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Polson & Polson, PC

Polson & Polson, PC

Birmingham, AL 35209 www.polsonlawfirm.com
Birmingham, Alabama Criminal Lawyer
Phone(205) 871-8838

Polson & Polson, P.C. is a criminal defense law firm located in Birmingham and serving clients throughout Alabama. Practice areas include assault, drug charges, DUI, domestic violence, gun charges, prostitution and sex crimes, theft, and expungement.
Attorneys Mark B. Polson and...

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Bradford Ladner LLP

Birmingham, AL 35213
Alabama Full-Service Law Firm
Phone(205) 802-8823 or (855) 587-6350

Bradford Ladner LLP is a full service law firm in Birmingham, Alabama providing civil and criminal trial and appellate representation throughout Alabama in state and federal court. Based in Birmingham Alabama, we handle civil litigation such as business tort claims, business litigation,...

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Eversole Law, LLC

Eversole Law, LLC

Birmingham, AL 35242
Criminal Defense Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama
Phone(205) 981-2450 or (866) 831-5292

Eversole Law Offices attorney strongly believes in the rights granted to criminal defendants under the Bill of Rights. These rights, which are too often ignored, include:
* The right to be considered innocent until proven guilty
* The right to question your accuser
* The...

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King & Green, LLC

King & Green, LLC

Birmingham, AL 35205
Birmingham, AL Divorce and Family Lawyers
Phone(205) 775-7531

King & Green, LLC is located in Birmingham, Alabama and specializes in family law, personal injury, civil litigation and criminal law. The law firm of King & Green is dedicated to protecting the best interests of our clients throughout Birmingham and Blount County. Our firm has significant...

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Lakeman, Peagler, Hollett & Alsobrook, LLC

Lakeman, Peagler, Hollett & Alsobrook, LLC

Birmingham, AL 35244
Alabama DUI Attorneys
Phone(205) 871-9990

Lakeman, Peagler, Hollett & Alsobrook, LLC is an injury and criminal defense law firm based in Birmingham, Alabama.
The unique history of Lakeman, Peagler, Hollett & Alsobrook, LLC provides our attorneys with the perspective gained from seeing both sides of every case. The experience...

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Parkman White, LLP

Parkman White, LLP

Birmingham, AL 35203
Birmingham, Alabama Criminal Defense Law Firm
Phone(205) 502-2000

The Cochran Firm is nationally recognized law firm with the deserved reputation and expertise to defend all criminal charges in Birmingham. Their extensive record of successful cases and proven experience give them the aggressive edge when it comes to defending their clients.

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William L. Pfeifer, Jr.

William L. Pfeifer, Jr.

Birmingham, AL 35243
Alabama Litigation and Appeals
Phone(800) 737-3702

The law firm of William L. Pfeifer, Jr. is a litigation and appellate firm in the State of Alabama, handling cases statewide in the areas of criminal defense, family law, and civil litigation. Since 1993, attorney William L. Pfeifer, Jr., has represented clients in criminal, civil,...

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  • Eversole Law, LLC

    Birmingham, AL 35242

    Alabama Drug Crime Lawyer

    Phone (205) 265-1305

    Eversole Law, LLC has the experience and skill necessary to handle even the most serious types of drug crime cases and will fight tirelessly to secure your freedom. Known throughout the state for our tireless devotion to standing up for the rights of our clients as well as our legal skill, you can...


  • Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight, P.C.

    Birmingham, AL 35205

    Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Phone (205) 900-7714

    Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight, PC have been practicing since 1978, and have won national acclaim and recognition for our lawyers' significant legal achievements. Our attorneys look forward to continuing their quest to provide exceptional service to our clients. Although we are a relatively small...

  • Jeffrey D. Bramer, P.C.

    Birmingham, AL 35243

    Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney

    Phone (205) 777-7658

    Jeffrey D. Bramer, P.C. concentrates on defending people accused of committing a crime, DUI or a driving violation.

