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Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Essen, Germany
Full-Service Law Firm In Essen, Germany
Phone+49 (201) 9220-0

We have expertise in all the areas that are important for small to medium-size businesses, major corporations and the public sector. Our size allows our lawyers and tax advisors to focus on specific areas and industries. Our legal and tax Practice Areas are divided into Service Lines....

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Essen, Germany
International Private Law And Commercial Lawyers In Germany
Phone+49 20 1872620

KordtRechtsanwälte is a law firm established in 1985 and specialised in civil and commercial law, also covering international business.
Based at the heart of the Rhine/Ruhr area, Germany's most populated economic region, the firm predominantly advises medium-sized German and foreign...

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  • Buse Heberer Fromm

    Essen, Germany

    International Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +49 201 1758 0

    In Buse Heberer Fromm, we ourselves are constantly reviewing and revising our approach in specialized teams. Our experts observe new trends in case law and jurisprudence and analyze their impact on your projects.

  • BBL Bernsau Brockdorff

    Essen, Germany

    German Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +49 201 7988162-0

    For many years, BBL has been one of the leading law firms in the area of restructuring, reorganization and insolvency in Germany.

  • Aulinger Rechtsanwälte

    Essen, Germany

    Full Service Law Firm in Germany

    Phone +49 (201) 95 98 6-0

    With a team of more than 35 lawyers, Aulinger Rechtsanwälte offers highly qualified legal advice. We draft contracts, provide comprehensive support with all aspects of projects and represent our clients in litigation proceedings. Our experience goes back 60 years and we are one of the leading law...

  • Kubler

    Essen, Germany

    Corporate Lawyers in Germany

    Phone +49 201 89 09 571-0

    A core competence of Kubler is the stabilization and the going-concern of larger companies in economic crisis, even over a longer period of time. In doing so, the focus is to stabilize and maintain the business operations and to sustain a maximum number of jobs. Since the year 1974, corporate...

  • Schultze & Braun

    Essen, Germany

    Business and Insolvency Lawyers in Germany

    Phone +49 201 2698060

    Our offices cover over one third of Germany’s 183 Insolvency Courts – coverage unmatched by any other law firm. Today, more than 60 years later, this has grown into Schultze & Braun, one of the top-ranking business recovery, insolvency and restructuring specialists in Germany. The company has more...

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