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Sader & Associates

Sader & Associates

Beirut, Lebanon
Intellectual Property Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon
Phone+961 (1) 499-888

Sader & Associates is a Beirut, Lebanon-based law firm, founded in 2003, with a progressive outlook on the region's legal significance. In a globalized age of interlocking, complex business structures and collaborations, our aim is to simplify and protect the interests of our clients,...

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Beirut, Lebanon
Business Law Firm with offices in Italy - Lebanon - UAE - South Africa
Phone+961 (1) 422466

Eptalex (founded as Aziz Torbey Law Firm in 1973) is an international law firm with offices in Beirut, Lebanon; Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Milan, Italy. The firm provides litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, and innovative...

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D&C Legal Services

D&C Legal Services

Beirut, Lebanon
Full Service Law Firm
Phone+961 1 957586

D&C Legal Services provides a wide range of legal services in many fields, such as: incorporation and foreign investment, banking and finance, international trade and customs, maritime law, insurance & reinsurance, tax law, labor law, franchise and licensing, corporate, arbitration,...

Other Offices: Tripoli

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Airut Law Offices

Airut Law Offices

Beirut, Lebanon
Banking, Corporate, Commercial and Litigation Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon
Phone+961 (1) 391414

Airut Law Offices is a civil and commercial litigation and arbitration firm with office locations in Beirut, Lebanon and Erbil, Iraq. Practice areas encompass bankruptcy and enforcement procedures, banking law, corporate finance and capital markets, construction and real estate,...

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Madkour Law Firm

Madkour Law Firm

Beirut, Lebanon
Full-Service Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon
Phone+961 (1) 329200

Since its formation, Madkour Law Firm has developed into one of Beirutís largest and most respected law offices, serving numerous high profile individuals and companies and has already achieved a prominent position in the Law Business.
Contributing to its growing success is the...

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  • Abou Jaoude & Associates Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Beirut, Lebanon Securities, Corporate Finance and Banking Law Firm

    Phone +961 1 395555

    THE FIRM ; Abou Jaoude & Associates Law Firm (AJA) has throughout the last decade witnessed exponential growth and gained a considerable local, regional and international client base, thus reinforcing its positioning as one of the leading law firms in Lebanon and the Middle East. ; Capitalizing on...

  • AbouNader and Tohme Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Corporate, Commercial, IP Law, Construction, Real Estate, Banking, Finance, Family law

    Phone +961 70 420 413

    Abou Nader and Tohme is a boutique law firm that focuses on building personalized client relationship combined with unparallel quality of services and commercial awareness. ; We provide client-centered representation, an approach that allows us to engage and deliver the highest level of...

  • Aco Law Firm

    KasLIK, Lebanon

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Lebanon

    Phone +961 9 222735

    Experienced appellate lawyer with a focus on Real Estate, Family Law and Human Rights.; Successful in pursuing and closing legal transactions at all levels of government (national and municipal). ; Excellent research, writing and presentation skills.; Adapts quickly to unpredictable situations and...

  • Alem & Associates

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Barristers & Solicitors

    Phone +961 1 999 717

    Alem & Associates is a regional boutique legal power house designed to provide state-of-the-art legal services blended with knowledge of the local heritage. By embracing change and understanding the business of our clients, we are able to provide a high-end approach integrated with transparency and...

  • Awada & Tyan Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +961 1 384700

    Awada & Tyan Law Firm in Beirut - Lebanon specializing in all kind of legal matters mainly tax law, administrative law, civil law, commercial law and banking and finance.

  • Azzi Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Full Service Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon

    Phone 961-1-481100

    Azzi Law Firm provides a full range of legal services to both Lebanese and international clients. We assist clients in a variety of legal matters, ranging from penal and civil law, to administrative law, commercial and business law general corporate work, mergers and acquisitions, protection of...

  • Badri & Salim El Meouchi Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Full-Service Law Firm in Lebanon

    Phone 961 1 995900

    Founded in the 19th century, Badri & Salim El Meouchi Law Firm is one of the oldest, largest, and most distinguished of the leading law firms in Lebanon. The firm provides a full range of comprehensive legal services including Civil, Corporate, Financial, Tax, Internet, Real Estate, Criminal, and...

