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Employment law governs the rights and duties between employers and workers. Also referred to as labor law, these rules are primarily designed to keep workers safe and make sure they are treated fairly, although laws are in place to protect employers’ interests as well. Employment laws are based on federal and state constitutions, legislation, administrative rules, and court opinions. A particular employment relationship may also be governed by contract.

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Employment Lawyers and Law Firms in Hudson, OH

Employment Lawyers

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC

Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson
Full Service Law Firm
Phone(330) 376-5300 or (800) 686-2825

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs is Northeast Ohio’s business law firm.

Law Firm's Overview 



Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson
Litigation, Estate Planning, Probate, Business and Transactional Law Firm
Phone(330) 375-1311

At Reminger, we embrace our Midwestern roots. We value hard work, a roll-up-your-sleeves approach and get-it-done attitude. It is our belief that this mindset, combined with our relentless pursuit of delivering results in the most efficient manner possible, drives the continuing...

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  • Brouse & McDowell

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Business and Corporate, IP, Environmental, Employment, Real Estate, Health, Litigation, and Estate

    Phone (330) 535-5711
  • DeMarco & Triscaro, Ltd.

    Solon, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Civil Litigation Law Firm

    Phone (440) 248-8811

    The Cleveland, Ohio, Law Firm of DeMarco & Triscaro prides itself on prompt, quality, and reasonable legal service. Your case will always be our 1 priority. If you are seeking reliable legal services, and you want experienced and well-respected Cleveland attorneys that will be focused on your...

  • Donald Gallick, Esq.

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Health Care Fraud, False Claims Act (Qui Tam) / Whistleblower, & Ohio Supreme Court Appeals.

    Phone (330) 631-6892

    Federal Bar Admissions: Northern District of Ohio, Southern District of Ohio, Northern District of Illinois, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. Tax Court, United States Supreme Court.; Litigator focusing on false claims "qui tam" litigation, health care fraud (Medicare Medicaid fraud ),...

  • Edward L. Gilbert Co., LPA

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Employment Law, Estate Planning, and Government Relations Law Firm in Akron, Ohio

    Phone (330) 376-8855

    Founded in 1982, Edward L. Gilbert Co., LPA is an Akron-based law firm specializing in legal services to better serve our clients. In todays legal environment, matching your needs with the correct firm is crucial to the successful outcome of your legal matters. ; Our firm offers a sophisticated...

  • Gaeckle Law Offices, LLC

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Ohio Family Law, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Employment Law and Civil Litigation Attorney

    Phone (330) 962-2950
  • Kastner Westman & Wilkins, LLC

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Employment and Labor Law Representing Management

    Phone (330) 867-9998
  • Law Offices of Mark S. Weinberger

    Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Ohio Workers' Compensation Lawyer

    Phone (330) 929-0507

    Mark S. Weinberger is a law firm based in the state of Ohio. The main practice area of the firm includes handling workers compensation cases. The lawyer and founder of the firm, Mark S. Weinberger, develops legal strategies and takes the time to pay attention to the client carefully, answer hisher...

  • Roetzel & Andress, A Legal Professional Association

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Full Service Law Firm

    Phone (330) 376-2700

    Since 1876, our firm has been guided by the core values of innovation, client service, integrity, and excellence in practice. Over the years, the firm has strategically grown in breadth, depth, and strength of legal services offered, and its geographical reach in response to an ever-expanding...

  • Skidmore & Associates

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Ohio Business, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Probate, Estate and Family Attorneys

    Phone (330) 253-1550

    Skidmore & Associates is a law firm located in Akron, Ohio. The law firm has experienced and reputable attorneys providing legal services and advice in the areas of real estate law, construction law, corporate law, probate & estate law, bankruptcy law, and family law.

  • Stark & Knoll Co., L.P.A.

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Business, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Probate, Litigation and Employment Law Firm in Akron Ohio

    Phone (330) 376-3300
  • The Law Offices of Warner Mendenhall

    Akron, OH - Law Firm near Hudson

    Medicare, Medicaid, Medical, Military Fraud, Qui Tam and False Claims Law Firm

    Phone (330) 535-9160

    We represent whistleblowers who are helping expose fraud and abuse in Medicare, Medicaid, pharmaceutical, and defense areas. We are focused on qui tam relators and their needs.

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