Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyers and Law Firms in Italy

Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyers in Italy

Massa Law Firm

Massa Law Firm

Bologna, Italy
International Law, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Corporate & Internet Law Firm in Italy
Phone+39 345 00 36 218

Massa Law Firm is a leading commercial, corporate, intellectual property and Internet law firm in the Italian legal field, with offices in Bologna and Foggia, operating throughout Italy, abroad and on the internet.
Professionalism, experience and skills gained in its areas of...

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Ruggeri & Galli Law Offices

Ruggeri & Galli Law Offices

Personal Injury, registration of companies, Family, Real Estate Law Firm in Rome, Italy
Phone+39 3289652210

Ruggeri & Galli Law Offices is a full-service law firm based in Rome, Italy providing a wide range of legal services to local clients as well as tourists and travelers throughout Italy. The firm’s lawyers are among the most highly qualified legal minds available, and combine their...

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Princivalle Apruzzi Danielli Law Firm

Princivalle Apruzzi Danielli Law Firm

Bologna, Italy
Commercial and Business Law Firm in Bologna, Italy
Phone+39 (051) 093-0400

Princivalle Apruzzi Danielli Law Firm is an independent commercial law firm based in Bologna, Italy, which offers a wide range of legal services including international business law and cross border transactions, company and branch incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy,...

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Studio Legale Marzorati

Studio Legale Marzorati

Milan, Italy
Italy Divorce, Child Abduction, Medical Malpractice, Consumer, Car Accident, Commercial Law Firm
Phone+39 026709224

Studio Legale Marzorati is a civil law firm located in Milan, Italy, serving local, regional, and international clients. Main practice areas include family law such as separation and divorce, inheritance law, civil liability and compensation for damages, medical malpractice, consumers’...

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Milan, Italy
Lawyers and Tax Consultants in Italy
Phone+39 (33) 49986473

Eptalex Milan office of Jglegal consists of a team of agile, young and inspired group of lawyers, well rooted in the Italian legal market, with a passionate unique vocation for working in complex and rapidly evolving markets in selected jurisdictions worldwide.
For several years,...

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Ragusa, Italy
Company, Business, Commercial, Property, Family, Divorce, International Law Firm
Phone+39 346 0090366

SSRBJ Law, SSRBJ Law (Bulgaria), SSRBJ Law (Italy), SSRBJ Law (Montenegro) and SSRBJ Law (Libya) are 5 independent full service Law Firms offering services in their respective jurisdictions. All 5 Law Firms collaborate between them and hence are in a position to offer a more broad...

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Boccadutri International Law Firm

Boccadutri International Law Firm

Palermo, Italy
Full-Service Law Firm in Palermo, Rome and Milan, Italy
Phone+39 (091) 7482124

Boccadutri is a full service International Law Firm with offices in Palermo, Rome, Milan, London, New York, Barcelona, Bucharest, Krakow, Rosario and Rio de Janeiro.
Boccadutri specializes in assisting international clients with legal matters in Italy. We are able to serve our...

Other Offices: Milan, Rome

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Arnone & Sicomo

Arnone & Sicomo

Palermo, Italy
Full-Service International Law Firm in Italy
Phone+39 3332454773

Arnone&Sicomo is a full service international law firm based in Palermo and offices in Milan, Rome, Cuneo, Trento, Catania, London, Madrid, Brussel and Istanbul, offering Italian, English, Spanish, French, and Arabic speaking clients skilled and knowledgeable assistance in a wide...

Other Offices: Milan

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Giambrone Law

Giambrone Law

Full-Service Italian Law Firm in Rome
Phone+39 (06) 326498

Giambrone is an award-winning full service law firm operating through a network of offices in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Rome, Tunis and Palermo with plans to expand further over the coming years.
Giambrone has undergone radical changes over the last eight years....

Other Offices: Milan, Palermo, Sassari

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  • A.L.M Mediterranean Legal Group

    Milan, Italy

    Full Service Mediterranean Law Firm in Barcelona, Spain

    Phone +39 02 72546638

    A.L.M Mediterranean Legal Group, AEIE (Group JURISMED) is the grouping of lawyers' offices and juridical services of different cities and of diverse community states of the CEE inside the area of the Mediterranean. Initially formed as offices of Spain, France and Andorra it has the vocation of his...

  • Andriulo & Partners

    Brindisi, Italy

    International Business Law Firm providing assistance for individuals and SME.

    Phone +39 083 1604694

    A modern way to be lawyers. More close to the client's needs! We offer legal and business services in the main areas of Italian, Spanish, EU and International Law - in all transactional matters and litigation contexts.; We are a boutique interantional law firm since 2005. With 2 offices, one in...

