisory services in Latin and Central America and the Caribbean, proposing multi-jurisdictional solutions that take account of the opportunities presented by each country’s legislation. We are a network of specialists who belong to some of the most highly-regarded independent professional firms in the region, organized for the purpose of offering tax and legal services of the highest quality. Our organizational structure allows us to share experiences and professional know-how, but always keeping in mind the perspective and reality of each individual country.
    Contact: Luis Hernandez Phone: 598-954-23515
  • Latin American Network
    Region: The Americas   Members: 19   
    The Latin American Network is comprised of major law firms in North, Central and South America. The member firms understand the U.S. and European client’s expectation that work will be performed promptly, thoroughly and correctly. Most of their lawyers are bilingual and many have been educated in the United States or Europe and trained in exchange programs with leading international law firms.
    Contact: Charles Meacham Phone: 525-284-8540
  • Address Map Law Europe EEIG
    Region: Europe   Members: 25   Professionals: 800
    Law Europe EEIG is an association of law firms specializing in Business and Commercial Law with a membership of over 600 lawyers who serve clients with easily accessible legal services throughout the world. Law Europe EEIG was founded in 1992 and registered in England as a European Economic Interest Group.
    Contact: Quintin Barry Phone: 44 1293 605072
  • Address Map Law Firm Alliance
    Region: United States   Members: 55   Professionals: 2400
    The Law Firm Alliance is a loose affiliation of law firms created to provide a vehicle for clients to obtain competent and responsive legal services by providing a network of member firms for referral of legal matters. LFA member firms are mid-sized firms with a relatively narrow geographic scope. The LFA maintains a policy of territorial exclusivity - with one LFA firm serving a particular city or state. All are highly regarded commercial firms offering a variety of corporate and litigation services, and each U.S. based LFA member has received the AV peer review rating from LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell.
    Contact: Alan G. Starkoff Phone: 614.462.2700
  • Address Map Law Firm Network
    Region: International   
    The Law Firm Network offers businesses an alternative to global law firms: successful independent law firms working together, in an integrated way, offering choice, competitive pricing and local knowledge. If a network member isn’t right for you or we don’t have a member where you need to do business, our promise is to find you the right counsel quickly. Working with a Law Firm Network member is about accessing networks in the international legal community. The Law Firm Network does not restrict the firms that its members can work with. Law Firm Network members often work with law firms outside the network and belong to other legal groups. Clients often want to work with a law firm they already know in a particular country as well as accessing new firms through the network. We embrace this because we believe in choice.
    Contact: Anthony MD Kirwan Phone: +353 1 282 2773
  • Address Map Law Firm Sustainability Network
    Region: International   Members: 30   
    The Law Firm Sustainability Network is a nonprofit organization of law firms and legal departments committed to promoting the benefits of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility within their firms and throughout the legal industry. We believe by working collaboratively and giving firms essential tools and resources, we can have an ever-greater impact on preserving the environment. The LFSN’s mission is to develop key performance indicators, foster knowledge sharing, develop best practice guidelines, and recognize innovation regarding environmental sustainability in the U.S. legal sector.
    Contact: Gayatri Joshi Phone: 732 309 2946
  • Address Map Law South
    Region: England   Members: 11   Professionals: 867
    Law South is a grouping of nine high profile firms of solicitors based in London and the south east of England. Law South Group Ltd has its home in Chichester, west Sussex and provides a variety of centralised services for its member firms.
    Contact: Gordon Reed Phone: 44-1243-786033
  • Address Map LawExchange International
    Region: International   Members: 32   
    LawExchange International is an association of mid-sized law firms serving clients doing business in major commercial markets across the globe. Our members are comprised of some of the top commercial firms serving middle-market and entrepreneurial businesses throughout Europe, the United States, China, India, the Far East and Australia.
    Contact: Lewis Isaacs Phone: + 44 1223 461155
  • Address Map Lawnet Limited
    Region: UK and Ireland   Members: 62   Professionals: 2000
    Formed in 1989, LawNet is the UK and Ireland’s leading network of independent law firms. Today, with a total of 66 firms ranging in size from six to 39 partners, it provides a range of powerful benefits to its members and their clients.
    Contact: John R. Thomas Phone: 44-1926-886-990
  • Laworld
    Region: International   Members: 24   Professionals: 700
    LAWORLD is a network of independent law firms which are international in outlook, local in scope. Our member firms are able to provide you with up-to-date legal advice covering a wide range of issues. We have member firms in 24 countries; feel free to communicate with any member firm using the contact details provided.
