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Arson law deals with the criminal burning of homes, businesses, and other property. The crime of arson predates the American justice system, although legislators continue to modify the elements of the offense, expanding on the types of conduct that will qualify as arson. Laws prohibiting arson have been enacted by the federal government and in all 50 states. Penalties for convicted arsonists vary in every jurisdiction, and generally become more severe based upon the degree to which the fire puts human life at risk.

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  • Advokat Simic Zeljko Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Belgrade, Serbia Civil Litigation, Estate Planning and Criminal Law Firm

    Phone +381 6 3304305

    Zeljko Simic began his career as a court in the Palace of Justice in Belgrade First Municipal Court, District Court and the Commercial - Commercial Court in Belgrade. Zeljko engaged since 2005. The attorney Zeljko Simic is a member of the Bar Association of the Bar Association of Serbia and...

  • Knezevic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate and Business Law Office, Belgrade Serbia

    Phone +381 63 150-4144

    Law Office Knezevic iLaw Office is located in the center of Belgrade. We provide services in almost all branches of law. Law Office Knezevic deals with the representation of natural persons and legal entities in different legal fields. As a client of the Law Office Knezevic you may expect plenty of...

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