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Martínez Law

Martínez Law

Toronto, Canada
Criminal Defence and Human Rights Law Firm in Toronto, Canada
Phone(647) 717-8111

Martinez Law is a criminal defense and human rights firm located in Ontario, Canada. Criminal defense practice areas include drug possession and trafficking, arson, weapons charges, theft and robbery, internet and computer offenses, fraud and impersonation, membership in criminal...

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Banjoko Law

Banjoko Law

Toronto, Canada
Business, Probate, Real Estate and Securities Law Firm in Jamaica, US, UK and Canada
Phone(416) 549-1672

Banjoko Law is a full-service law firm with offices in Kingston, Jamaica, London, New York City and Toronto. We are committed to finding practical and affordable solutions to your legal challenges. We also offer legal counsel with the aim to prevent situations from escalating. Always...

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Caramanna Friedberg LLP

Caramanna Friedberg LLP

Toronto, Canada
Criminal Lawyers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone(416) 924-5969 or (855) 924-5969

Caramanna, Friedberg, LLP is a criminal defense firm located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Practice areas include drug and weapons offenses, property crimes, bail reviews and hearings, assault, fraud, DUI and traffic offenses, immigration prosecutions, internet related charges, murder/culpable...

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  • Adam Goodman, Barrister & Solicitor

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal and General Litigation Law Firm in Toronto, Canada

    Phone (416) 477-6793

    Adam Goodman, Barrister and Solicitor, is a Toronto criminal defense practice with offices in both New York and Toronto. Mr. Goodman is dedicated to fighting for clients' rights and protecting their freedoms. He is open with his clients and believes in consulting clients throughout the process. He...

    Other Offices: Toronto


  • Agnihotri Anwar LLP

    Toronto, Canada

    Real Estate,Human Rights,Commercial Law,Family Law,Criminal Law,Employment & Personal Injury Law

    Phone 416-645-5994

    Agnihotri Anwar LLP is a boutique law firm located in downtown Toronto specializing in Real Estate Law, Human Rights Law, Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law & Personal Injury. The firm has additional offices in Mississauga, North York & Bloor St. West.

  • Aguero Law

    Mississauga, Canada

    Criminal Defence, Estates & Trusts and Family Law in Ontario

    Phone (905) 361-9794

    Aguero Law, a boutique criminal defence, estates & trusts and family law firm servicing clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Alex Toolsie Barrister & Solicitor

    Kitchener, Canada

    Family & Criminal Law Office in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

    Phone (519) 804-9521

    Alex provides personalized service to those preparing for marriage, individuals in the midst of separation or divorce and those dealing with complex matrimonial matters including property division, spousal support, child custody and access. He also provides Criminal Law services for clients.

  • Barry Nussbaum, Barrister & Solicitor

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal, Civil and Family Law in Toronto, Canada

    Phone (416) 916-0886

    Nussbaum Law is a Toronto law firm providing legal services in the areas of criminal law, civil litigation, and family law. We are committed to improving the lives of our clients by providing efficient, cost-effective, and quality legal services to clients in Toronto and the surrounding Greater...

  • Basiga Law Firm

    London, Canada

    US-Canada Criminal Defence Focusing on Cross Border Immigration Issues

    Phone 519-432-7780

    Basiga Law Firm is a cross-border law firm with office in London, Ontario, Canada and Okemos, Michigan, U.S.A. Our focus is on cross-border issues, specifically criminal convictions with immigration consequences. We offer legal counsel on matters relating to: US-Canada Border Crossing/Immigration,...

  • Bayne Sellar Boxall

    Ottawa, Canada

    Criminal Defense Law Firm in Ottawa, Canada

    Phone (613) 236-0535

    Bayne Sellar Boxall in Ottawa, ON, have well over 130 years of combined experience in criminal defense, from more common offenses to the highly specialized. Lawyers defend those accused of drug offenses, driving offenses, domestic violence or assault, sexual offenses, commercial fraud, tax evasion,...

  • Bo Arfai

    Toronto, Canada

    Litigation in Adult and Youth Criminal, Family, Education and Other Fields

    Phone (647) 330-3201

    Bo Arfai is a Toronto-based criminal and family lawyer who prides himself on providing vigorous representation while emphasizing patience, empathy and open communication in the lawyer-client relationship. The firm represents adults and juveniles and can help people over 80 who are charged with...

  • Craig Penney

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal Trials and Investigations, Focusing on Luring, Child Pornography, Computer Crimes

    Phone (416) 410-2266

    Toronto defence lawyer Craig Penney is a certified specialist (criminal) dedicated to safeguarding and championing his clients, both under investigation and at trial. His focus is on computer and sex crimes, especially child pornography.

