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Employment law governs the rights and duties between employers and workers. Also referred to as labor law, these rules are primarily designed to keep workers safe and make sure they are treated fairly, although laws are in place to protect employers’ interests as well. Employment laws are based on federal and state constitutions, legislation, administrative rules, and court opinions. A particular employment relationship may also be governed by contract.

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Kellum Law Firm

Kellum Law Firm

Greenville, NC - Law Firm near Ayden
North Carolina Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Lawyers
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The Kellum Law Firm is conveniently located in Eastern North Carolina and limits its practice to personal injury, workers’ compensation, defective products, Social Security disability, and wrongful death cases. Many of our cases are referred to us by prior and existing clients, their...

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  • Dawson & Albritton, P.A.

    Greenville, NC - Law Firm near Ayden

    Personal Injury Lawyers in Greenville, North Carolina

    Phone (252) 558-0091

    At Dawson & Albritton, P.A., we begin protecting our clients' rights from day one. Our team handles all communications and negotiations with the insurance companies. We also work with your doctors to help ensure that your medical bills will not go to collections while your claim is in progress. Our...

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