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Employment law governs the rights and duties between employers and workers. Also referred to as labor law, these rules are primarily designed to keep workers safe and make sure they are treated fairly, although laws are in place to protect employers’ interests as well. Employment laws are based on federal and state constitutions, legislation, administrative rules, and court opinions. A particular employment relationship may also be governed by contract.

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Employment Lawyers in Serbia

Rajic Law Office

Rajic Law Office

Belgrade, Serbia www.rlolegal.rs
Full-Service Law Firm in Serbia
Phone+381 (69) 363-7170

Rajic Law Office is a commercial law firm located in Belgrade, Serbia. Core practice areas consist of real estate and construction such as PPPs and due diligence; energy and infrastructure including renewables, oil and gas, mining, licensing and permits, electricity, and transportation;...

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Petrovic Mojsic & Partners

Petrovic Mojsic & Partners

Belgrade, Serbia www.law-firm.rs
Full-Service Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia
Phone+381 11 41 41 639

Petrovic Mojsic & Partners is a full service law firm located in Belgrade, Serbia. Practice areas include aviation and MRO law, bankruptcy, civil registry, construction and real estate, contracts, company law, data protection and privacy, enforcement of claims, foreign investment,...

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ODI Law Firm

ODI Law Firm

Belgrade, Serbia
Corporate Law Firm in Serbia
Phone+381 11 2430 407

ODI Law Firm provides extensive legal consultancy in numerous transactions, involving complex legal mergers and acquisitions and financial issues. ODI Law Firm has broad spectrum of clients, including the two largest corporations in Slovenia. ODI Law Firm has offices in three other...

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  • Advokat Simic Zeljko Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Belgrade, Serbia Civil Litigation, Estate Planning and Criminal Law Firm

    Phone +381 6 3304305

    Zeljko Simic began his career as a court in the Palace of Justice in Belgrade First Municipal Court, District Court and the Commercial - Commercial Court in Belgrade. Zeljko engaged since 2005. The attorney Zeljko Simic is a member of the Bar Association of the Bar Association of Serbia and...

  • Advokatska Kancelarija

    Belgrade, Serbia

    International Business Practice, Commercial and Foreign Investment Law Firm

    Phone +381 6 3383116

    We are a specialized Law Office firm from Serbia which represents a number of; domestic and international-foreign companies on domestic market.; Our legal consulting field of work includes: domestic and international business law, registration ; of the companies, Representatives offices, mix...

  • Advokatska Kancelarija Radovic & Ratkovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Investing in Serbia Law firm

    Phone +381 11 3287255
  • Advokatska kancelarija Vuckovic

    Novi Sad, Serbia

    Novi Sad, Serbia Civil Litigation, Insurance, Corporate Finance, Business and Criminal Law Firm

    Phone +381 21 540427
  • Aleksic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate and Commercial law, Intellectual Property

    Phone +381 11 303 61 32

    Aleksić Law office provides legal services to foreign and domestic business entities, entrepreneurs and individuals in the fields of corporate and commercial law and intellectual property. Competence, experience and local information enable us to provide our clients withconstant support even in the...

  • ALG Consulting Ltd.

    Belgrade, Serbia

    International Business Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +386 (31) 411-488

    ALG Consulting Ltd. offers a high level of legal services based on a personal approach. We have built a reputation for high quality services and responsiveness that larger law firms find hard to match. With competitive pricing policy, we offer our Clients an unmatched performance in legal advisory...

  • Andrija Jovanovic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full Service Law Firm

    Phone 011/3322-192
  • Blecic & Partners

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full Legal Support Law Firm Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +381 (11) 3287246

    Blecic & Partners Law Firm; Office: Belgrade, Serbia; Juristidictions: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska; Banking & Finance; Capital market; Company Law and Corporate governance; Competition Law; Dispute resolution; Energy Law; Intellectual property and...

  • Bojovic & Partners Attorneys at Law

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Leading Full-Service Commercial Law Firm Operating in Serbia and Montenegro

    Phone +381 (11) 785-0336

    We take an integrated approach to client service and are organized by practice groups that nurture industry specific in-depth knowledge. Each case and client is unique, which is why our approach is business oriented to tailor to our clients’ business plans and goals in the most efficient manner.

  • Chaldoupis & Partners Law Offices

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Offering a Wide Range of Business Legal Services in Greece, Serbia and Germany

    Phone +381 11 303 3649
  • Gecic Law

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +381 (11) 404-3570

    Gecić Law provides comprehensive legal services in all areas of Serbian business law.; A new firm with an international outlook: Gecić Law was founded in 2015 through a merger of a number of prominent law firm spinoffs. The firm takes an international approach to legal services,...

  • Jankovic, Popovic & Mitic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Law Firm in Serbia

    Phone +381 11 2076850
  • JMS Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +381 11 3031227
  • Law Office Aleksandar N. Djordjevic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +381 60 0139969

    We are specialized in Litigation, Corporate Law, Intellectual property, Real estate, Labor and Family Law. We also provide legal services in Criminal Law.

  • Legal Advisory Group, Belgrade

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate, Business, Employment and Commerical Litigation Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +381 11 3620975
  • Mikijelj Jankovic & Bogdanovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Intellectual Property & Business Law Office

    Phone +381 (11) 323-1970

    Mikijelj Jankovic & Bogdanovic (MJB) is a law firm based in Belgrade, Serbia. MJB actively handles IP cases in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia and has considerable experience in handling patent and trademark infringement cases. The firm also has a...

  • Milos Paligoric Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia
    Phone +38163364363
  • Milosevic Law Firm

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Commercial Law Firm Operating in Serbia

    Phone +381 605008884

    We are modern and progressive law firm trusted to deliver pragmatic and innovative solutions even when faced with the most complex challenges.; We would be delighted to talk to you about your business, your ideas and how we can help you to succeed.

  • Mitrovic IP

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Intellectual Property Protection - Serbia, Balkans

    Phone +381 11 3160 836
  • Nebojsa Stankovic, Attorney at Law

    Nis, Serbia

    Corporate Finance & Business Law Firm

    Phone +381 63 7741298

    Stankovic & Partners Law Office is corporate, finance & business Law Office specialized for foreign investments in Serbia & South East Europe on the base of domestic and international law as well as reach legal and business practice.; Full-Service in legal practice, representing, litigation,...

  • Nikolic Kokanovic Otasevic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Commercial Law Firm in Serbia and Montenegro

    Phone +381 11 7150500

    Nikolic Kokanovic Otasevic is one of the leading law firms providing full scope of commercial law services in Serbia and Montenegro.; The firm’s lawyers possess a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and are among the most distinguished professionals in their respective practice areas. Our...

  • Popovic Popovic Samardžija & Popovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate and Business Law Firm

    Phone +381 11 32 39 442

    Popovic, Popovic, Samardzija & Popovic is one of the oldest working law firms in Serbia. Established in 1933 by Miodrag P. Popovic (1907-1987) the family practice has continued to provide the highest level of service to our clients ever since.; Through revolutions, counterrevolutions, wars, the...

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