    Contact: Mark Sadler Phone: 44 1708 757575
  • Address Map LawPact
    Region: International   Members: 125   
    LawPact is an international association and network of independent business law firms created to assist member firms in pursuing excellence in client service, firm management, profitability, the application of evolving technologies and marketing and to create a trans-national, juried referral panel to serve the global legal needs of member firm clients. LawPact's mission is to improve the management of member's practices, to assist members to better evaluate growth strategies for their practices, and to provide a referral and resource network among its member firms.
    Contact: Douglas Conover Phone: (312) 726-4646
  • Address Map Lawrope
    Region: International   
    LAWROPE was founded in 1990 to provide comprehensive pan-European legal advice. We have brought together a range of leading law firms in different jurisdictions to meet the diverse needs of companies trading and operating internationally. We have members in European countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. We also have members based in other jurisdictions including countries in America and Asia such as India, Mexico, China and more. We have changed the way people use international legal services.
    Contact: J.L. de Crom Phone: +31 16 24 53 811
  • Address Map Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW)
    Region: International   Members: 107   Professionals: 3500
    The member firms in Lawyers Associated Worldwide have long recognized the importance of globalization and the effect it has on their clients. Our connections enable you to make contact with key professionals in countries where you may do business, or when you require legal assistance in other parts of your own country. LAW provides the answer to that most important of questions: "Do you know a good lawyer there?" Through LAW, you can discuss your transactions with someone who understands the local language and business culture and who can provide the legal ou do business.
    Contact: Hallie Mann Phone: 952-404-1546
  • Address Map Leading Counsel Network (LCN)
    Region: CIS countries   Members: 9   Professionals: 300
    CIS Leading Counsel Network (LCN), a professional network of nine leading law firms across the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) economic region offering clients integrated multi-jurisdictional legal advice. The network brings together law firms in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine, and aims to combine highest international professional standards with a unique local insight in the regions, which are increasingly attracting international investments. The alliance enhances the cross-border capabilities of member firms in the CIS region and offers clients integrated teams, unparalleled resource base and access to the best local knowledge in each country.
    Contact: Olga Frolova Phone: 380-44 2071060
  • Address Map Legal Counsel International
    Region: International   Members: 13   Professionals: 170
    Legal Counsel International has member firms in 13 countries offering legal services in broad range of practice areas. Members must be fluent in English and have significant experience in international business matters. Membership is by invitation only.
    Contact: Akana K.J. Ma Phone: 503-997-2200
  • Legal Netlink Alliance
    Region: International   Members: 80   Professionals: 1500
    Legal Netlink Alliance is a network of midsize general practice firms. The alliance has more than 1,500 members from 80 firms. Members have access to legal professionals familiar with local policies and practices in 17 countries.
    Contact: Jay A. Frank Phone: 312-828-9600
  • Address Map Legal Network International
    Region: International   Members: 34   Professionals: 2300
    Legal Network International is an alliance of 36 independent firms throughout Europe, the USA, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, South America and Russia. Members have access to the network's bulletin boards, chat room and publications, as well as LNI conferences.
    Contact: William J. Flynn III Phone: 813-228-7411
  • Address Map Legalink
    Region: International   Members: 64   Professionals: 3000
    Legal link is an unique association of independent leading law firms located in most of the world’s financial and commercial centers, representing 64 firms in 48 different countries and around 3000 lawyers.
    Contact: Rita Jardim Phone: +351 91-234-9755
  • Address Map Legus
    Region: International   Members: 74   Professionals: 2500
    The network has member firms in 37 countries and 37 U.S. states. The alliance was originally created to provide a reliable referral network but also focuses on sharing information and practice management strategies. The network has one annual meeting and four regional meetings per year, and provides members with access to an extensive library of publications. Membership is strictly limited by geographical area.
    Contact: Sandra Boyer Phone: 734-977-2185
  • Lex Africa
    Region: Africa   Members: 18   Professionals: 125
    Lex Africa, Africa's first true network of leading law firms, grew from the need for law firms in member countries to be in a position to provide their clients, both local and international, with legal and business advice in whichever jurisdiction they may find themselves, and particularly in relation to expanding Africa-to-Africa business.
    Contact: Celeste Oates. Phone: 27-11-488-0000
  • Address Map Lex Mundi
    Region: International   Members: 160   Professionals: 21000
    Lex Mundi is an organization of independent law firms providing for the exchange of professional information about the local and global practice and development of law, facilitating and disseminating communications among its members and improving the members' abilities to serve the needs of their respective clients.
