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Business law deals with the creation of new businesses and the issues that arise as existing businesses interact with the public, other companies, and the government. This area of the law draws on a variety of legal disciplines, including tax law, intellectual property, real estate, sales, employment law, bankruptcy, and others. Business law attorneys specialize in transactional work, meaning they do not represent clients in court. In fact, business lawyers are often hired for the purpose of avoiding future litigation.

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Business Law Lawyers in Chile

Spencer Global Chile

Spencer Global Chile

Frutillar, Chile
Chile International Law, Relocation, and Investment Consulting Firm
Phone+56 2 421 024

Spencer Global is located in Santiago and Frutillar, Chile, South America and specializes in providing legal and investment services to the international or foreign community in Chile. We provide integrated legal services that go beyond issues of just Chilean law, providing the broad...

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Diaz Reus, LLP

Diaz Reus, LLP

Santiago, Chile
International Law Firm in Santiago, Chile
Phone+1 (877) 247-9277

Diaz Reus, LLP is a global law firm based in Miami, Florida, with additional offices in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. The firm serves U.S. and global clients, including companies, individuals, and government entities.
Practice areas encompass appeals and trial support, arbitration...

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Santiago, Chile
Complex Litigation Law Firm in Santiago, Chile
Phone+56 (2) 2652 9000

FerradaNehme (FN) is located in Santiago, Chile and provides a range of legal services to corporations, companies, institutions, and individuals. Practice areas include antitrust law, economic regulation, environment and natural resources, public law and government, corporate law,...

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Santiago, Chile
Full Service Law Firm in Santiago, Chile
Phone+56 (2) 2928-2200

Carey is Chile’s largest law firm with over 200 lawyers and more than 10 specialized professionals. One third of them are women. It is widely perceived as one of the leading law firms in Latin America.
Since its foundation, Carey has been committed to professional excellence....

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Claro & Cia Abogados

Claro & Cia Abogados

Santiago, Chile
Full-Service Law Firm in Santiago, Chile
Phone+56 (2) 367-3000

Claro & Cia. has been one of the most prestigious law firms in Chile. Our seal is an innovative approach, reliable and highly qualified service.
With a sophisticated group of lawyers, Claro & Cia. is well-prepared to take part in all areas requiring legal advice, offering clients...

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  • Abdala & Co Lawyers

    Santiago, Chile

    Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law Firm in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (24) 608-050

    Abdala and Company is a law firm established in Santiago, Chile. It was founded in the year 1988.; It is specialized in diverse areas of law and advises its clients with great success, resolving their problems according to their pretensions and interests.; This law firm, began with a clear...

  • Asesoria Juridica SV

    Concepcion, Chile

    Corporate & Intellectual Property Law Office in Concepcion, Chile

    Phone +56 (41) 318-9532

    Asesoria Juridica SV was founded in 1994, SV Legal is a law firm focused on counseling in various areas of business law.; Our working method: we have a wide network of outside professionals with expertise in the performance of legal practice, but also linked to the university. Thus, we are...

  • Brokering Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Business Law, Environmental Law & Tax Law Office

    Phone +56 (2) 2985 3529

    We are law firm dedicated to non-native Spanish speaking foreign clients needing legal advice in Chilean law.; We have an extensive German Desk, with fundamental knowledge of German law. Therefore, being able to assist German clients properly with their legal concerns here in Chile.; If you contact...

  • Chadwick & Cia Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Banking and Finance, Business and Industry Attorneys

    Phone +56 (24) 441-6300

    Chadwick & Cia Abogados founded in 1992, merged with the traditional firma Aldunate & Cia., which has its origins in 1875. As Chadwick & Cia Abogados they accomplished a long way of tradition and experience. Today, the firm returns to their roots as Chadwick & Co., emphasizing their current...

  • Cuevas Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Full Service Law Firm in Santiago, Chile for National and International Clients

    Phone (56-2) 2616 1500

    Cuevas Abogados, an International Vision.; Nowadays, a company needs to develop important allies in a world where global competition, driven by the globalization process, is very high.; Cuevas Abogados is the ideal partner for the development of projects in Chile and Latin America. Its belonging to...

  • Garcia Parot y Cia

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Corporate, Foreign Investments, Trademarks Law Firm

    Phone +56 (22) 232-3484

    Founded in the year 1974, our firm is comprised of a team of attorneys and consultants who are highly qualified to satisfy the needs of our clients in all areas of law.; The distinctive seal of our firm is its recognized professional excellence and its total commitment to the interests and...