  • Law Office of Abbey Herrin

    Birmingham, AL 35205

    Alabama Social Security Disability Lawyer - Birmingham Unemployment Lawyer

    Phone (205) 210-4981

    At the Law Office of Abbey Herrin Clarkson, we help people who are requesting for social security disability benefits. If you have questions about filing a claim, why your claim was denied or eligibility rules, our firm offers a free consultation. We have offices in Birmingham and the Rainsville...

  • Mark Bishop Turner Attorney at Law

    Birmingham, AL 35203

    Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney

    Phone (205) 632-7277

    Mark Bishop Turner Attorney at Law provides legal services for those in the state of Alabama who are dealing with issues related to family law. Whether it is divorce, child custody, adoptions, annulments, child support, or anything else that affects families, these are complicated issues that can...

  • Michael P. Hanle, Attorney At Law

    Birmingham, AL 35205

    Criminal Defense

    Phone (205) 930-9717

    Basically I have over 20 years of experience. I take on Drug charge, Drug trafficking, Possession cases as well as Mail, Wire, and Tax fraud cases. Tax evasion, Embezzlement, Cyber crimes and Theft identity crimes. I do all violent crimes, Robbery, Murder, Manslaughter, Assault, Domestic violence,...

  • Parkman, Adams & White, LLC - White Collar Crime

    Birmingham, AL 35203

    Birmingham White Collar Crime Law Firm

    Phone (855) 472-7562

    At Parkman, Adams & White, LLC, the lawyers and their team have over one hundred combined years of experience with white collar criminal defense, Federal Appeals, and a wide variety of other cases. They have the skill and resources to confront the most complicated cases against the most challenging...

  • Reid & Ketcham

    Birmingham, AL 35222

    Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Phone (205) 591-1188

    Reid and Ketcham's knowledge, skill, and dedication allow you to build a strong defense against a variety of criminal offenses, such as DUI, drug offenses, theft, assault and more. We are knowledgeable about the law, and the areaís courts, judges and prosecutors to provide you with comprehensive...

  • Riley Law Firm

    Birmingham, AL 35205

    Divorce and Criminal Defense Attorney in Birmingham, AL

    Phone (205) 212-5577

    I am a lawyer that helps people with problems. I have been a lawyer since 1983. For the last 24 years I have represented people with family related problems such as divorce, child support, child custody and alimony issues. I also represent people facing criminal charges related to drugs and alcohol...

  • Sheffield and Lentine, P.C.

    Birmingham, AL 35203

    Full-Service, Experienced Criminal Defense Firm

    Phone (205) 328-1365

    Birmingham, Alabamaís Sheffield & Lentine, PC, is dedicated to zealous and professional representation of those accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses in the municipal, state and federal courts of Alabama. Additionally the firm handles matters after the trial like Appellate litigation and Rule...

  • Stephen Strickland Law

    Birmingham, AL 35205

    Birmingham, Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Phone (205) 516-2055

    Stephen Strickland, attorney at law has devoted over 20 years of top-quality legal expertise and close personalized attention to defending the rights and futures of Birmingham residents suffering from injury or facing criminal charges. Attorney Strickland's reputation for instantaneous...

  • The Burdick Law Firm

    Birmingham, AL 35111

    Birmingham, Alabama Full Service Law Firm

    Phone (205) 585-1873

    The Burdick Law Firm is a general practice law firm serving individuals and corporate clients in central Alabama. The firm has made its home in the Bessemer Area by practicing law in a very old fashioned way while taking advantage of cutting edge technology. The firm is dedicated to personalized...

  • Tidwell Law Group, LLC

    Birmingham, AL 35203

    Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney

    Phone (205) 800-8596

    The justice system is complex, but an attorney can help you navigate through it. Tidwell Law Group is committed to providing legal services for DUI cases. The penalties of a DUI conviction may severely disrupt your life. The firmís team works tirelessly to defend your rights in the face of a...

  • Stamps Law Group

    Bessemer, AL - Law Firm near Birmingham

    Attorney in Bessemer, Alabama

    Phone (205) 424-8370

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