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Drug Crime Lawyers in Israel

  • Asaf Dok Law Firm

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Criminal Lawyer in Israel

    Phone +972-3-5505995

    The Asaf Dok Law Firm offers legal consultation, representation and accompaniment for normative suspects and defendants throughout the entire criminal and military proceeding, starting from the allegations and preparation for the police investigation, through the stage of arrest, release and...

  • David Halevi Law Offices

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Jerusalem, Israel Criminal Law Office

    Phone +972 (2) 537-7375

    David Halevi, Law Offices specializes in criminal law and renders its representation services throughout Israel. The firm represents intensively suspects and accused persons in all legal instances, in all sorts of crimes and in all kinds of criminal proceedings.; Over the years the firm has handled...

  • Hagit Halevy & Co Law office

    Modiin, Israel

    Modiin, Israel Family, Divorce, Mediation, Common-law-spouses, Wills & Inheritance Law Office

    Phone 972-77-3487178

    Hagit Halevy & Co Law Office is located in Modiin, Israel. The law firm takes pride in offering professional legal services. You will receive courteous, personalized attention for your needs. The lawyers specialize in family law including divorce, medication, agreements, wills, inheritance, and...

    Other Offices: Tel Aviv

  • Pauline Sorin, Attorney at Law

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Criminal Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 691-6363

    The law firm was founded by Pauline Sorin Sorin attorney Pauline in 2001 and petsializiruetsya on criminal law. Over the shoulders of Pauline won more than one hundred criminal cases. Every day, Pauline stands in various courts in Israel. Most of the staff's office said in Russian. The office is...

  • Shierly Luz & Associates Law Firm

    Petah Tikva, Israel

    Israel Labor, Traffic & Military Law

    Phone +972(0)584554040​

    We specialize in providing international clients with effective legal solutions to their legal matters in Israel.; The firm is made up of multilingual lawyers and staff, in the fields of commercial, employment, military, and traffic court law.

  • Wolstein - Weisbuch Law Firm

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Criminal Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 693-5300

    If the police arrests you, interrogates and charges with a crime. If your freedom and civil rights are violated by the authorities, you can trust Wolstein - Weisbuch Law Firm, to give you the best professional legal representation in Israel. ; Wolstein - Weisbuch Law Firm expertise's spans over a...

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