  • GFI Group Inc

    Santiago, Chile

    Corporate Law Department Profile in Hong Kong

    Phone +56 2 898 9200

    GFI Group Inc provides competitive wholesale market brokerage services in a multitude of global over-the-counter (“OTC”) and exchange listed cash and derivatives markets for fixed income, equities, financials and commodities. GFI is an industry leader in various fixed income and energy and...

  • Guerrero, Olivos, Novoa y Errazuriz

    Santiago, Chile

    International Corporate, Finance, and Business Law Firm in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 674-2900

    GUERRERO, OLIVOS, NOVOA Y ERRÁZURIZ was founded in Santiago, Chile, in 1981 by a group of attorneys, each of whom had held key positions in government and private entities. These attorneys also shared the vision of creating a law firm based upon excellence, efficiency, loyalty and integrity, and...

  • Hazbun Hazbun Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Civil, Commercial, Bankruptcy, Labor, Investment Banking and Business Lawyers

    Phone +56 (2) 698-2008

    Hazbun Hazbun provides advice both to natural law as legal , and within the latter, to national and international companies, whether in the corporate and legal aspect.; Nuesto law firm born in the early eighties with the aim of offering a work of excellence, through a comprehensive legal service,...

  • Ibarra & Cia. Abogados Asociados

    Santiago, Chile

    Domestic and International Business Practice

    Phone +56 2 664 2012
  • Mackay & Cia Abogados

    Valparaiso, Chile

    Litigation, Maritime Insurance, Shipping and Transport Law Firm in Valparaiso, Chile

    Phone +56 (32) 222-1755

    Mackay & Cia. is a law firm specialized in Shipping Law and Litigation, founded in 1995 by lawyer Mrs. Nancy Mackay (1935- 2002) after more than 30 years of practice.; The firm also provides legal advice and representation in other areas of Chilean law such as Civil, Commercial, Tax and Customs...

  • Noguera, Larrain & Dulanto Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Corporate, Finance, Tax, Litigation, Labour Law and Real Estate Law Firm in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 414-3000

    Noguera, Larrain & Dulante is a mid-sized law office with a large experiencie in M&A, tax matters, investments, project finance, litigation, arbitration and labour law. It´s a very high recommended firm at Chile, with 6 active partners. Our system of work includes a direct participation of the...

  • Ossandon Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Corporate, Commercial, Finance and Business Law Office

    Phone +56 (2) 368-1000

    Ossandon Abogados was founded in 1981 in Santiago, Chile. Its objective is to provide an integral and personalized legal service, through prestigious and committed lawyers who dedicate all their knowledge, resources and experience to provide legal; and ethical solutions to their customer;s needs.;...

  • Rivera & San Martín

    Santiago, Chile

    Spacialist in public Procurement, Bid Process and Construction Contracts

    Phone 56 2 2897-7570

    We are a new law chilean firm, specialist in public procurement and construction contracts.

  • Romero Saldias & Asociados

    Concepcion, Chile

    Full-Service Law Firm in Concepción, Chile

    Phone +56 (41) 221-6945

    Romero Saldías & Associates is a law firm, distinguished especially by its quality, speed and efficiency of our service. Our primary mission is to fully satisfy and in any area of law, the legal needs of our clients, through counseling premium paid in full, efficient and timely. With this aim, we...

  • Sukni & Cía

    Santiago, Chile

    Corporate, Tax, Labor, Intellectual and Industrial Property and Business Law Office in Santiago, Chi

    Phone +56 (2) 789-9050

    Sukni & Cía. was founded with the objective of becoming a modern and efficient law firm. Our services cover all of the legal needs of persons and companies of the most diverse sizes. The clientele of the firm include companies of prestige, some of whom have been clients for years.; All of our...

  • Tomasello & Weitz

    Valparaiso, Chile

    Shipping, International Trade & Corporate Law Firm

    Phone +56 32 2252555

    Tomasello & Weitz Ltd. is one of the most prestigious maritime law firms in Chile. Its origins trace back to 1967 when Leslie Tomasello Hart and Gloria Weitz Bravo began their professional practice. Tomasello & Weitz specializes primarily in the field of shipping; however, the firm also advises its...

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