    Contact: Carl Anduri Phone: 713.626.9933
  • Address Map Lex Universal
    Region: International   Members: 55® ("LexUniversal"), corporation with headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A., is the only comprehensive website designed to help lawyers achieve the fastest, best, and most economical results possible for their clients. Conceived by an international collaboration of legal pioneers in 2000,® is an elegantly simple way for lawyers in more than 55 countries to participate in an instantaneous exchange of services and information. We are in full operation since September 2001 with an increasing number of users.® is not a Law Firm, does not provide any kind of legal advice, and a fiduciary relationship is not created between the user and the Law Firms participant of LexUniversal. However, we possess the capacity of linking the services of innumerous international law professionals in a sole forum, professionals that are able to provide help and information in domestic and global legal subjects.
    Contact: Ordélio Azevedo Sette Phone: (55 31) 3261-6656
  • Address Map Lexicom
    Region: Europe   
    Lexicom is a network of independent commercial law firms based mainly in Europe who have grouped together so as to enhance their legal services to their clients. The network is currently actively seeking additional members in order to enlarge its coverage in Europe to countries not presently represented, to provide a greater range of expertise, and to increase activity and communication throughout the network.
    Contact: Michael J. Archer Phone: +44 (0)20 7240 3474
  • Address Map LexLink
    Region: International   Members: 14   Professionals: 200
    Lexlink is an international network of lawyers engaged in general practice. Each member of Lexlink is authorised to practice law within its own country and can provide legal services there for clients of other Lexlink members using at least English as a language to conduct matters of corporate and business law, international transactions, commercial litigation, arbitration, taxation and private client matters. The key factor in the Lexlink network is the close contact and cooperation among members and this includes the facility of an office abroad if required. Lexlink members meet each other at least annually and otherwise at other times in the year, including instructing one another on behalf of clients
    Contact: Nils Pettersen-Hagh Phone: 44-20-8330-0205
  • Address Map Lexwork International
    Region: International   Members: 41   Professionals: 2100
    Lexwork International is a network of 41 independent law firms located in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Asia. Lexwork members hold an annual meeting is held each autumn, as well as a number of conference calls to provide opportunities for networking and sharing expertise. Various working groups also hold regular conference calls focusing on specific areas of law.
    Contact: John Turnbull Phone: +44 (0) 20 7227 7000
  • Libralex
    Region: Europe   Members: 22   Professionals: 150
    LIBRALEX is a Europe-wide association of independent law firms created to provide both effective advice on legal matters and representation before the courts on national, international and European Community matters, and in major European languages appropriate to the client.
    Contact: Me. Bernard Cahen Phone:
  • Address Map Mackrell International
    Region: International   Members: 76   Professionals: 4000
    Mackrell International is one of the world’s major networks of independent legal firms. With 76 firms in 142 offices in 53 countries it can provide access to 4000 lawyers worldwide. It has increased its representation by 35% in the last three years by making significant developments in Eastern Europe and in both North and South America.
    Contact: Caroline Smurthwaite, Phone: +44 1483 7
  • Address Map Meritas
    Region: International   Members: 177   Professionals: 7006
    A global network of firms in 60 countries. Members have access to a searchable online lawyer qualification database providing profiles, legal practice experience, career histories and contact details of other Meritas member firms and practitioners. Quarterly requests for written evaluations from referring firms are used to monitor members' performance. Membership is by invitation only.
    Phone: 612.604.0082
  • Address Map MI Interact
    Region: Europe   Members: 13   Professionals: 150
    The InterAct group was founded in 1990, by Pitmans, based in Reading, UK, at a time when that firm felt a need to be part a European-wide association, to obtain reliable legal services for its clients. With trade expanding within the European Community, Pitmans increasingly had to be able to obtain legal advice throughout the Community . There were six founder members, all of whom had been personally recommended for membership, and who were all visited at their offices by partners of Pitmans before being admitted to membership.
    Contact: Mr. C.H. Avery Phone: 44-(0) 118 958 0224
  • Morison International
    Multidisciplinary   Region: International   Members: 86   Professionals: 5237
    We are a global association of independent accountants, auditors, tax advisers, business consultants and lawyers established to meet the cross-border needs of clients.
    Contact: Jean Paul Larroze Phone: +44 (0) 20 7638 4005
  • Address Map MSI Global Alliance
    Multidisciplinary   Region: International   Members: 110   Professionals: 10009
    Founded in 1990, MSI Global Alliance (MSI), formerly known as MSI Legal & Accounting Network Worldwide, is among the world's most established international accounting and law associations and networks, and has over 250 member firms in 105 countries
    Contact: James Mendelssohn Phone: +44 20 7583 7000
  • Multilaw
    Region: International   Members: 80   Professionals: 8500
    Multilaw is a global network of independent law firms with over 8500 lawyers in 100 countries around the world. Business and corporate relationships frequently embrace ever-changing combinations of nations, continents, cultures, languages and laws. Performing effectively in this complex, global environment demands expert and local legal advice clients can rely on. Our priority is to help our members deliver the best possible client services - everywhere, every day.
