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Kinkin & Partners

Kinkin & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria lawfirm-bg.com
Full Service Law Firm in Sofia
Phone+359 (2) 980 3475

Kinkin & Partners has a rich history of distinguished and professional legal service throughout Bulgaria since 1989. As one of the leading law firms in the country, our priority has been to develop a modern and business oriented legal practice. Our team of experienced and driven...

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Borissov & Partners

Borissov & Partners

Sofia, Bulgaria www.borissov-law.com
Business & Corporate Lawyers in Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone+359 (2) 805 7014

Borissov & Partners is a business and corporate law firm located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The firm was established to meet the unique needs of a country in transition to democracy and market economy. The firm follows the best practice principles and abides by professional ethics of high...

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Vladimirov Kiskinov

Vladimirov Kiskinov

Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone+359 (2) 988-1828

Vladimirov Kiskinov is a recently established law firm located in Sofia, Bulgaria, which continues the tradition of Desislav Vladimirov and Partners in providing high quality legal services to both companies and individuals. Our practice areas include commercial and corporate law,...

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  • Apostolova & Slavov Law Partnership

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law and Real Estate Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (888) 461-323

    Apostolova & Slavov Law Partnership is entered under registration no. 23 as of the Register of Sofia Bar Association. Our firm develops law practice in almost all fields of Private Law with accent on Commercial and Real Estate Law.

  • Arsov Natchev Ganeva

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 943-4066

    Arsov Natchev Ganeva has developed one of the leading business law practices based in Bulgaria covering all areas of the Business Law along with a strong litigation focus. Our clients encompass major international and local investors, public authorities, commercial banks, real estate developers,...

  • BWSP Ilieva, Voutcheva & Co Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 9814953

    Ilieva Voutcheva & Co Law Firm is a team of reliable and trustworthy professionals – an independent practice combining excellent lawyers and paralegal support staff committed to the provision of client focused and partner led service. Our corporate and individual clients receive a full range of...

  • Danailova, Todorov & Partners Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 862-0223

    Danailova, Todorov & Partners law firm provides first class business law services to international and local companies. We offer strong legal expertise and practical business solutions. Our team of legal and tax experts, and accountants support throughout the whole business cycle.

  • Darakev Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Intellectual Property, Commercial, Contract, & Real Estate Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 953-1354

    Darakev Law Office was founded in 1993 by Rumen D. Darakev, a Bulgarian registered Attorney at Law, National Trademark & Design Attorney, and European (EU) Professional Industrial Property Representative. The core area of expertise and competence of Darakev Law Office is the protection of the...

  • Dimitrov, Petrov & Co.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone 359-2 421 42 01

    Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. is a preeminent business law established in 1997. Currently, it employs more than 50 staff members and is represented by 8 highly respected and skilled partners who provide effective and innovative legal solutions. The significant experience and niche expertise of the law...

  • Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    International and Domestic Corporate Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 2 9321100

    Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov provides first-class legal services to international and domestic corporate clients and is one of the largest and most prominent business law firms in Bulgaria. ; We advise publicly and privately owned companies investing in Bulgaria, major international...

  • Elevat Ltd. Legal House

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (02) 4832408

    Elevat Ltd. Legal House is a professional legal and financial consulting company based in Sofia, Bulgaria with more than 16 years of practice in the sphere of international law, corporate law, real estate, civil, administrative, financial and maritime law.

  • Goleminov & Goleminov

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    International Business Lawyers in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 9876869

    Goleminov & Goleminov offers a full range of legal services. The firm represents both national and international clients. Most of the staff is fluent in foreign languages. The firm has three partners, nine lawyers, thirty one outstanding practitioners and academics of counsel, and associated...

  • Gugushev & Partners

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    International Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 815-7510

    Gugushev & Partners is a rapidly growing law firm that successfully takes a position between the leaders on the Bulgarian legal market by providing high quality legal services to Bulgarian and international corporations, financial institutions and the Bulgarian government.