  • Bechara and Zaatar Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Full-Service Law Firm in Beirut

    Phone (961) 5 459 849

    Established in 1972 by Fawzi Bechara along with his wife Latifee Zaatar, Bechara, Zaatar & Associates Law Firm has 35 years history of guarding and enforcing the principles of fairness and honesty in every business and personal relationship.

  • Beirut Practice Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Family, IP, Litigation, Real Estate, Corporate, Tax and Banking Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon

    Phone +961 (1) 989-801

    Beirut Practice is a multifaceted law firm based in Beirut, Lebanon, with affiliated offices throughout the Middle East. The firm caters to both Lebanese and international clients and its continued growth throughout the region can be attributed to its commitment to providing clients with innovative...

  • Camille Maalouf Law Firm CMLF

    Beirut, Lebanon

    International General Practice and Arbitration Law Firm

    Phone +009613122226

    CMLF team is formed of highly experienced lawyers and business professionals that can draw upon a network of contacts in Lebanon, the Middle East and worldwide to provide you with the required know-how to deal with any business opportunity or overcome any legal obstacle or problem.; CMLF has built...

  • Chemaly & Company

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Corporate Advisory: Corporate and Commercial Law, Regulatory Compliance, Governance, Organization

    Phone +961 4 717971

    Chemaly & Company is a corporate advisory services firm that was recently incorporated to ensure the continuity of 40 years of experience in the legal sector, in the Lebanese and regional markets.; It has a unique approach and an edge over its peers as it adds up to legal advisory, compliance,...


  • Fakhry Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Full Service Law Firm in Lebanon

    Phone +961 (1) 200878

    Fakhry Law Firm is one of the oldest law firms in Lebanon. Opening its doors in 1968, we are an international firm specializing in business law for companies and entrepreneurs around the world. Our clients are both local and international and our legal services include legal advice and...

  • Farran Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Business, Corporate ad Taxes Law Firm

    Phone +96 11 426174

    FARRAN law firm is one of the oldest law firms operating in Lebanon that provides wide-ranging local, regional and international legal services. With its professional team of lawyers offering their skills in many languages, FLF is proud to provide its clients the finest legal advice and assistance.

  • Ghannam - Attorneys at Law and Legal Consultants

    Beirut, Lebanon
    Phone +961 1 351140/1
  • Hajj Moussa, Bonja & Partners Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Corporate, Real Estate, Development Structure & Finance Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon

    Phone +961 1 514141

    Hajj Moussa, Bonja & Partners Law Firm, since its foundation in 1997, in Beirut, has been adopting legal competence, professionalism, seriousness, continuous learning, confidentiality and credibility, as criteria in practice. ; The success in applying and performing such criteria has carried out...

  • Jaber Law firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Full-Service Business Law Firm in Lebanon

    Phone +961 1 399179

    Jaber Law Firm is a law firm that was established in 1929 by late Attorney Anis M. Jaber (the first lawyer in the region of Aley). The law firm was handled later on by late Attorney Chakib A. Jaber, whose statue rise at the entrance of the city of Aley. Nowadays, Jaber Law Firm is managed by...

  • Kabalan Law

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Domestic and International Full Service Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon

    Phone +961 1 365146

    Kabalan Law, established in Beirut in 1974, is a law firm providing full legal service and working together to build a successful dynamic team of lawyers serving clients domestically and internationally. Kabalan Law was registered as Etude Maitre Noureddine Kabalan continuously develops both...

  • Kantari Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Specialized International Lawyers and Consultants

    Phone +9613215899

    Is a full service law firm with its head offices in Beirut, Lebanon, We are looking forward for exploring perfection through the cooperation with a leading law firm; Bright & Bright U.A.E.

  • Maalouf, Abi Younes and Tohme Law Firm

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property, Corporate, Business, Criminal & Real Estate Law Firm

    Phone +961 1 332312

    Maalouf, Abi Younes and Tohme Law Firm began in 1991 with a handful of lawyers operating throughout Lebanon. In 2005, a merger introduced three new partners. It has grown since then into an 8-attorney firm listed with the Beirut Bar Association under the label Maalouf, Abi Younes and Tohme. The...

  • Melki & Associates

    Hazmieh, Lebanon

    Full-Service Boutique Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon

    Phone 9615454584

    Melki & Associates is a boutique law firm in Beirut, that provides world class legal services and representation to a wide spectrum of local and international clients and entities. We mainly specialize in Corporate/Commercial, administrative law and Banking & Finance. Our aim is to satisfy all of...

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