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Money Laundering Lawyers in Israel

  • Asaf Dok Law Firm

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Criminal Lawyer in Israel

    Phone +972-3-5505995

    The Asaf Dok Law Firm offers legal consultation, representation and accompaniment for normative suspects and defendants throughout the entire criminal and military proceeding, starting from the allegations and preparation for the police investigation, through the stage of arrest, release and...

  • Bartal Cohen Advocates

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Criminal Law Firm in Israel

    Phone +972 3 9499666

    Bartal Cohen Advocates specializes in all aspects of Israeli Criminal Law, with special emphasis on white collar crimes, severe offenses, military criminal offenses and unique administrative litigation. We choose our cases with extreme care, representing normative people with no prior record – as a...

  • Guy Flanter Israel Criminal Lawyer

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan Criminal & Military Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 744-7448

    Our firm practices Criminal & Military Law in Israel, focusing on representing clients who do not have a criminal record.; Apart from large corporations such as Banks and Telecom Companies, our client-base includes executives and professionals from all walks of life, including Lawyers, Accountants,...

  • Libai, Mann & Co., Advocates

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Criminal Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 609-0101

    Libai, Mann & Co., Advocates is one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of criminal law (including international criminal law), white-collar crimes and extradition law, and has broad experience in constitutional litigation before the Supreme Court and litigation in civil matters. The firm...

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