    Contact: Adam Cooke Phone: 44 207 726 2211
  • MWE International Tax Panel
    Region: International   Members: 44   
    Given the complexity of today's international marketplace, business and tax planning for multinational corporations is of paramount importance. Heightened controls and other efforts to establish and enforce standards of conduct for these companies are on the rise. Mandates such as Sarbanes Oxley, International Accounting Standards, audit committee oversight and other issues related to tax risk management are fundamental to the administration of international businesses.
    Contact: Michael R. Fayhee Phone: +1 312 984 7522
  • Address Map National Network of Estate Planning Lawyers
    Region: International   Members: 300   Professionals: 382
    The network emphasizes continuing legal education and practice development. Founding members of the organization have published more than 25 books on estate planning. The alliance offers members a wide range of seminars and workshops, including a two-year Practicum Transformation Experience. Members also have access to practice tools and information on new technologies.
    Contact: Dan Stuenzi Phone: 800-638-8681
  • Oasis
    Region: Europe and US   Members: 28   Professionals: 2000
    OASIS (Organisation of Advocates Specialising in International Services) is an association of international law firms and lawyers. Its first meeting took place in the Restaurant Oasis in La Napoule in the South of France and has taken place annually since 1975. The members of OASIS undertake no formal obligations to each other but in 1994 they adopted the following mission statement: to provide the opportunity for members to obtain legal advice from lawyers in the other jurisdictions of Europe; to provide a forum for the discussion of legal developments within the countries of Europe and other relevant jurisdictions; and to develop friendship as a basis of mutually beneficial cooperation between lawyers, including the development of joint ventures.
    Contact: Rhidian Jones Phone: + 44 20 7632 1600
  • Address Map Pacific Rim Advisory Council
    Region: Pacific Rim   Members: 32   Professionals: 12000
    Pacific Rim Advisory Council is a Canadian-based global alliance of 32 top-tier law firms with substantial business in Asia and the Pacific Rim region, including South America, Australia, India, Mexico, the Philippines and the USA. Members have access to semi-annual conferences, public seminars and alliance publications. PRAC also sponsors a lawyer exchange programs among member firms.
    Contact: Susan Iannetta Phone: 416 863 4545
  • Address Map Pangea Net
    Region: Europe   
    Pangea Net is an international network of independent law firms founded in 2009. In the jurisdictions that Pangea Net covers, its members are medium and medium-large size commercial law firms with an international focus. The member firms provide a broad range of commercial legal services which include corporate, foreign investment, international trade, M&A, banking, tax, anti-trust, intellectual property, IT and technology, labour and employment, construction, real estate, environmental and zoning, public procurement, litigation, and arbitration.
    Contact: Ryan Harrison Phone: +44 0 121 237 3950
  • Address Map PLG International Lawyers E.E.I.G. (PLG)
    Region: Worldwide   Members: 27   Professionals: 1500
    PLG offers the ideal alternative to the big global law firms. Through its network of medium-sized law firms, it has all the benefits of a big global firm, while giving clients the advantage of working with traditional firms in which partners still keep the personal contact and relationship with their clients. PLG partners and lawyers are experienced in advising clients engaged in international transactions. Particular importance is placed upon the need to bridge not only legal and linguistic differences, but also cultural differences between negotiating parties, which is why clients often call upon PLG partners to be present in business negotiations from an early stage. PLG lawyers are multi-lingual allowing the client to conduct his business away from home in his own language. Since 1988 Pannone Law Group has steadily expanded and now has offices in most European countries, with associate offices in other parts of the world, bringing together more than 1500 lawyers, civil law notaries and paralegals. The members of PLG are separate entities – each a respected practice in its own right. PLG’s Board of Directors meets three times a year to consider future development and operational matters.
    Contact: Julienne Laveaux Phone: +32 2 374 88 46
  • Address Map Pragma
    Region: International   Members: 53   
    Pragma is an international network of law firms established in January 2001. It resulted from the aspirations shared by four European law firms from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Having worked together for over ten years, it was decided to set up Pragma to advise individuals and companies in the context of the increasing globalisation of business relations. Pragma differs from many other law networks having only one law office or one law network per country. Currently, Pragma has 53 law offices in 23 countries with a turnover of more than 100 million Euros.
    Contact: Michel Lacroix Phone: +33 (0)3 20 12 05 84
  • Address Map PwC Legal Network
    Region: International   Members: 2400   Professionals: 85
    With more than 2,400 corporate lawyers in more than 75 countries, our global network of highly-qualified legal professionals are able to offer services tailored to your specific needs. We offer our clients project-based specialist legal advice and ongoing general counsel support. On almost all of our projects we work in teams with specialists from within the PwC network, including tax advisers, human capital consultants, corporate finance experts, actuaries, management consultants, and accountants. We pride ourselves in providing creative solutions and responding quickly and efficiently to clients' needs..
