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Lawyers practicing Divorce Law guide individuals seeking to dissolve their marriage through their state specific procedures, helping them understand the applicable statutes and common law, and providing legal advice for a myriad of related topics, such as child custody and support, alimony, asset & debt division, and legal separation.

Divorce Lawyers and Law Firms in Madrid, Spain

Divorce Lawyers

Pinera del Olmo Canals Law Firm

Pinera del Olmo Canals Law Firm

Madrid, Spain www.pineradelolmo.com
Full-Service Law Firm in Madrid, Spain
Phone+34 675 581-462

At Pinera del Olmo Canals Law Firm, our attorneys have the legal training and experience needed to provide quality representation, and the legal resources to advise on a wide range of legal matters.
In order to better serve our clients, our firm is organized in legal departments...

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  • Adarve Corporacion Juridica

    Madrid, Spain

    Corporate, Commercial, Real Estate & Tax Law

    Phone +34 91 5913060

    Willing to set up a business in Spain? Are you aware of how the Spanish legal system works?; Need to find some lawyers in Spain? Want to buy a property? Have any tax-related doubt?; Something went wrong and you need to litigate in Spain? ; You are owed money and you need to know how to recover your...

  • Mitjans Advocats

    Madrid, Spain

    Full-Service Law Firm in Barcelona, Spain

    Phone 0034

    Mitjans Advocats, a law firm headquartered in Barcelona and composed of professionals from the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) business specialists and auditors.; For more than a quarter century we have handled cases entrusted to us by Spanish and foreign individuals and companies in addition to...

  • De Micco & Friends Group

    Madrid, Spain

    Full-Service Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (871) 955-077

    De Micco & Friends is represented in Palma de Mallorca and in Spain by a network of more than 300 lawyers and auditors. In Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville and the Canarias Island offer English and English-speaking, lawyers, approved by the local courts. We...


  • Arnela Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Full-Service Law Firm in Madrid and Extremadura, Spain

    Phone +34 917815691

    Arnela Abogados es un despacho multidisciplinar orientado al asesoramiento jurídico integral de particulares y empresas. Nos destacamos por el trato personalizado al cliente y la formación continua de nuestros miembros. Con ubicación en las Comunidades Autónomas de Madrid y Extremadura, atendemos...

  • Bennet & Rey Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Immigration Law, Family Law, Property Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 572 69 61

    Bennet & Rey is a law firm based in Madrid specialized in Immigration, property and Family Law. We offer Legal advice and official and other paperwork, for English-speakers from all the planet.; Bennet & Rey lawyers provides legal service in immigration matters giving help in applications for visas...

  • Pérez de Ayala

    Madrid, Spain

    Tax and Commercial Lawyers in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 91 5419630

    Pérez de Ayala is a Madrid law firm that specializes in tax and commercial law as well as accounting advice in Spain with highly qualified English speaking lawyers and accounting professionals. We offer a broad range of legal and financial and accounting consultancy services, complementing these...

  • Planeta Ley Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 402-8388

    Planeta Ley Abogados is a multidisciplinary firm that serves a diversified client base, and covering various areas of law, with a clear specialization in Business Law, Civil , Administrative , Commercial , Intellectual Property , right to honor, privacy and own image , Transportation , Internet Law...

  • Canales & Asociados

    Madrid, Spain

    Litigation, Damages & Bankruptcy Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 781-9999

    Canales & Asociados was founded in the late 70s by the lawyer Antonio Canales and continued by his son, the lawyer Aitor Channels . Throughout the past 30 years the structure of the firm has evolved always seeking the best way to satisfy our customers. This experience of 30 years is what has...

  • Estudio Juridico Almagro

    Madrid, Spain

    Madrid, Spain Commercial, Tax, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Banking and Family Lawyers

    Phone +34 917 454010

    Estudio Juridico Almagro offers to its clients specialized legal services with a markedly preventive focus since 1978. We have a well-integrated and stable team of professionals which enables us to establish solid relations with our clients based on loyalty and trust. The firm's organization in...

  • Garcia Mariscal Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Family, Civil, Litigation, Wills and Inheritance Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 733-8930

    Garcia Mariscal Abogados provides a full range of legal services to highly respected clients of local, national and international standing. We possess exceptionally developed specialties in all aspects of corporate, as well as family law. ; Our clients range from established multinational...

  • Garamago

    Madrid, Spain

    Civil Litigation, Family, Traffic, Divorce and Administrative Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 571-6076

    Garamago provides services by licensed professionals in each and every one of the areas of law that make our service portfolio.; For business services, we cover all areas procedural and commercial advice to companies that rely on Garamago particular attention to the specific area they need to cover...

  • Juarez & Asociados

    Madrid, Spain

    Family and Tax Law Office in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 91 5900070

    Juarez & Asociados is a family law office handling cases such as legal and tax management, and estate planning, and business. We are not subject to any entity and therefore, we direct customer only. We offer customized solutions for each client, designing them exclusively for him. The relationship...

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