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Cluj-Napoca, Romania Employees Rights Lawyers and Law Firms

  • Costea,Olosutean-Micu,Badau Cabinete de avocat grupate

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Business, Civil, Family and Labor Law Office Cluj-Napoca

    Phone +40 264 704.594

    Costea, Olosutean-Micu, Badau Law Firm provides legal advices and support for both companies and individuals. Our team is formed by three lawyers having an experience of over 10 years in practicing law. Our attorneys handle both consulting and litigation. We are involved in solving and finding the...

  • Berindean - Law Firm

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Business and Family Law Fffice in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Phone +40 737 847527

    We are a small law office in Romania, with collaborators in the whole country, very dedicated to our clients. Specialized in business law, from incorporation to day by day advices for any company activity, including everything related to contracts, labor law, employment agreements, real estate,...

  • Budusan & Associates Law Firm

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Corporate and Business Law Firm in Cluj Napoca, Romania

    Phone +40 264 431568

    Situated in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the team from Budusan & Associates is active in commercial and bussiness law, in both consultancy and litigations.; Principles of our activity:; To reach the best results for our clients by providing practical advice tailored to their needs both in the field of...

  • Lungu & Irimies - SCPA

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Corporate, Bussiness and Criminal Law Firm in Cluj Napoca, Romania

    Phone 40 744 545934

    We provide legal services in almost all areas of law.; We take our work seriously, being loyal to our clients, trying to find the best solutions for them.

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