    Contact: Leon Flavell Phone: +44 0 20 7212 1945
  • Address Map Quality Solicitors
    Region: United Kingdom   Members: 200   
    Quality Solicitors was founded in 2008 by barrister and current President, Craig Holt, and Chief Operating Officer, Saleem Arif. The company officially launched in May 2009 as an Internet-based alliance of independent law firms in the United Kingdom. In May 2010 the original member firms began to rebrand under the Quality Solicitors name and the first 15 branded locations were launched that year, rising to 50 locations by November 2010. In July 2011, the company expanded further when a national partnership with high street stationery giant WHSmith was launched. The deal saw Quality Solicitors open Legal Access Points in WHSmith stores across the U.K. In October 2011, Quality Solicitors announced a major investment in the company by private equity firm Palamon Capital Partners, who secured a majority stake. The investment paved the way for significant expansion for the brand, including the appointment of three new executive directors to head up the marketing, partner firms and finance department.
    Contact: Craig Holt Phone: +0845 075 4058
  • Ratio Legis – Groupement International D’Avocats D’Affaries
    Region: International   Members: 19   Professionals: 56
    Ratio Legis, an international network of business lawyers, was established in 1990. The members of Ratio Legis are law firms that practise individual and business law. The group’s working languages are French and English. Currently, Ratio Legis’s main areas of activity are Europe, North Africa and America
    Contact: Mr. Carlos Parra Candia Phone: +34 96 649 1451
    Region: Latin America   Members: 16   
    RIELA™ (Red Interamericana de Especialistas en Legislación Ambiental) is a network of independent law firms providing for the exchange of professional information about the local and regional practice and development of environmental law in the Americas, facilitating and disseminating communications among its members and improving the members’ abilities to serve the needs of their respective clients.
  • Address Map ShipArrested
    Region: International   Members: 270   

    Contact: Valentine de Callatay Phone: : 34 952 21 17 74
  • SNR Denton Africa
    Region: Africa   Members: 15   Professionals: 300
    SNR Denton has a wellestablished reputation across Anglophone and Francophone Africa – one of the world's most exciting emerging markets. We have particular expertise in banking and finance, trade and export finance, privatizations, PPP and project finance, mining, energy and infrastructure, telecoms, media and technology, capital markets and dispute resolution. We have associate offices and alliances in 21 countries, along with an office in Cairo working in tandem with our London-based Africa practice and with the strategic support of our Middle East and Paris teams. This formula has delivered a track record of success right across Africa. Our depth of experience in Africa has enabled us to develop a thorough understanding of the key political, economic, regulatory and legal issues that surround doing business in the region.
    Contact: Paul Bugingo Phone: +44 (0)20 7246 7441
  • South East Europe Legal Group
    Region: South East Europe   Members: 12   
    The South East Europe Legal Group is an organisation of leading independent law firms from various South East European Countries. Each member firm is an independent law firm and provides professional services on an individual basis. The joint purposes of SEE Legal are: to be the leading source for business support; and to contribute to the continued improvement of the efficiency in the Region.
    Contact: Elitsa Ivanova Phone: (+359 2) 8 055 055
  • Southern Law Network
    Region: United States   Members: 11   Professionals: 1000
    The Southern Law Network is comprised of 11 leading law firms throughout the South. The Network meets regularly to discuss ways to better improve client representation amongst the member firms. As a sign of that client focus, the group has created an extranet which allows members to share information, documents and resources.
    Contact: Stephen Good Phone: 214.999.4216
  • Address Map State Capital Group
    Region: International   Members: 148   Professionals: 11717
    State Capital Group is a seamless global network of 148 of the profession’s preeminent independent law firms with more than 11,700 attorneys in nearly 450 offices around the world. By uniting their skills, expertise and influence, our member firms help leading and growing companies in every industry navigate a complex and ever-changing legal landscape. With local and regional experts across the globe, our independent member firms capitalize on the strength and effectiveness of our network to help their clients solve today’s toughest business challenges. State Capital Group’s member firms in all fifty U.S. capital cities and in capital cities worldwide can also provide clients with information and expertise relating to lobbying and the practice of law before administrative, regulatory and executive bodies in the represented capital cities. State Capital Group produces Lobbying, PACs and Campaign Finance: 50 State Handbook, which is published annually by Thomson Reuters/West Group.
