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Employment law governs the rights and duties between employers and workers. Also referred to as labor law, these rules are primarily designed to keep workers safe and make sure they are treated fairly, although laws are in place to protect employers’ interests as well. Employment laws are based on federal and state constitutions, legislation, administrative rules, and court opinions. A particular employment relationship may also be governed by contract.

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Employment Lawyers and Law Firms in Turkey

Employment Lawyers in Turkey

Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Bodrum, Turkey
Full Service Law Firm in Spain
Phone+90 252 3161595

Martinez - Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers is, since its establishment, in 1983, an office whose bet for quality and professional excellence have made up the pillars on where the company is known in all the locations where it has seats - national and international - because of...

Law Firm's Overview 

Pekin & Bayar Law Firm

Pekin & Bayar Law Firm

Istanbul, Turkey
Corporate, Business, Banking & Finance, Capital Markets & Privatization
Phone+90 212 359 5700

Pekin & Bayar Law Firm was founded by Mr. M. Fethi Pekin in 1946. Mr. Pekin was joined by his daughter Mrs. Sefika Pekin and his granddaughter Mrs. Selin Bayar, and the name of the family firm became Pekin & Bayar where three generations of Pekins now work.
With its experience...

Law Firm's Overview 

Pekin & Pekin

Pekin & Pekin

Istanbul, Turkey
Full-service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey
Phone+90 (212) 313-3500

Pekin & Pekin, founded in 1971, is a dominant player in the field of Turkish law firms advising on crossborder transactions with Turkey. We are legal adviser to 25% of the Fortune Global 500, global law firms representing clients with interests in Turkey and corporations both international...

Law Firm's Overview 

White & Case LLP

White & Case LLP

Ankara, Turkey
A Global Law Firm
Phone+90 312 4425680

White & Case, founded in New York in 1901, has lawyers in the United States, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our clients are public and privately held commercial businesses and financial institutions, as well as governments and state-owned entities, involved...

Other Offices: Istanbul

Law Firm's Overview 

  • AC & Coll

    Istanbul, Turkey

    National and International Full-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2692577

    AC & Coll’s main principals of our firm are experienced, intelligent, reliance, allegiance, stability, focuses on results and honesty. This leads to the knowledge that we provide a reputable management, not just legal consultancy.; AC & Coll is an international law firm and providing legal and...

  • Adel Avukatlik Bürosu

    Ankara, Turkey

    Ankara, Turkey Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +90 (312) 4186337

    Adel Law Office is a law firm located in Ankara, which provides attorney and consultancy service in legal areas to its local and foreign clients. The principle aim of our office is to provide the best and prompt professional legal service to our clients in order to reach long term solutions.

  • AK & EL Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Multi-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 4142939

    In 2001, AK&EL Law Firm has been established in the center of Istanbul to fulfill legal requirements of its clients in Turkey and abroad. ; AK&EL Law provides legal services to a wide spectrum of domestic and foreign clients, and is committed to assisting our clients achieve their goals by...

  • Akcan Hukuk Burosu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 3504646

    Akcan Hukuk Burosu was founded in 1974, is a period of more than thirty years, real and legal persons of private law offer legal advice to the professional level. Our law firm, the law in almost every area of specialization own attorney staff with the help of, believes that the professional...

  • Akdogan Uslas, Attorneys at Law

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Full Service Business Law Firm

    Phone +90 (212) 3431628

    Akdogan Uslas is a general practice Turkish law firm based in Istanbul, providing legal services to local and international clients.; While working in all fields of private law, the firms primary practice areas consist of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, banking law, capital markets law,...


  • Akinci Attorneys at Law

    Antalya, Turkey

    International Lawyers in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 242 247 79 84

    Akinci is an international law firm, based in Antalya, Turkey, committed to providing high-quality legal services both in international and domestic practices including international arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, international construction law, international business law, company and...

  • Akkaya & Akkaya Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Turkish and International Full Service Law Firm in Antalya

    Phone +90 (212) 2513881

    Akkaya & Akkaya Law Firm was founded by Huseyin Akkaya in 1987, in Istanbul. The Firm became Ekin Law Firm with three more partners in 1988. In those years, an active role has been taken in legal procedure of foundation of the first Turkish Government Employee Unions, beside its services in private...

  • Akol Avukatlik Bürosu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 3551300

    Akol Avukatlık Bürosu is a full service law firm established in Istanbul, Turkey. All lawyers in the firm are bilingual and are qualified to practice law in Turkey.

