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Ongur & Partners International Law Firm

Ongur & Partners International Law Firm

Antalya, Turkey www.ongurpartners.com

Full-Service Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

Phone+90 (850) 8881307

Ongur & Partners International Law Firm provides a full spectrum of legal services to international businesses, corporations, governments, and investors. The firm’s experienced team of lawyers has represented clients from all over Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States,...

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Payas & Payas Law Office

Payas & Payas Law Office

Antalya, Turkey www.payas.av.tr

Full-Service Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

Phone+90 (505) 3256799

Payas & Payas Law Office is based in Izmir, Turkey and provides legal services for international and Turkish clients in Izmir and the Aegean Region with additional office locations. Practice areas include commercial law, energy law, labor law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy, real...

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Gunes & Gunes Law Firm

Gunes & Gunes Law Firm

Antalya, Turkey en.gunesgunes.com

Full-Service Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

Phone+90 (242) 248 6000

Günes & Günes was founded in 1999 by Umut Günes and Ebru Günes in the cradle of the world’s first democratic society, the ancient Lycian civilization, the roots of which go back to 200 BC; where art and culture meet natural beauty in the coastal city of Antalya, the touristic capital...

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  • Baris Erkan Celebi, Attorney at Law

    Antalya, Turkey

    Antalya Lawyer

    Phone +90 555 760 1174

    Baris Erkan Çelebi graduated from American Robert College in 2011 with an extensive merit scholarship. After completing a student exchange program in Krakow Jagiellonian University’s Faculty of Law, he graduated from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Law ahead of most of his class in June 2015. He...

  • Mehmet Dursun Law Firm

    Antalya, Turkey

    Executive, Commercial, IT, Family and Real Estate Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 (850) 3034242

    Our aim is to defend all kinds of rights of all people in all legal systems, to give rights in the shortest and most legal way, to take necessary precautions in order not to lose rights and to give guidance to the parties and to provide necessary consultancy services.

  • Kaplan & Kaplan Law Firm

    Antalya, Turkey

    Corporate, General Counselling and Litigation Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 (242) 2482149

    Kaplan & Kaplan is an eminent, independent Turkish law firm based in Antalya. Founded in 1997 by Tahsin Kaplan the firm provides attorney and legal consultancy services for reputable companies, individuals both Turkish and foreigners with the experience of more than 20 years. ; Since Antalya is a...

  • Akturk AB

    Antalya, Turkey

    Full-Service International Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 (242) 322-0120

    Akturk AB is a full service international law firm located in Antalya, Turkey, offering continuous, project-based consultancy and representation services focused on trade law for both multinational and Turkish clients. Practice areas include commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions,...

  • Altinkan Law Firm

    Antalya, Turkey

    Trade, Real Estate & Family Law Office in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 (554) 688 - 4282

    Founded in 1984, Altinkan Law Firm is a full-service law firm. The firm is currently based in Antalya and practising law at the South and West Coast cities in Turkey.

  • Zorlu Law

    Antalya, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 5067052404

    Zorlu Law is a multi-discipline law firm located in Antalya, Turkey. We provide legal services to domestic and international clients with the highest quality. Our goal is to consistently exceed clients’ expectations and protect their interests by finding effective solutions.; Attorney Serife Zorlu...


  • Ismayilov Samir

    Antalya, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Office In Turkey

    Phone +90 (242) 244-4047

    In 2006, he defended his thesis on the topic "The Right to Life and the Role of Civil Society in Protecting the Right to Life" and successfully graduated receiving the LLM Degree. Since 2006, he has worked in Antalya as a lawyer and a general counsel. Currently he continues his legal practice as a...

  • Ergun & Ergun Law Firm

    Antalya, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 (242) 229-7005

    Ergun&Ergun, A family Law Firm in Turkey since 1974. Our Firm assisted more than 3,000 foreign clients in Turkey, especially in real estate law, investment law, tourism law, divorce law, fraud and custom services. ; We completed 1186 real estate conveyances on behalf of clients since 2005 with 100%...

  • Ergun Law Office

    Antalya, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 (242) 5114368

    Ergün Law Firm is aiming to provide analytic and up-to-date solutions in any field of business community. For this purpose the firm executing its professional team activities with a dynamic and research-oriented staffs. English and German are spoken and most widely-used by the attorneys of the firm.

  • Inco Consultancy & Law Firm

    Antalya, Turkey

    Chemical Industry Law Firm in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 (242) 244-0367

    Inco Consultancy & Law Firm is providing full legal services to international and local corporations especially in chemical industries throughout Antalya, Turkey.

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Antitrust Law

Antitrust law is based on the notion that the economy functions best when competitors have limits for permitted activities. It is a philosophy that favors the free market, but places reasonable limits on the activities of businesses participating in the marketplaces.