    Contact: Jocelyn Dyer Phone: (202) 659-6601
  • Address Map State Law Resources
    Region: United States   Members: 55   Professionals: 4900
    State Law Resources, Inc., is an international network of independent law firms. In the US, SLR has one from each state and the District of Columbia. US firms are selected for their experience in government relations and administrative and regulatory law at the state and federal Stage. Each member firm also has unique publicand private-sector experience. Outside the US, one firm per country is selected for their compatibility with the practice areas of the US firms. We have firms in Canada and The United Kingdom.
    Contact: Garrett R. Perdue Phone: 919-788-9342
  • Address Map TAGLaw
    Region: International   Members: 153   Professionals: 9300
    TAGLaw is part of TAG Alliances, a multi-disciplinary organization that also includes TIAG, an accounting alliance. With 153 law firm members and 118 accounting firm members, covering over 90 countries,TAG Alliances global coverage and scope of multi-disciplinary services is unmatched. Members receive regular education on management, marketing and technology issues, supplemented at international conferences and regional and specialty group meeting with substantive educational sessions. Members also come together at practice area and industry meetings around the world. This results in close and cohesive cooperation at the firm level, the practice group level, the industry level and the individual professional level, all for the benefit of firm clients. Through these relationships, TAG Alliances members can help with legal and accounting needs anywhere in the world.
    Contact: Bob Sattin Phone: 1-727 895 3720
  • Address Map Taxand
    Region: International   Members: 50   Professionals: 2000
    Taxand provides high quality, integrated tax advice worldwide. Our tax professionals, nearly 400 tax partners and over 2,000 advisors in nearly 50 countries, grasp both the fine points of tax and the broader strategic implications, helping our clients mitigate risk, manage their tax burden and drive the performance of their business. Taxand competes primarily with the Big 4 networks for high-end strategic tax advisory work for multinationals. We’re different because we’re independent—ensuring our clients adhere both to best practice and to tax law and that we remain free from timeconsuming audit-based conflict checks. This enables us to deliver practical advice, responsively.
    Contact: Frédéric Donnedieu de Vabres Phone: 33 1 70 38 88 01
  • Address Map Techlaw Group
    Region: International   Members: 18   Professionals: 9000
    The network has 18 member firms in more than 31 countries. Members offer legal services in industries that range from advanced materials, medical devices and biotechnology to telecommunications, electronics, semiconductors and software development. The group offers continuing legal educational programs, joint research projects and publications, and lawyer exchanges among member firms.
    Contact: Lisa Skinner Phone: (865) 588-7456
  • Address Map TELFA (Trans European Law Firms Alliance)
    Region: Europe   Members: 122   Professionals: 700
    Trans European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA) is an international alliance of independent law firms established in 1989. The member firms comprise more than 700 lawyers throughout Europe. The TELFA model is based on the recognition that smaller practices with low overheads, high flexibility and local expertise are more suited on a continent composed of a majority of smaller markets. Its member firms respond effectively to local situations and cultures without the inefficiencies in the large international law firm model. Through the sustained commitment of its members, TELFA has become one of the strongest alliances of independent law firms in Europe.
    Contact: Charles Campbell Phone: +32.2.642 27 59
  • Address Map TerraLex
    Region: International   Members: 155   Professionals: 17000
    With a worldwide network of 15,000 attorneys in more than 155 top independent law firms located in 100 countries and 44 states, TerraLex lawyers guide clients through the challenges of global business.
    Contact: Jacqui Kiviat Phone: (305) 858-8825
  • Address Map The Bomchil Group - Association of Independent
    Region: Latin America   Members: 19   Professionals: 400
    Founded in 1963, THE BOMCHIL GROUP is an Association of Independent Latin American Law Firms engaged in a full service international practice in each of the nineteen jurisdictions in which its members are located. The member firms provide specialized services in international commercial and civil matters, including corporate, foreign investment, banking, transfer of technology and in-bond (maquiladora) regulations, mergers, acquisitions, tax, labor, real estate, trust, mining, immigration, customs, admiralty, aviation, patents & trademarks, copyright, licensing, estates, and representation in all courts and administrative agencies in each relevant jurisdiction.
    Contact: Dr. José Ramirez Gastón Roe Phone: (51-1) 372 7373
  • Address Map The Fraud Network
    Region: Europe   Members: 22   Professionals: 1000
    Our Mission … is to provide clients with tried and tested Fraud Specialists throughout the globe who know how to get results. We do this by bringing together lawyers who have worked together successfully before on fraud cases who share the same philosophy and understand that creativity and aggression are critical when confronted with international fraud. Because clients need to know the credentials and suitability of the individual lawyer who is entrusted to handle a sensitive and complicated fraud case, the Network provides the client with at least one referee for each member. Success in international fraud cases is often determined by one or two critical decisions taken at the outset of the case when there is very little information available. These decisions usually involve obtaining injunctions to preserve assets or evidence prior to commencing proceedings. Network members are experienced injunction specialists who know how to explain complex and technical legal concepts in simple terms to enable clients to make the right decision under pressure.