  • Aktif Hukuk & Danişmanlik Bürosu

    Ankara, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 3478844

    Aktif Law Office, one of the leading law firms in Turkey, having over 16 years experience provides full legal service to the clients with a professional, dynamic and specialized team. The office, founded by Mr. Yakup Erikel in 1990, performs legal consultancy, litigation and dispute resolution...

  • Akyildiz Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    Turkish Commercial, Corporate, Real Estate, Foreign Capital and Penal Law Firm

    Phone +90 (232) 4630616

    Akyildiz Law Office provides legal services and assistance to local and international clients in Turkey and also relieves the clients in foreign jurisdictions. The firm is a general service law office focusing on commercial law, corporate law, real-estate law, foreign capital law, penal law...

  • Ali Yuksel & Hilmi Ozalp Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Intellectual Property, Debt Collection , Corporate , and Tax Law Firm

    Phone +90 212 2666565

    Ali Yüksel & Hilmi Özalp is a reputable full service law firm which provides the best legal services to its clients. Our firm's main practice areas are patent law, debt collection , corporate law , trademark law and tax law. Our lawyers have distinguishable international experience in all kind of...

  • Alper Tunga Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 212 347 4651

    Alper Tunga Law Firm founded by Atty. Alper Tunga Çevik provides service to its clientele in wide rage of area with its headquarters in Istanbul and liaison offices in Bursa, Ankara, İzmir, Edirne, Kayseri and Gaziantep.; Offering tailored solutions to its clientele, Alper Tunga Law Firm is...

  • Altan & Alper Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Boutique Law Firm on Business Law & Employment Law in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2937649

    Altan & Alper Law Office specializes in business law, information technology law, employment law, pharmaceutical law and dispute resolutions.

  • Arc Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Real Estate, Tax and Corporate Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 970-0636

    Arc Law Office in Istanbul, Turkey, represents clients who have issues with real estate, construction, zoning, contracts, acquisitions and mergers, corporate trade, administrative and employment. Regardless of the problem, the firm provides high-quality legal advice. The firm has partnerships with...


  • Arican Hukuk Bürosu

    Ankara, Turkey

    Intellectual Property, Criminal, Family and Company Law Firm

    Phone +90 (312) 4665634

    Arican Hukuk Bürosu, during the time it was founded until today, the current legal system to bring a solution to any dispute arising from the combination; intellectual property, criminal law, family law and company law.

  • Arikan Partners ILC

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Business and Dispute Resolution Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2572828

    Arikan Partners ILC’s attorneys are recognized for their commitment to the sophisticated representation of its clients. Its team of jurists having played key roles in numerous multi-million dollar transactions are trained and experienced to take responsibility in most challenging legal and business...

  • Arkun Attorneys at Law

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 5452890-91

    Arkun Attorneys at Law was established in 1990, in Istanbul by Att. Coskun Arkun, provides legal consulting and litigation services to domestic, international and multi-national industrial and commercial companies as well as financial corporations. ; Arkun Attorneys at Law has rendered wide-ranging...

  • Askan Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    Izmir, Turkey Domestic and Cross-Border Legal Services Lawyers

    Phone +90 (232) 4450886

    Askan Law Office was established in Izmir by Att. At Law Filiz Askan and Att. Beykan Askan in 1986. The office has been serving as legal consultant and counsel for both corporates and individuals for 23 years. With its experienced staff and consulting academicians, it focuses on special solutions...

  • Ata Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Corporate, Real Estate, Litigation, IP Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 216 5723000

    The Ata Law Firm, based in Istanbul, is a progressive, full-service law firm. The firm is well respected throughout Turkey. The Ata Law Firm is comprised of talented and effective attorneys who are dedicated to serving their client's legal needs. ; In 1992, we set out to build a new kind of law...

  • Atamer Hukuk Bürosu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2967893

    At Atamer Hukuk Bürosu, each of which was founded by lawyers who are experts in their field, faculty members, technical experts and legal issues in collaboration with assistants provide counseling and legal services. Our law firm natural and legal persons for legal advice, information and Internet...

  • Av. Tulin Nadir Akgunes

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Administrative, Commercial and Competition Lawyers

    Phone +90 (216) 3685456

    Av. Tulin Nadir Akgunes handles administrative, commercial and competition law throughout Istanbul, Turkey.

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