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  • K&L Gates LLP

    Tokyo, Japan

    Full-Service International Law Firm

    Phone +81 (3) 6205-3600

    K&L Gates LLP represents leading global corporations, growth and middle-market companies, capital markets participants and entrepreneurs in every major industry group as well as public sector entities, educational institutions, philanthropic organizations and individuals. Our practice is robustly a...

  • Dillon Eustace

    Tokyo, Japan

    Financial Services, Corporate and Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Property/Real Estate and Taxation

    Phone +813-6860-4885

    Dillon Eustace is one of Ireland’s leading law firms focusing on financial services, banking and capital markets, corporate and M&A, litigation and dispute resolution, real estate and taxation.

  • Studio Legale Sutti

    Tokyo, Japan

    Full Service Commercial, Intellectual Property & Competition Law Firm

    Phone +81 3 3310 0693

    Studio Legale Sutti's mission is to provide a full range of legal services to businesses, investors, and foreign colleagues with similar practices, relying primarily on the excellence of our human resources, a customer-driven organisational culture, and cutting-edge information technology...

  • Yoshida & Partners

    Tokyo, Japan

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Maritime Law

Maritime law, also referred to as admiralty law, consists of the statutes and case precedents that govern legal disputes originating on navigable waters. Navigable waters include all bodies of water that are capable of being used for interstate or foreign commerce. Thus, a large river that flows into the ocean or crosses state lines would fall within maritime jurisdiction. A lake entirely within a single state would not.