  • David G. Bayliss

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal Lawyer in Toronto, Canada

    Phone (416) 738-7708

    The Law Firm of David G. Bayliss has successfully defended against all types of criminal accusations including murder, manslaughter, assault, domestic violence, drug possession, trafficking and importing (cocaine, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy), sexual assault and other sexual offences, major fraud...

  • Edward H. Royle & Associates

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal Trial and Appeal Lawyers in Toronto, Ontario

    Phone (416) 309-1970

    Edward H. Royle & Associates practices exclusively in the area of criminal law, and is one of the largest defense firms in the Greater Toronto Area. Founded by senior practitioner, Edward H. ("Ted") Royle, a lawyer with over 25 years of experience, members of our firm have appeared at all levels of...

  • Jeff Hershberg, Lawyer

    Toronto, Canada

    Toronto, Ontario Criminal Defense Law Firm

    Phone (416) 428-7360

    Jeff Hershberg is a criminal lawyer in Toronto, Ontario who provides criminal law representation for bail hearings, theft / shoplifting, domestic assault, utter threats, sexual assault, mischief, drug offences, and more. ; The best defense you can have is an experienced criminal lawyer defending...

    Other Offices: Toronto


  • Kostman & Pyzer

    Toronto, Canada

    Toronto, Canada Criminal Defense Lawyers

    Phone (416) 658-1818

    Kostman and Pyzer is an independent association of creative, experienced and hardworking criminal lawyers who represent clients with an abundance of resources and thorough preparation. We will raise every realistic defence available and pursue all viable technical arguments for a successful...

  • Lucas Rebick, Barrister

    Toronto, Canada

    Toronto, Canada Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Phone (416) 849-2311

    Law Office of Lucas Rebick Barrister is the practice of Lucas Rebick, a lawyer providing legal advice and representation to clients in Toronto and around the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Matthew Friedberg LLP

    Toronto, Canada

    Toronto Criminal Lawyer

    Phone (416) 924-5969

    Matthew Friedberg LLP focuses on criminal defence in Toronto, ON. Attorney Matthew Friedberg provides expert legal advice and protects the rights of individuals facing criminal and quasi-criminal charges in the Ontario courts. He has extensive experience and works hard to make sure clients' rights...

  • Morrie Luft, Criminal Lawyer

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal Lawyer in Toronto, Canada

    Phone (416) 433-2402

    Morrie Luft is an experienced Toronto criminal lawyer with a proven track record who will work tirelessly to make sure you get the best defense. To ensure your case is successfully defended, Mr. Luft will carefully analyze the allegations against you, explore every angle of your defense and advance...

  • Norm Stanford

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal Defense Lawyer in Toronto, Canada

    Phone (416) 420-6107

    Norm Stanford is first and foremost a trial lawyer. Always working in the best interests of his clients, Norm will handle and defend every case from arrest through to trial, and keep his clients informed every step of the way. From the initial consultation, Norm’s background and experience will...

  • Odetoyinbo LLP

    Mississauga, Canada

    Ontario, Canada Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Immigration, Corporate Law & Real Estate Lawyers

    Phone (905) 487-6333

    Odetoyinbo LLP is a full service law firm in Mississauga, Ontario. We provide legal services in the areas of personal injury, criminal defence, real estate, business law and immigration.

  • R. Graham Zoppi

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal Lawyer in Toronto, Canada

    Phone (416) 873-6970

    Graham Zoppi is a leading Toronto criminal lawyer for over decades. He continuously pursues all available defenses whether constitutional, technical, factual, or legal. He provides exceptional defense of all criminal charges, with a focus on four primary areas, namely domestic assault, drinking and...

    Other Offices: Toronto

  • Reid D. Rusonik

    Toronto, Canada

    Criminal Defence Lawyer

    Phone (416) 410-4811

    Reid D. Rusonik in Toronto, CA, provides criminal defense for clients. He can represent those who have been charged with drug crimes, domestic assault, shoplifting, fraud, dangerous driving, sexual offenses, violent crimes and gun crimes. He works hard to protect their rights and freedoms.

  • Robichaud's Criminal Defence Litigation

    Toronto, Canada

    Toronto, Canada Criminal Lawyers

    Phone (416) 999-8389

    Robichaud’s is a Toronto criminal defense law firm that provides experienced criminal defense lawyers for all criminal charges throughout Ontario.

  • Scardicchio Law Office Professional Corporation

    Mississauga, Canada

    Criminal Defence & Personal Injury Law Firm in the GTA, Canada

    Phone (647) 607-7529

    At Scardicchio Law Office Professional Corporation, our law firm is focused on providing quality representation to individuals and corporations across Southern Ontario. Our firm's prime focus is Criminal Defense law. We handle cases from moderate to severe offences. We additionally provide legal...

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