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Armstrong Legal

Parramatta, Australia

Criminal and Family Lawyers in Sydney, Australia

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We are a specialist law firm with offices in Sydney, Parramatta, Miranda, Wollongong and Canberra. Founded by partners Peter Magee and Lionel Rattenbury, we now employ 14 criminal lawyers and 14 family lawyers.
Our criminal lawyers include five accredited specialists in criminal...

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  • City Legal Solicitors

    Parramatta, Australia

    Conveyancing, Personal Injury, Criminal, Family, Estate and Litigation Law Firm in Australia

    Phone 61 2 9687 5850

    At City Legal Solicitors, we have integrated traditional legal practice with e-commerce to develop a unique lawyer-client environment. Our e-law practice is designed to take advantage of technology to do away with traditional barriers to client communication and legal process. Our priority is...

  • Geoff Harrison, Criminal Barrister

    Parramatta, Australia

    Criminal Law Counsel

    Phone +61 410689843

    Geoff is a criminal barrister specialising in all areas of criminal law. Geoff has an extensive advocacy background having worked as a police prosecutor and as senior criminal lawyer for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. Geoff has very competitive rates which are generally cheaper...

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Battery Law

Battery law deals with the consequences of touching another person in a harmful or offensive manner. The act of battery is both a crime and a tort, meaning the government can seek to convict offenders and have them punished, and victims can bring private lawsuits to collect monetary damages. The crime of simple battery is typically charged as a misdemeanor.