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Boaz Gork, Advocate

Boaz Gork, Advocate

Tel Aviv, Israel
Family Law and Divorce Law Firm in Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone+972 (8) 926-8402

Boaz Gork, Advocate, is a divorce and family law attorney with offices in Tel Aviv and Modiin. Services include divorce in Israel, child abduction/Hague Convention, child custody and visitation, children’s rights, child support and maintenance, separation of property and equalization...

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  • Aharon Korzen Law Offices

    Netanya, Israel

    Netanya, Israel Family Law Firm

    Phone +972 (9) 882-1488

    We deal in family law, litigation, real estate, labor law, and wills and estates. Aharon Korzen is a Canadian who has been in Israel since 1966. He is currently chairman of the Netanya Region of the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel. He was a shaliach aliya in Montreal Canada during...

  • Amihoud Borochov Law Office

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Family Law Office

    Phone +972 (3) 523-4133

    Founded in 1989, our multilingual practice works exclusively in family law and specializes in cases with an international dimension. Our lawyers speak Hebrew , English and French at mother tongue level . We believe that good communication between lawyer and client is essential to effective...

  • Dafna Ziss Law Offices

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Matrimonial and Family Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 736-6769

    The law offices of attorney Dafna Ziss specializes in the area of matrimonial, family and inheritance law in Israel as well as in the USA.; We handle divorce cases, equitable distribution, custody and visitation, relocation, child abduction cases, child support, spousal support, property claims,...

  • David Laizer Law Firm

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Family and Real estate Law

    Phone +972-3-6134430

    David laizer Law Firm is an experienced, dedicated law firm located in ramat gan , Israel.; Our practice areas include Specialization in Family law, Divorce law, Real estate law, Bankruptcy and Writ Of Execution.; we provides Notarial services to all this Fields.

  • Gajda and Co. Law Office

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Business and Immigration Lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel

    Phone +972 (3) 523-7863

    The Law firm provides cross-border legal advice to business and individual clients in a wide range of legal areas, including Immigration and Citizenship in Poland and Israel, setting up companies in Poland, real estate transactions in Poland and Israel. ; The staff of the law firm offers its...

  • Gidron-Neeman_Kalika & Co.

    Haifa, Israel

    Haifa, Israel Arbitration, Mediation & Litigation Law Firm

    Phone +972 (4) 867-9222

    The firm was founded in 1963 by retired Judge Menachem trustee who served as vice president of the Haifa District Court, who was joined by attorney Shlomo Dan Wren.; The firm provides legal services to a wide range of areas of practice including providing legal advice, freight management...

  • Hagit Halevy & Co Law office

    Modiin, Israel

    Modiin, Israel Family, Divorce, Mediation, Common-law-spouses, Wills & Inheritance Law Office

    Phone 972-77-3487178

    Hagit Halevy & Co Law Office is located in Modiin, Israel. The law firm takes pride in offering professional legal services. You will receive courteous, personalized attention for your needs. The lawyers specialize in family law including divorce, medication, agreements, wills, inheritance, and...

    Other Offices: Tel Aviv

  • Irit Reichman - Law Office

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Family Law Firm in Jerusalem, Israel

    Phone +972 (2) 654-1542

    The Irit Reichman Law Office and Notary Public was established in 1987.; The firm specializes in family and personal status law including: arrangement of divorce agreements, financial support agreements, family conflict resolution agreements, processing of claims relating to inheritance, wills and...

  • Jay Hait, Adv. Law Offices

    Holon, Israel

    Israel Divorce Lawyer

    Phone +07 72 008161

    My name is Jay Hait and I am a Tel Aviv based attorney in Israel with offices in Jerusalem and Haifa as well. Originally from America I am licensed to practice law in Israel, New York, and New Jersey. My primary focus is on family law, mediation and divorce law.

  • John de Frece

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Civil and Family Law

    Phone +972 3 6182121

    John de Frece, is a member of the Law Society ( England ) and the Israel Bar. ; With 30 years of experience he conducts his practice from Ramat Gan, Israel.; The main areas of practice are General civil litigation, Personal status matters, Enforcement of foreign judgments and Full notarial services.

  • Koris - Rimon Law Firm

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Family Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 522-5101

    Our firm is a boutique firm whose value changes that occur frequently in areas where we provide service and increased demand from customers personal service, professional and impartial.; We work for our clients very professionally, with attention to special needs and requirements of each customer....

  • Malka Law Offices

    Haifa, Israel

    Bankruptcy Law for Mid-Sized & Large Businesses

    Phone +972 1 700 702 755

    Malka Lawyers provides legal services in various areas of Israeli law: bankruptcy, execution, personal injury, medical malpractice, Social Security, divorce, wills, inheritance, traffic, tax, white collar crime and criminal

  • Mettoudi & Co., Law Offices

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Telecommunication & Electronic Communication Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 696-7597

    We have a vast hands-on experience in all the regulatory and regulation aspects of the electronics communications market, in Europe and in France but also in Israel.; Our firm is specialized in High tech and specifically in all electronic communications fields (telecommunications, Internet, IPTV...

  • Noam Ebner Tachlit Mediation and Negotiation

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Jerusalem Israel Mediation and Negotiation Lawyers

    Phone +972 (5) 237-86996

    Noam Ebner is a negotiation and mediation consultant and trainer, an attorney and a mediator. He divides his time between his home and office in Jerusalem and his teaching, training and consulting activities abroad. ; Noam teaches regularly at several institutions around the world: Creighton...

  • Rinot Elhyani Advocates and Notaries

    Raanana, Israel

    Raanana Israel Family Law, Real Estate & Estate Planning Lawyer

    Phone +972 (9) 744-0110

    Founded in 1989, Rinot - Elhyani Law Offices is based in Raanana, Israel. We provide a wide range of services, primarily in the areas of real estate, family law, inheritance, and estate planning. ; Born and raised in New York and having gone through the experience of Aliya (immigration to Israel),...

  • Rotenberg

    Tel-Aviv, Israel

    Family Law Advocates Tel-Aviv

    Phone 972 (3) 616-1535

    The law offices of attorney Maya Rotenberg specializes in the area of matrimonial, family and inheritance law in Israel as well as world wide.; We handle divorce cases, prenuptial-agreements, divorce-agreements, parenting-agreements, child-custody, equitable distribution, custody and visitation,...

  • Simon Seitz, Attorney and Mediator

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Real Estate, Family and Mediation Law Firm in Jerusalem, Israel

    Phone +972 (2) 623-0251

    Simon has been practicing law in Jerusalem for the last 11 years, specializing in real estate and family law. Simon graduated with an LLB from London. Upon making Aliyah he started working with Paul Stark. Upon Paul’s appointment as a judge, Simon took over the practice. Simon is a certified...

  • Victoria Gelfand, Attorney at Law

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Family Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 525-99017

    Law Offices of attorney Victoria Gelfand specialize in family law cases and render services on a range of issues in this field, including topics which are considered relatively rare in Israel – for example: Surrogacy procedures abroad, which require an escort and supervision by an experienced...

  • Zev Paz - Law Offices

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Family and Divorce Lawyer in Ramat Gan Israel

    Phone +972 3 5753471

    The firm was founded by a lawyer Divorce Wolf Paz, an expert in family law and personal status, authorized by the Bar Association since 1995. initially specialized lawyer Zeev Paz Attorney's Office Criminal District Tel - Aviv, and then as a partner in a law firm dealing in personal status, family...

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