    Contact: Gary Miller Phone: 44-20-7740-7028:
  • The Network
    Region: United States   Members: 8   Professionals: 2500

    Contact: Charles Meacham Phone: 713.276.5633
  • Address Map The Network of Trial Law Firms
    Region: USA and Canada   Members: 25   Professionals: 7000
    7,000 Attorneys in 25 Separate and Independent Trial Law Firms Practicing in Over 140 Offices Throughout the United States and Canada The Network is a not-for-profit corporation producing cutting-edge CLE. The Network of Trial Law Firms, Inc. is a not-for-profit association. The goal of the 25 law firms participating in the Network is to provide their clients with high quality trial and litigation representation through advances in education, technology, business and science. The Network is engaged in a number of activities to assist law firms to accomplish that goal including research and study of advances in the state-of-the-art of legal representation, and sponsorship of CLE seminars for continuing legal education of corporate and outside counsel and insurance professionals. Our CLE programs aid in the dissemination of new information and effective techniques and technologies to attorneys and claims professionals serving corporations and insurers.
    Contact: Ellis R. Mirsky Phone: 914-332-4400
  • Address Map The Parlex Group of European Lawyers
    Region: Europe   Members: 20   Professionals: 190
    Parlex Group of European Lawyers was established in 1971, bringing together practices specializing in commercial law. It now has members in most Western European countries and an affiliate in the United States of America. It was the first European Economic Interest Grouping registered in England. Its secretariat is in London.
    Contact: Mr. Philip Kirkpatrick Phone: 44-207-551-7777
  • Address Map The Parlex Group of European Lawyers
    Region: Europe   Members: 20   Professionals: 190
    Parlex Group of European Lawyers was established in 1971, bringing together practices specializing in commercial law. It now has members in most Western European countries and an affiliate in the United States of America. It was the first European Economic Interest Grouping registered in England. Its secretariat is in London.
    Contact: Philip Kirkpatrick Phone: +44 207 551 7777
  • The Risk Management & Insurance Coverage Council
    Region: United States   Members: 12   Professionals: 12
    Insurance Law Group is a law firm that provides risk management legal services predominantly to the risk managers of large multinational corporations, and secondarily to insurance brokers. The firm's clients are headquartered in the US and outside the US. We do not represent insurance companies, although we do have friendships with various underwriters in the US, Europe and Australasia, that we use to the advantage of our policyholder and broker clients. The firm is based in Los Angeles and has a representative office in London. We hope you can take some time to peruse the information on this website. We have tried to explain how risk managers of large multinationals and insurance brokers can use our services. And we also have tried to build a site that provides some useful information to our clients and friends in the insurance industry.
    Contact: Michael A. Rossi, Esq.
  • The Toledo Group
    Region: United States   Members: 10   Professionals: 1800

    Contact: Maggie Watkins Phone: 951-686-1450
  • Address Map Transatlantic Law
    Region: International   Members: 75   
    Transatlantic Law International is a dynamic international business law service with affiliates and over 3900 counsel in every major region and business capital of the world whose focus is to provide high quality, cost effective, legal and business solutions across the broad range of business requirements for companies and investors seeking growth, investment or restructuring of operations worldwide. If your business is going somewhere, we can help get you where you are going.
    Contact: Erik D. Lazar Phone: +
  • Address Map TTN
    Region: International   Members: 61   
    TTN is a multi-disciplinary association of tax, accounting and trust practitioners who have practical interest in international tax on a corporate and personal basis. The objects of our group are to provide information and contacts with our colleagues in various international jurisdictions. The group meets at different international locations twice a year. These meetings provide opportunities for the members to discuss matters of international tax on an informal basis. The group provides its members with strong educational support by means of the internet and newsletters.
    Contact: James Walfenzao Phone: + 5999 462 3700
  • Unilaw - International
    Region: Europe   Members: 19   Professionals: 1650
    UNILAW is an international network of independent law firms across Europe and beyond, established and developed since 1970. For each jurisdiction one outstanding law firm has been carefully selected, thus offering national expertise throughout Europe and Japan. The network assists firms and their clients to work together across national boundaries, and to offer trusted firms to advise clients in the jurisdictions in which it is represented. Together, the network firms have hundreds of expert lawyers in 30 countries, engaged in all practice areas. The network is non exclusive, with firms having no mutual business interests other than the best interests of their clients.