  • Kalaidjiev & Georgiev

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 980-4021

    Kalaidjiev & Georgiev was incorporated in 1995 (formerly Eastlaw). Since mid-2006 it has been reorganized as Kalaidjiev, Georgiev & Minchev Law Firm in compliance with the new Bulgarian Advocacy Act. Our firm provides consulting services on legal matters as well as complex legal advising and...

  • Kaloyanov, Gergiovski, Petkova & Co

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 981-1166

    Kaloyanov, Gergiovski, Petkova & Co, established in July 2007 in accordance with Bar Act, is known as an assignee of the Civil Partnership “Kaloyanov, Gergiovski, Petkova & Co”, founded in 2002. Our firm could offer to your disposal a team of lawyers with experience in different areas of civil law,...

  • Kambourov & Partners

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Bulgarian International Investment Law Firm

    Phone + 359 2 986 9999

    Kambourov & Partners is one of the largest Bulgarian law firms specialised in serving large Bulgarian and international investors in all areas of corporate and commercial law relevant to the Bulgarian industry. ; Established in 1988 by the name partner, the firm successfully took its key place on...

  • Law Firm Mikov

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Corporate, Merger & Acquisition, Litigation

    Phone +359 2 483 20 20

    Mikov & Attorneys is founded by Konstantin Mikov, attorney-at-law registered with Sofia Bar, with more than 10 years’ experience in international and domestic law.; The Law Firm provides legal services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in business and tax law.; The Law Firm is a pioneer...

  • Law Office of Dr. Maya Neidenowa

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    International Business and Tax Lawyer in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 9486940

    The Law Office of Dr. Maya Neidenowa is an international law office consisting of six lawyers, who offer in Hamburg and in Sofia a complete business law and according to tax law consultation for medium-size enterprises in Bulgaria.

  • Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full Service Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +359 2 450 90 90

    Martinez - Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers is, since its establishment, in 1983, an office whose bet for quality and professional excellence have made up the pillars on where the company is known in all the locations where it has seats - national and international - because of its marked...

  • Mussala Consult Ltd.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business and Property Lawyers in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 8395262

    Mussala Consult Ltd. provides complex legal and accountancy services and support to Bulgarian and foreign enterprises in the Bulgarian market and investors in real estate property in Bulgaria. We assist private and public legal entities in Bulgaria to develop and implement projects under the EU...

  • New Balkans Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full Service International Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 4031900

    New Balkans Law Office is a Bulgarian law firm offering high quality assistance at mid-market price levels.

  • Petya Noycheva and Partners Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Business Law, Intelectual Property, Competition Law, Food Legislation

    Phone +359 (2) 958-2338

    Petya Noycheva and Partner expertise is providing business solutions for Bulgarian and foreign companies. Our lawyers have strong skills in the field of negotiations between companies and clients’ negotiations with banks, institutions, and state authorities. Our goal is to help business to avoid...

  • Sheytanova & Co Law Office

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Bulgaria Business & Private Law Practice

    Phone +329 885 089 800

    The Law office is founded by Malena V. Sheytanova, an Attorney at Law at the Sofia Bar Association. It offers legal advisory services and representation of local and international businesses and private individuals. Practice areas include Trade and Corporate law, Energy law and RES, IT law, and...


  • Stoeva, Kuyumdjieva & Vitliemov Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Full-Service Law Firm in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 954-2610

    Stoeva, Kuyumdjieva & Vitliemov was founded in 2004 by dynamic and diligent lawyers, dedicated to developing a modern and business oriented legal practice. We provide practical problem-solving, legal advice in all areas of Bulgarian corporate and commercial law. We have expertise in insurance law...

  • Todorov & Partners Law Firm

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Real Estate & Business Law Firm in Bulgaria

    Phone +359 (2) 948-9211

    Lawyers Eleonora Tzvetkova and Tzvetmoir Todorov joined their practices to form the Law Firm Todorov and Partners in the beginning of 2007. Each of the founding partners had already achieved substantial professional prominence by the time the law firm was formed. Although the founding partners had...

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