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Aviation Law Attorneys practice in a very specialized legal area. They provide legal advice and services related to air travel, its related business regulation and operation, and nearly all laws related or connected to all manner of aircraft operation and maintenance. Aviation Lawyers in the U.S. have extensive knowledge of FAA regulations.

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Aviation Lawyers and Law Firms in Jordan

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Aviation Law Lawyers in Jordan

Abdullah & Partners Law Firm

Abdullah & Partners Law Firm

Amman, Jordan www.abdullahfirm.com
Full-Service Law Firm in Amman, Jordan
Phone+962 799678171

Abdullah & Partners Law Firm was established in Amman, Jordan in 2000 to form a new generation and energetic law practice, serving the needs of families and individuals as well as businesses. It gives the best legal services possible in a timely and cost –effective manner, providing...

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Jaradat & Associates

Jaradat & Associates

Amman, Jordan www.jaradatlaw.com
Full-Service Law Firm in Amman, Jordan
Phone+962 (79) 777-1260

Jaradat & Associates is a full service law firm located in Amman, Jordan. Practice areas encompass corporate and commercial law, including restructuring and insolvency, offshore companies mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, securities, joint ventures, and a variety of contracts...

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Al-Dohan & Associates Law Firm

Al-Dohan & Associates Law Firm

Amman, Jordan
Commercial Law Firm
Phone+ 962 6 5525863

Established in 1970, by Dr Malik Dohan Al Hassan, we are today the premier law firm in Iraq, boasting a group of the most respected and trusted lawyers and other professionals in the country. We also have a presence in Jordan where two Jordanian qualified associates practise.

Law Firm's Overview 

  • A & T Najdawi Law Office

    Amman, Jordan

    Litigation, Corporate Finance & Business Law, Privitization, Corporate Resructuring, Aquisitions

    Phone +962 6 4631111

    A & T NAJDAWI LAW FIRM started as a family practice over thirty-five years ago. From those beginnings A & T NAJDAWI LAW FIRM was established by Mr. Ahmed Najdawi, who retired from the Judiciary in 1970, during the first few years, the Firm benefited from the vast and varied experience of the...

  • Abbassi Law Office

    Amman, Jordan

    Litigation, Penal and Civil Law

    Phone +962 6 4614061

    Mr. Jalal Abbassi (1928-1998) founded Abbassi Law Office in 1962. The office has been providing comprehensive legal services across Jordan and the Arab world from its offices in Jordan's two biggest cities, Amman and Zarqa. Capitalizing on its staff's extensive experience Abbassi Law Office offers...

  • Abdulhameed Qawasmi & Associates

    Amman, Jordan

    Advocates & Legal Consultants Offering a Broad Spectrum of Local and International Legal Services

    Phone +962 79 558 8400

    The Qawasmi and Associates law firm in a Jordanian law firm based in Amman the capital of Jordan by qualified and experienced lawyers. We act in all of business law areas, and provide specialized legal services in the fields of Commercial law, Civil law, Litigation & Arbitration, corporate,...

  • Abunameh & Partners Law Firm

    Amman, Jordan

    Full-Service Business Law Firm in Amman, Jordan

    Phone +962 (6) 585-0936

    Abunameh & Partners, a leading Middle East Law firm, was established in 1980 by the founder Mr. Ibrahim Abunameh. We provide services to our clients in virtually all areas of the law. The firm provides clients with recognized expertise. Many of the firm's lawyers are acknowledged leaders in their...

  • Armouti Advocates

    Amman, Jordan

    International Trade Remedies, Commercial & Corporate Law Office

    Phone +962 6 4620603

    Armouti Advocates is a premiere law office based in Amman- Jordan, specializing in Trade and Business laws with a focus on Anti Dumping, Corporate, Intellectual Property, Competition, Export and Import, and Customs. The Office has also developed a practice as a regional leader in WTO law and...

  • Atwan & Partners Attonreys and Legal Consultants

    Amman, Jordan

    Full Range of Legal Services Law Firm in Jordan

    Phone + 962 5 66 22 44

    Atwan & Partners is a leading law firm based in Amman, Jordan offering a wide range of legal services. The firm has an in-depth understanding of the different legal aspects affecting and governing various sectors. The firm is committed to offer prompt, efficient and accurate legal services,...

