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Adoption law provides a means for parents to voluntarily assume the legal rights and responsibilities of a child not born to them. Following an adoption, all legal ties between the child and the birth parents are permanently severed. The new adoptive parents and the child are treated just like a natural family in the eyes of the law. The adoptive parents decide important matters involving medical treatment, education, and religion, as well as ordinary day-to-day issues that arise in the child’s life.

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Adoption Lawyers and Law Firms in Indianapolis, IN

Adoption Lawyers

Cohen & Malad, LLP

Cohen & Malad, LLP

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indianapolis, Indiana Personal Injury & Class Action Law Firm
Phone(317) 636-6481 or (866) 446-7478

Cohen & Malad, LLP is a class action and mass tort law firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm is focused on the prosecution of class action lawsuits on behalf of consumers who have been wronged by a business or governmental entity and mass tort litigation on behalf of clients...

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Adler Law LLC

Adler Law LLC

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Litigation, Estate Planning, Probate and Family Law Attorney
Phone(317) 635-7880

Adler Law LLC is located in Indianapolis and offers a variety of legal services to individuals and businesses throughout Indiana. Practice areas encompass estate planning such as wills and trusts, elder law including Medicaid planning, family law matters including divorce and issues...

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Christopher C. Zoeller, Attorney at Law

Christopher C. Zoeller, Attorney at Law

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Indiana Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney
Phone(317) 644-6287

The Law Offices of Chris Zoeller in Indianapolis, Indiana, is committed to providing clients with the level of legal counsel that actually makes a difference. Attorney Christopher C. Zoeller has the knowledge and experience with criminal law to provide you with the best representation...

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Frost, Brown & Todd PLLC

Frost, Brown & Todd PLLC

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Full Multidisciplinary Law Firm
Phone(317) 237-3800

Frost, Brown & Todd PLLC provides a deep, talented roster of legal professionals covering commercial transactions and real estate; business and corporate law; environmental; intellectual property; labor and employment; litigation; and business succession planning. The firm operates...

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Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim

Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim

Fishers, IN - Law Firm near Indianapolis
Business Litigation, Personal Injury & Family Law Firm in Indiana
Phone(317) 773-2190

The law firm of Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim has taken pride in its service to people in Hamilton County and throughout central Indiana for over a century. The success of our firm is based on superior client service through distinctive competence. From personal injury claims to...

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Henn Haworth Cummings

Henn Haworth Cummings

Greenwood, IN - Law Firm near Indianapolis
Bankruptcy, Business, Estate Planning, Family Law, Employment & Personal Injury Law Firm
Phone(317) 885-0041 or (888) 884-0041

Henn Haworth Cummings is dedicated to providing clients across Indiana with the highest level of service in a full range of legal areas. We pride ourselves on offering personalized assistance and the type of commitment that leads to lifelong relationships with our clients. Based...

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Hollingsworth & Zivitz Attorneys at Law

Hollingsworth & Zivitz Attorneys at Law

Carmel, IN - Law Firm near Indianapolis
Indianapolis Full Service Divorce & Family Law Firm
Phone(317) 569-2200

Hollingsworth & Zivitz Attorneys at Law’s team works to make going through divorce and other legal issues a less stressful experience. Collectively, they have several decades of combined experience negotiating and litigating a wide variety of issues. The firm is focused on treating...

Other Offices: Plainfield

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  • Ammeen & Associates, P.C.

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Indianapolis Trial and Transactional Law Firm

    Phone (317) 644-1231

    At Ammeen & Associates, P.C., business and commercial matters are our foundation. Our attorneys provide professional legal services in difficult private matters where assets are at issue and sophisticated business thinking is needed to solve a problem. We see to it that our clients are offered...

  • Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Full Service Business Law Firm

    Phone (317) 635-8900

    Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, a full-service law firm, provides progressive business, litigation and government services to clients ranging from Fortune 500 businesses and Global 1000 companies to small, regionally based organizations across a variety of industries and sectors. Our firm has nearly...

  • Black Clay LLC

    Indianapolis, IN 46260

    Family Law, Criminal Defense, & Personal Injury Law Attorney In Indiana

    Phone (317) 580-9007

    Black Clay LLC was created by owners Matt Black and Adam Clay. Matt and Adam became friends in 2010 as co-workers in the civil litigation section of the Indiana Attorney General's office. Their dedication to helping people through affordable, effective and efficient legal representation lead them...

  • Cleveland Lehner Cassidy

    Indianapolis, IN 46240

    Employment and Debtors Rights Lawyers in Indianapolis, Indiana

    Phone (317) 388-5424

    At Cleveland Lehner Cassidy, we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients. Our primary goal is to help our fellow Hoosiers by giving honest, straightforward advice and personalized attention. When you’re faced with a legal issue, you not only need a competent and experienced...