  • Attorney Domenico Esposito

    Verona, Italy

    Consumer, Family, Criminal and Taxation Law Firm in Verona, Italy

    Phone +39 045 9582269
  • Bertazzi Law Firm

    Verona, Italy

    International Trade Law Firm

    Phone +39 045 6198706

    languages: english, dutch, italian, french, german, spanish; Law Firm in Italy in divers cities: Soave - Verona - Milan (Milano) - Rome (Roma) - Genova - Florence (Firenze) - Bologna - Venezia - Brescia - Padova - Modena - Mantova - Bergamo - Bolzano; Expert in: debt recovery, inheritance, divorce,...

  • Ceccarelli & Silvestri Law Firm

    Pesaro, Italy

    General Practice Law Firm in Pesaro, Italy

    Phone +39 0721 379234

    Ceccarelli & Silvestri is an Italian Law firm counting more than 20 professionals among lawyers, CPA’s, tax consultants and paralegals with offices in Pesaro, Milan, Rome and Florence. ; Besides our offices located in Pesaro, Milan, Rome and Florence, Ceccarelli & Silvestri has forged relationship...

  • DellAvvocato & Chiarappa Law Firm

    Bari, Italy

    Company Law, Real Estate, Energy, Separation and Divorce, Insurance

    Phone +39 080 5574823

    The Dell’Avvocato & Chiarappa Law Firm is located in Bari (Italy) and provides legal services to companies and individuals whether they are located in Italy or overseas. Our firm is proficient to conduct legal matters in both Italian and English language.; As professional lawyers our aim is to put...

  • G Lex & Partners

    Rome, Italy

    Full-Service Law Firm in Rome and Milan, Italy

    Phone +39 06 96526115

    G Lex & Partners - Independent Lawyers, is a new born law firm where lawyers with different skills work together. G Lex & Partners - Independent Lawyers offers its competences to companies and individuals providing legal assistance in relation to individual customer needs. The firm provides legal...

  • Law Firm Nomos

    Jesi, Italy

    Corporate & Private Consulting Firm

    Phone +39 0731 56847

    Other Offices: Bologna

  • Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

    Calabria, Italy

    Full Service Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +39 096343443

    Martinez - Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers is, since its establishment, in 1983, an office whose bet for quality and professional excellence have made up the pillars on where the company is known in all the locations where it has seats - national and international - because of its marked...

  • MDM Studio Legale & Tributario

    Milan, Italy

    Law & Tax Firm

    Phone +39 02 55 19 14 86

    MDM is a multi-practice professional firm, consisting of lawyers and accountants based in Milan and Florence. Founded in 1999 by lawyers and chartered accountants, the firm offers an array of services within the legal and tax fields, through a dynamic and synergistic collaboration of 13...

  • Miotti Law Firm

    Rome, Italy

    Commercial & Business Law Firm in Italy

    Phone +39 06 636362

    Miotti Law Firm is an International Law Firm based in Rome, operating since 1984 and active in all areas of civil law, with particular experience in the field of commercial law, tort law, real estate.; The law firm provides assistance and consultancy to national foreign companies, and private...

  • Pigliacampo Law Firm

    Bologna, Italy

    Law Firm - Civil Litigation - Business and Commercial Law

    Phone +39 051531939

    Pigliacampo Law Firm located in Bologna, Italy provides services in: ; Civil law - Banking, Business Law, Commercial and Contract, Commercial Litigation, Consumer Law, Credit, European Community Law, Foreign Investment, Health, Healthcare Law, Import/Export, Insolvency, Insurance, Litigation,...

  • Studio Avvocati Viviani e Zizzari

    Turin, Italy

    Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +39 011 748624

    Studio avvocati Viviani e Zizzari Law Firm is an International Law firm located in Turin, Italy operating since 1998 and specialized in all areas of civil law, with particular experience in the field of civil law, contracts, tort law, consumer law and debt recovery. We provide assistance and...

  • Studio Legale Avv. Cesare Milani

    Gallarate, Italy

    Civil & Penal Law Firm in Gallarate

    Phone +39 0331701600
  • Studio Legale Avv. Marco Lenti Livraghi

    Legnano, Italy

    Civil Litigation Law Firm in Italy

    Phone +39 0331 549462

    Marco Lenti Livraghi Law Firm offers strong custom-oriented legal advice and assistance.; Marco Lenti Livraghi Law Firm approaches the clients' problems in a pro-active way and, according to this view, promotes on their behalf,; all those useful activities necessary to reach the goals the clients...

  • Studio Legale Avv. Sabrina Dalessandro

    Trieste, Italy

    Legal Office in Italy

    Phone +39 040 364870

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