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Child custody lawyers are usually Family Law practitioners and are able to provide services in other related areas, as well, such as child support, visitation and paternity. These attorneys most often practice divorce law, too. Although 49 U.S. states have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), these lawyers must be knowledgeable about the child custody laws specific to the state in which they practice.

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Child Support Lawyers and Law Firms in Tulsa, OK

Child Support Lawyers

Hanson & Holmes, PLC

Hanson & Holmes, PLC

Tulsa, OK 74135
Tulsa, Oklahoma Divorce and Family Attorney
Phone(918) 392-4641

Hanson & Holmes, PLC is a Tulsa-based law firm which is experienced with family law matters including child custody and divorce. The firm handles oil and gas issues for companies of all sizes as well as for individuals, and real estate matters for both residential and commercial...

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Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC

Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC

Tulsa, OK 74103
Tulsa, Oklahoma Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation and Divorce Law Firm
Phone(918) 574-8555

With Keith and Associates on your team, you will have experienced and caring representation to resolve the legal issues and troubles. We’re the Tulsa personal injury lawyers with the professionalism to get you the resolution you need with a minimum amount of hassle.
Ryan Keith...

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Smakal, Munn & Mathis, PLLC

Smakal, Munn & Mathis, PLLC

Tulsa, OK 74103
Estate Planning, Business, Family & Divorce Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone(918) 582-3400 or (866) 986-8270

At Smakal, Munn & Mathis, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to achieve all of your legal goals in Northeast Oklahoma. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our lawyers will protect your interests. We are very accessible and offer a broad range of...

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  • Bundren Law Firm, P.C.

    Tulsa, OK 74103

    Family Law and General Civil Litigation Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Phone (918) 992-3300

    With over a century of combined experience, Bundren Law Firm provides custom-tailored legal services in advocating the rights and best interests of their clients. From family law matters to real estate, employment, and probate matters, the firm has a network of competent Tulsa attorneys that can...

  • Cornell Law Firm

    Tulsa, OK 74114

    Tulsa Family Law Attorney

    Phone (918) 770-4005

    Cornell Law Firm is a full-service family law firm experienced in managing difficult legal issues for clients across Oklahoma. Our Tulsa attorneys provide you with compassionate, diligent, and skilled legal assistance.; Let us work with you to create a bright and secure future for you and your...

  • Frank M. Hagedorn, Attorney at Law, PLLC

    Tulsa, OK 74133

    Full Service Law Firm in Tulsa, OK

    Phone (918) 494-6601

    Frank M. Hagedorn, Attorney at Law, PLLC provides a variety of legal services to clients throughout the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. He has practiced for 35 years and holds experience in criminal law, civil litigation, family and estate law, as well as business law.

  • Gassaway Law Firm, PLLC

    Tulsa, OK 74119

    Tulsa Family Law Attorneys

    Phone (918) 592-6800

    Our firm is engaged in providing all services related to family law, including divorce, adoption, alimony, child support, custody and visitation, paternity, prenuptial agreements, protective orders, relocation, modifications, support, guardianships. We also provide mediation and parenting...

  • Gorospe & Smith Law Firm

    Tulsa, OK 74104

    Tulsa Personal Injury, Divorce, and Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Phone (918) 582-7775

    The Gorospe & Smith Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers dedicated advocacy to clients in Tulsa and throughout the state of Oklahoma. Our attorneys are experienced with backgrounds in personal injury, criminal defense, family law, divorce, estates, wills and trusts. ; Gorospe & Smith attorneys...

  • Goza, Washington & Coleman, PLLC

    Tulsa, OK 74103

    Family Law Attorneys

    Phone (918) 592-7002
  • Hanson & Hanson

    Tulsa, OK 74173

    Tax Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Phone (918) 409-0634

    Hanson & Hanson has been in business since 2010. They serve the greater Tulsa, Ok region. They practice Bankruptcy, Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Tax Law.

  • Hensley Legal Services, PLLC

    Tulsa, OK 74103

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Divorce and Family Attorney

    Phone (918) 398-5692

    Hensley Legal Services, PLLC is a family law firm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that provides skilled legal counsel to residents throughout the region in matters of divorce, elder law, domestic violence and more. Attorney Jeffrey A. Hensley is recognized for his compassionate and friendly service, and...

