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Massa Law Firm

Massa Law Firm

Bologna, Italy

International Law, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Corporate & Internet Law Firm in Italy

Phone+39 345 00 36 218

Studio Legale Massa (Massa Law Firm) is a leading commercial, corporate, intellectual property and Internet law firm in the Italian legal field, with offices in Bologna and Foggia, respectively in the regions of Emilia Romagna and Puglia, operating throughout Italy, abroad and on...

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Princivalle Apruzzi Danielli Law Firm

Princivalle Apruzzi Danielli Law Firm

Bologna, Italy

Commercial and Business Law Firm in Bologna, Italy

Phone+39 (051) 093-0400

Princivalle Apruzzi Danielli Law Firm is an independent commercial law firm based in Bologna, Italy, which offers a wide range of legal services including international business law and cross border transactions, company and branch incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy,...

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  • Lucucchini Gattamorta & Associates

    Bologna, Italy

    International Legal Services Corporate & Commercial

    Phone +39 051436359

    Lucucchini Gattamorta & Associates, a full corporate/commercial quality law firm with in-house English mother-tongue lawyers. International business and contracts.

  • Athena

    Bologna, Italy

    Corporate Banking Financial & Business Law Office

    Phone 39 (051) 056 - 7203

    Litigation and legal advise with focus on contract negotiations and drafting, banking law, financial law, national and inernational debt collection, corporate law, commercial law, protection of consumer interest.

  • Pezzi & Associati

    Bologna, Italy

    International and Domestic Business Law and Transactions Law Firm in Italy

    Phone 39 51 580382

    Pezzi & Associates (P&A) law firm is established in the north of Italy, at the heart of the Emilia Romagna region, in the city of Bologna. The Firm consists of a team of international legal practitioners, all coordinated by the founding partner Claudio Pezzi. ; The Firm is divided into practice...

  • Lex Alimentaria Food Law Office

    Bologna, Italy

    Food & Beverage Law Consultants

    Phone +39 051 6486188

    Lex Alimentaria is an Food Law Office providing tailor-made legal service and consultancy to Food Business Operators, Associations and Public Administrations operating in the food chain.; We are a multi-talented team led by Daniele Pisanello, food lawyer, and we are ready to assist clients with...

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