    Contact: Mr. Bernhard Kloft Phone: +49 (0) 40 368 030
  • Address Map USA Law Firm Group (USLFG)
    Region: United States   Members: 19   Professionals: 5600
    A national network of 19 U.S. law firms headquartered in major cities in the country's leading commercial states. The organization has 19 committees (including an International Practice Committee) representing its various practice groups. ULFG's group of 19 trustees meets three times a year.
    Contact: Michael Specter Phone: 216-566-5500
  • Address Map USFN (America's Mortgage Banking Lawyers)
    Region: North America   Members: 101   Professionals: 1500
    USFN is a nationwide network of mortgage banking Lawyers. The organization offers referral services, educational seminars, industry news, publications, a listserv and training resources. Full membership is open to law firms and trustee companies; USFN also offers associate memberships to businesses that provide related services such as title services, property valuation, document retrieval, and commercial property management.
    Contact: Thomas P. Dore Phone: 800-635-6128
  • Address Map USLAW Network, Inc.
    Region: United States   Members: 101   Professionals: 7000
    In today’s global marketplace, legal needs often transcend geographic boundaries. Clients with complex needs turn to USLAW NETWORK member firms to represent them in the courtroom and the boardroom, next door and across the United States and around the world. When a difficult legal matter emerges – whether it’s in a single jurisdiction, nationwide or internationally – USLAW is there. We represent some of the country’s leading businesses in matters ranging from complex litigation, employment law, products liability and professional malpractice defense.
    Contact: Roger M. Yaffe Phone: 800-231-9110
  • Address Map Warwick Legal Network
    Region: European   Members: 26   Professionals: 500
    Medium-sized as well as large businesses are confronted with considerable challenges when preparing and implementing cross-border deals. Different legal systems and trading practices require close consultation between the parties involved. The qualified legal counsel provided by member firms of Warwick Legal Network (WLN) confers an invaluable advantage when it comes to preparing and successfully implementing international business transactions. WLN stands for international teamwork by experienced national lawyers with knowledge of, and expertise in, the law and customs of the country in which their clients are looking to do business. The lawyers in Warwick Legal Network know each other personally, are accustomed to cooperating on an international basis, and are able to deliver the highest standards of cross-border professional advice and
    Contact: Wim Weijers Phone: 31 40 221 50 15
  • Worklaw Network
    Region: United States   Members: 36   Professionals: 350
    A nationwide network of law firms exclusively representing management in all areas of labor and employment law. Member firms practice exclusively in labor and employment matters for employers. The network has 339 lawyers, in 40 offices in 26 states. Members have access to a shared database containing research memoranda, briefs, election campaign materials, and other pooled information.
    Contact: Victor A. Cavanaugh Phone: (404) 659-6700
  • Address Map World Law Group
    Region: International   Members: 47   Professionals: 16000
    World Law Group Ltd. is an international network of 50 member firms located on 6 continents in more than 260 global commercial centers. The organization holds semi-annual meetings and provides members with publications on a range of topics including antitrust, e-commerce and health law.
    Contact: Beth J. Castro Phone: (203) 256-8982
  • Address Map World Link for Law
    Region: International   Members: 73   Professionals: 1050
    World Link For Law® is a leading network of international law firms, comprising teams of international lawyers. It was established as Euro-Link for Lawyers in the late 1980s and now comprises a network of 60 law firms with 66 offices in 40 countries worldwide. It is one of the largest international law networks in the world. Legally, we are formed as an association in Zurich, Switzerland, and we have a regional centre firms in Hong Kong and São Paulo. World Link for Law comprises over 300 partners and 500 professional staff and it has the size, breadth of service and geographical coverage to challenge the world's largest international law firms.
    Contact: Mr. James N. Dawe Phone: +1 (415) 986 0340
  • Address Map World Services Group (WSG)
    Multidisciplinary   Region: Global   Members: 150   Professionals: 21000
    World Services Group is a global multidisciplinary membership association whose members are among the leading providers of professional business services. There are more than 160 member firms with 19,000+ attorneys
    Contact: Maricarment Trujillo Phone: 713.650.0333
  • Address Map WTS Alliance
    Region: International   Members: 90   
    WTS Alliance is a global network of selected tax firms in more than 90 countries. Since its foundation in 2003, it has been a trendsetter in tax-dedicated work cooperating on an international level. German tax advisory firm WTS GmbH, headquartered in Munich, is the coordinating body of WTS Alliance. Based upon strong quality criteria we select one partner per country only. WTS Alliance is currently represented by member firms in 27 countries and is growing continuously.
    Contact: Karsten Gnuschke Phone: +49 (0) 89 286 46-13

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