  • Beiruti Attorneys & Counselors At Law

    Amman, Jordan
    Phone ++ 962 6 5862367
  • Daradkeh Law Firm

    Amman, Jordan
    Phone +962-65652965
  • Dr. Ahmad Almomani Law Firm

    Amman, Jordan

    Law Firm in Jordan

    Phone +962 79 9533404
  • Faidi Law Firm

    Amman, Jordan

    Real Estate, Labor, Intellectual Property, Business, Banking and Finance Law

    Phone +962 7 95650747
  • Global Law firm

    Amman, Jordan

    Business and Investment Law

    Phone +962 6 5653601
  • Hammouri & Partners Attorneys At-Law

    Amman, Jordan

    Jordanian Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +962-6-5691112

    Established in 1994, Hammouri & Partners offers premiere legal services to both domestic and international clients. Our client base includes banks and financial institutions, public and privately held companies, Insurance companies, as well as various state owned entities. We provide expert legal...

  • Ihqaq Law Firm

    Amman, Jordan

    Full Service Law Firm in Jordan

    Phone +962 79 5704947

    At IHQAQ our clients' needs come first. We offer the most excellent legal advice available, brought by professionals whom listen and react. We work diligently to offer our clients with resolutions to problems in the best possible manner. Along with a wide range of practice areas IHQAQ specializes...


  • Integrated Legal Center

    Amman, Jordan

    Intellectual Property, Civil, Corporate, Commercial, Foreign Investment and Arbitration

    Phone +962 79 530 3575
  • Khalaf Masa'deh & Partners

    Amman, Jordan

    Domestic and International Practice

    Phone +962 6 5688419
  • Khalifeh & Partners

    Amman, Jordan

    Legal Service in Amman, Jordan

    Phone +962 (6) 5664750

    Khalifeh & Partners is a leading law firm based in Jordan. We represent clients in a broad range of practice areas, including but not limited to: banking & finance, communications, corporate, M&A, employment, intellectual property, and real estate.

  • LCDR Law Centre/ Al-Qsous Ghaleb Law Firm

    Amman, Jordan

    Full-Service Law Firm in Amman

    Phone +96 2 64622456

    LCDR Law Centre/ Al-Qsous Ghaleb Law Firm established since 1973.; Legal Consultations & Disputes Resolution Centre

  • Maraqa & Co Attorneys & Legal Counselors

    Amman, Jordan

    Full Service Law Firm in Jordan

    Phone 962 795 382211

    Maraqa & Co Attorneys & Legal Counselors was founded by Ziad Maraqa on a vision of a modern law firm that can leverage client business in the region based on 15 years of personal intensive experience and knowledge in the fields of local and international commercial law. Maraqa & Co Attorneys &...

  • Megdade Law Firm

    Amman, Jordan

    Full Service Law Firm in Amman, Jordan

    Phone +962 6 5686252

    Megdade Law Firm is an acclaimed and reputable law firm in Jordan and the Middle East. It was established in 1996 in Amman and funded by Mr. Ra&fat Megdade, who is a well-known attorney in the Arab region due to his long experience in Jordanian and international law. Megdade Law Firm runs the...

  • Muammar Law Firm

    Amman, Jordan

    Maritime, Business, Corporate and Real Estate Law Firm in Amman, Jordan

    Phone +962 6 5933926

    Muammar Law Firm was founded by Mr. Ghassan Muammar and has over 24 years of collective experience in all aspects of Maritime Law, Business law, Corporate Banking, Real Estate, Accounting and Financial disputes.; Muammar Law Firm is privately owned and operated firm, it focuses on understanding...

  • Odat & Co

    Amman, Jordan

    Odat & Co, full legal services

    Phone +962 6 5540325

    Odat & Co is a full of legal services, which provides clients with specialist business- focused advice in law.

  • Petra for Law & Intellectual Property

    Amman, Jordan

    Securities, Corporate Finance and Business Law Office in Amman, Jordan

    Phone +962 6 5520783

    Law Firm Capability StatementA. Corporate BackgroundThe Law Firm is one of Jordan’s vast improving law practices, boasting a national and international practice, dealing with national and international commercial businesses and entities, serving governments and state-owned enterprises as well as...

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