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De Micco & Friends Group

De Micco & Friends Group

Full-Service Law Firm in Madrid, Spain
Phone+34 (871) 955-077

De Micco & Friends is represented in Palma de Mallorca and in Spain by a network of more than 300 lawyers and auditors. In Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville and the Canarias Island offer English and English-speaking, lawyers, approved by the...

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Antonio Viñal & Co. Abogados

Antonio Viñal & Co. Abogados

Madrid, Spain
Business, Transportation, Intellectual & Industrial Property Lawyers in Spain
Phone+34 (91) 420-2427

Antonio Viñal & Co. Abogados was formed in 1991 as a LLP, although its founder and director had already begun his practice in 1986. At the time the Firm’s only office was in Madrid (which is today’s head office). During the years the Firm built its practice in other cities such as...

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DLA Piper

DLA Piper

Madrid, Spain
Global Law Firm
Phone+34 91 3191212

DLA Piper became one of the largest legal service providers in the world in 2005 through a merger of unprecedented scope in the legal sector. While large in scale, the merger strategy was simple – to create an international legal practice capable of taking care of the most important...

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  • AddVANTE Economistas & Abogados, SLP

    Madrid, Spain

    Full-Service Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 441 53 15

    AddVANTE is an internationally oriented professional services firm, with over 20 years experience providing legal and financial counseling in Spain. Our professionals specialize in different areas of Law, Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions, economic and financial consulting. We favor interdisciplinarity...

  • Broseta Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Corporate Finance, Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Litigation & Arbitration Lawyers in Sp

    Phone +34 (91) 432-3144

    Broseta Abogados has a long tradition in the legal field. It was founded in 1975 by Manuel Broseta Pont, a chaired professor of Commercial Law and State Councillor. Today it is an innovative and highly qualified firm with over one hundred professionals taking part in transactions of great magnitude...

  • Dr. Frühbeck Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Legal and Tax Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 700-4350

    Dr. Frühbeck Abogados was founded in 1952 our main focus has been on enterprises and corporations and also high net worth private individuals and their respective activities both in Spain and abroad. We are an international law firm with teams of highly qualified and internationally trained lawyers...

  • Estudio Jurídico Intercontinental

    Madrid, Spain

    Civil Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 91 4360752

    @import url(chrome-extension://kbfnbcaeplbcioakkpcpgfkobkghlhen/skin/all.css);; Estudio Jurídico Intercontinental was established in 2004, as re-foundation of the old "Law Firm Castellana 100" of Madrid, later "Velázquez 53 Law Firm", he co-founded in 1973 Rafael González Bautista. Under his...

  • GRW Tax Law

    Madrid, Spain

    Madrid, Spain Corporate and Business Lawyers

    Phone +34 (91) 571-0001

    GRW Tax Law is among Madrid's leading law firms with both legal and corporate consultancy. This excellence and breadth has made us the firm of choice and best satisfies the needs of companies and professional clients that requiere an integral service of consultancy, legal advice and management. ;...

  • ILP Global LR abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Corporate, M&A and Business Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 91 4582492

    ILP Global LR Abogados knows that our clients are not impressed by brand names. Our clients only find high quality in trust and trust is not up for sale. Trust is found in the daily reflection of dedication, right attitude, commitment, experience, and strict honesty. And that is something we can...

  • Interlegal Consulting Lawyers & Solicitors

    Madrid, Spain

    Full Service Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 402-0160

    Interlegal Consulting Lawyers & Solicitors fully focused on serving Individuals and public entities throughout the world. A full service International Corporate and commercial based Law Firm in Europe and South America offering high-quality and cost effective services to its clients. Over the past...

  • Juarez & Asociados

    Madrid, Spain

    Family and Tax Law Office in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 91 5900070

    Juarez & Asociados is a family law office handling cases such as legal and tax management, and estate planning, and business. We are not subject to any entity and therefore, we direct customer only. We offer customized solutions for each client, designing them exclusively for him. The relationship...

  • Larrotcha y Del Campo Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Commercial, Company and Transport Law Office

    Phone +34 (91) 151-7113

    Larrotcha y Del Campo Abogados is a law firm specialized in the fields of Commercial, Company and Transport Law, which provides legal services to its clients offering a global approach covering every branch of law (civil, commercial, company, criminal and labour law).; The firm can count on...

  • Lebrero Abogados SRLP

    Madrid, Spain

    Admiralty and Maritime, Aviation, International and Environmental Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (915) 313-605

    Lebrero Abogados SRLP is a law firm leader in the Spanish and in the international markets in matters of Aviation, Shipping and Admiralty, Aerospace and Road Transportation.; Such legal services are provided by means of a team of lawyers trained in the proper way, able to offer clients full...

  • Lerroux & Fernandez-Pacheco

    Madrid, Spain

    Corporate Law, Civil Law, Industrial and Intellectual Property Law in Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 593-0072

    Lerroux & Fernández-Pacheco is a Spanish Law Firm, specializing in Corporate Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Competition Law, International trade and foreign investments.; Lerroux & Fernández-Pacheco, with a constant and sustained increase, thanks to the effort and leadership of its...

  • Mariscal Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    International Corporate Law, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Energy Law in Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 564-6432

    Mariscal Abogados is a leading Spanish law firm dedicated to providing legal services to national and international companies seeking to do business or carry out their expansion strategies in Spain.; The professionalism of our lawyers, as well as a careful control of our legal counsel, enable us to...


  • Martín Sotelo Consultores y Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Civil, Family, Criminal and Administrative Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 91 2844702

    Martin Sotelo has become one of the most rigorous and efficient Spanish law firms since 1969. A law reference in Spain for individuals and companies around the world, with its own identity and with a track inspired by the adaptation to modernity, and based on the pillars of quality, excellence and...

  • Nahmias & Partners

    Madrid, Spain

    Based in Madrid Spain, We Provide International Legal Counselling

    Phone +34 91 127 8147

    Nahmias & Partners provide international legal counselling, usually only available at larger firms. Our practice areas include international transactions, distribution, competition law, intellectual property, international trade law, regulatory compliance , international sanctions and other related...

  • Plehn Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    International Business and Related Litigation Practice in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 91 411 4072

    Plehn Abogados is al law firm specialized in international transactions. We are based in Madrid, Spain and focus particularly in representing foreign clients coming to Spain. The law firm’s attorneys are multilingual and represent a wide variety of foreign clients, primarily in commercial,...

  • Rodríguez Molnar & Asociados

    Madrid, Spain

    Madrid, Spain Corporate and Environmental Law Firm

    Phone +34 (91) 431-6795

    Rodríguez Molnar & Asociados, (RM&As) is a well-known Spanish specialized law firm, active in all kinds of foreign investments, international and corporate work in general, environmental law and IP law. Our goal is to ensure your best interests are always kept at the forefront through the highest...

  • Scudamore Law

    Madrid, Spain

    International Commercial Law and Private Client Practice in Spain and London

    Phone +34 91 593 91 26

    Scudamore Law is an Anglo-Spanish law firm based in Madrid with offices in London and Almeria. We provide specialist legal services for English-speaking foreign corporates trading or investing in Spain and for private individuals owning or inheriting property in Spain.

  • Tomás F. Serna

    Madrid, Spain

    Spain Corporate, Commercial, Intellectual Property and Information Technologies Lawyers in Spain

    Phone +34 91 5643264

    Tomás F. Serna & Asociados is practicing legal advice in the field of protection of personal data and the new technologies and the Internet since 2000, our team of professionals will be happy to take care of defending their interests in Spain and the European Union. since a thorough knowledge and...

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