The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that regulates and establishes oversight for private industry pension plans, retirement plan, profit-sharing plans and health insurance coverage by establishing rules and minimum standards that are meant to protect plan participants. ERISA only governs private (non-government) employers with 25 or more employees. ERISA does not mandate the creation of any these plans; it only sets the standards for those that choose to establish them.

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  • Israeli Employment Lawyers

    Petah Tikva, Israel

    Israeli Employment & Labor Rights Law Firm

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    The firm provides legal representation to both employers and employees regarding labor laws in Israel. We provide services in three languages: Hebrew, English and French.

  • Schwell Wimpfheimer & Associates LLP

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Full-Service Law Firm in NYC and Israel

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    Schwell Wimpfheimer & Associates LLP, a full-service law firm, provides top-quality legal services to clients ranging in size from Fortune 100 businesses to individuals and start-up companies. With attorneys based both in New York City and in Jerusalem, SWA is uniquely positioned to offer very...


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