  • Horizon Attorneys & Counselors at Law, PLC

    Tulsa, OK 74137

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Business Lawyers

    Phone (918) 398-7900

    At Horizon Attorneys & Counselors at Law, PLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are committed to providing excellent, dedicated counsel to individuals, families and small businesses.; Whether your legal concern is about providing for your heirs, protecting your business, adopting a child or minimizing tax...

  • Kania Law Office

    Tulsa, OK 74105

    Oklahoma Bankruptcy, Criminal, Divorce, and Workers Compensation Law Firm

    Phone (918) 743-2233

    We are a full service law firm serving Tulsa and the surrounding area. Our attorneys have experience and are personable. Call us for a free consultation.; At Kania Law Office, we have experienced lawyers serving the State of Oklahoma in legal matters. Since 2005 our Tulsa Attorneys have helped...

  • Keesling Law Group PLLC

    Tulsa, OK 74137

    Full-Service Litigation Law Firm In Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Phone (918) 924-5101

    Keesling Law Group is a Tulsa based firm practicing in all state and federal courts in Oklahoma and throughout the U.S. to include international litigation. Team KLG is composed of trial lawyers with more than 45 years of experience in handling cases of all sizes from the relatively small to...

  • Moura Robertson

    Tulsa, OK 74119

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Family Law and Divorce Attorney

    Phone (918) 382-9332

    Moura Robertson is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and proudly serves its surrounding areas. Attorney Robertson takes pride in helping clients with all family law matters including divorce. If you are faced with a family issue, it is a very stressful situation. Attorney Robertson has devoted her career...

  • The Firm On Baltimore, PLLC

    Tulsa, OK 74119

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Personal Injury Law & Criminal Defense Lawyers

    Phone (918) 948-6171

    At The Firm On Baltimore, PLLC, our attorneys have successfully handled a range of legal issues, including: personal injury, criminal defense, family law, civil rights, and employment law matters. Our experienced lawyers of varying backgrounds come together to form a truly unique and diverse law...

  • The Law Offices of Greg Lavender

    Tulsa, OK 74119

    Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Phone (918) 863-2899

    The Law Offices of Greg Lavender provides a high level of professional and personal service on a variety of legal matters for individuals in Tulsa, Creek, and Rogers Counties who are seeking representation in family matters or who are faced with criminal charges and need an attorney that vigorously...

  • The Pilkington Law Firm, PLLC

    Tulsa, OK 74103

    Tulsa OK Family Law Attorney

    Phone (866) 591-9408

    We at the Pilkington Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas, guide our clients through the complex, painful and potentially confusing legal process, and we keep them informed of their case progress each step of the way. Our lawyers explain your rights, responsibilities...

  • The Stirling Resolution Group Inc.

    Tulsa, OK 74103

    Tulsa Divorce and Family Law Mediator

    Phone (918) 587-0097

    The Stirling Resolution Group, Inc. is a divorce and family mediation law firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma dedicated to the peaceful resolution of difficult family matters. Attorney Edward Lindsey is a veteran mediator with 20 years of experience behind him, having helped countless families in the Tulsa...

  • Wirth Law Office

    Tulsa, OK 74103

    Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury & Workers' Comp Attorneys in Tulsa, OK

    Phone (918) 879-1681

    At the Wirth Law Office, our attorneys provide legal services for Oklahomans who need counsel and representation in bankruptcy, criminal defense, family law, estate planning, personal injury, immigration, unemployment and workers' compensation matters. ; James Wirth and the Tulsa attorneys at the...

  • Jenks Law

    Jenks, OK - Law Firm near Tulsa

    Family Lawyers in Oklahoma

    Phone (918) 298.1411

    Melissa Holderby is an attorney in Jenks, Oklahoma. She practices primarily in the areas of family and criminal law, including divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, and grandparental visitation. Melissa also defends against DUI, traffic offenses, and both felony and misdemeanor charges...

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