  • Cohen Garelick & Glazier

    Indianapolis, IN 46240

    Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney

    Phone (317) 573-8888

    Situated in Indianapolis, the Law Firm of Cohen Garelick and Glazier provides legal services in all types of trials. Its practice area consists of defense against criminal charges and family litigation. The firm is focused on area of personal injury and accidents including medical malpractice and...

  • Duffin & Hash, LLP

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Indiana Personal Injury and Divorce Attorneys

    Phone (317) 580-9348

    We are an Indianapolis firm that represents individuals the Indianapolis area as well as Martinsville, Bloomington, Greenfield, New Palestine, Avon, Greenwood, Carmel, Fishers, and Noblesville involved in automobile accidents, construction site injuries, product defects, and other injury...

  • Garrison Law Firm, LLC

    Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Indianapolis Personal Injury, Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Phone (317) 842-8283

    The Garrison Law Firm, LLC, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, provides legal representation in personal injury, family law, collections and business services, criminal defense and traffic cases.; Garrison Law Firm brings together professionals with more than 100 years of experience. We have broad...

  • Grissmer Law

    Indianapolis, IN 46234

    General Practice Law Firm

    Phone (317) 290-2080

    Focusing on Family Law, Custody, Visitation, Paternity, Divorce, Parenting Time, Child Support, Modifications, Immigration, Deportation, Permanent Residency, Domestic Violence, Protective Orders, Restraining Orders, Child in Need of Services, Guardianships, Third Party Custody, Wills, Trusts,...

  • Haggerty Haggerty and Maschmeyer

    Indianapolis, IN 46217

    Business and Family Lawyers in Indianapolis, Indiana

    Phone (317) 225-5327

    Haggerty, Haggerty and Maschmeyer is a business and family law firm which has served the greater Indianapolis area since 1955. We are accessible, experience and committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. At Haggerty, Haggerty and Maschmeyer, our specialties lie in divorce...

  • John Steinkamp & Associates, P.C.

    Indianapolis, IN 46227

    Family Law and Bankruptcy Lawyers in Indianapolis

    Phone (317) 649-4483

    John Steinkamp & Associates offers affordable, experienced, aggressive legal representation. Offering low fees and flexible payment plans, our area of expertise include family law, bankruptcy, and debt collection. Family law cases can be high pressure, emotionally exhausting, but John Steinkamp &...

  • Kainrath Law Firm, P.C.

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Indianapolis, Indiana Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Attorney

    Phone (317) 687-1000

    Free Bankruptcy Consultation. We provide legal services to greater Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Our attorneys are experienced in bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, and family law

  • Keffer Barnhart LLP

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Indianapolis Criminal Defense & Divorce Attorneys

    Phone (317) 857-0160

    Keffer Barnhart LLP in Indiana provides those charged with a crime criminal defensive strategies. The firm is diligent about protecting civil rights and ensuring that law enforcement doesn't take advantage of uninformed clients. The legal team acts quickly on clients' behalf to ensure the impact of...

  • Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C.

    Indianapolis, IN 46240

    Indianapolis, Indiana Adoption Attorney

    Phone (866) 469-9200

    Our Mission; To be the best adoption attorneys in the nation committed to setting the standard of excellence in the field of adoption by delivering the highest quality legal counsel, in the most caring, compassionate manner, while relentlessly pursuing client satisfaction.; Indiana Adoption...

  • McCrosson & Associates, P.C.

    Indianapolis, IN 46227

    Law Firm Provides Individual, Corporate and Litigation Legal Services Throughout Indiana

    Phone (317) 791-7800
  • Riley Bennett & Egloff, LLP

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Full Service Law Firm in Indianapolis, Indiana

    Phone (317) 636-8000


  • Schembs Law

    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Indianapolis Divorce and Family Attorneys

    Phone (317) 886-9417

    Schembs Law is a family law firm providing comprehensive services mainly in the area of family law. Our firm can help guide people with a variety of cases, including adoption, divorce litigation, child support and services, guardianship, family rights, and more throughout the area of Indianapolis.

  • Steele Legal Group

    Indianapolis, IN 46240

    Divorce and Family Law Attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana

    Phone (317) 575-4054

    Steele Legal Group is a general practice law firm specializing in Family Law. Owned and operated by attorney David J. Steele, the Steele Legal Group provides professional and aggressive legal representation for every client. ; With services focused on integrity, a strong client focus, and an...

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