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Spencer Global Chile

Spencer Global Chile

Frutillar, Chile
Chile International Law, Relocation, and Investment Consulting Firm
Phone+56 2 421 024

Spencer Global is located in Santiago and Frutillar, Chile, South America and specializes in providing legal and investment services to the international or foreign community in Chile. We provide integrated legal services that go beyond issues of just Chilean law, providing the broad...

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Diaz Reus, LLP

Diaz Reus, LLP

Santiago, Chile
International Law Firm in Santiago, Chile
Phone+1 (877) 247-9277

Diaz Reus, LLP is a global law firm based in Miami, Florida, with additional offices in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. The firm serves U.S. and global clients, including companies, individuals, and government entities.
Practice areas encompass appeals and trial support, arbitration...

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Santiago, Chile
Complex Litigation Law Firm in Santiago, Chile
Phone+56 (2) 2652 9000

FerradaNehme (FN) is located in Santiago, Chile and provides a range of legal services to corporations, companies, institutions, and individuals. Practice areas include antitrust law, economic regulation, environment and natural resources, public law and government, corporate law,...

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Fuchslocher, Bogdanic & Asociados

Fuchslocher, Bogdanic & Asociados

Puerto Montt, Chile
Full Service Law Firm in Puerto Montt, Chile
Phone+56 (6) 526-6566

Fuchslocher, Bogdanic & Asociados is a law firm based in Puerto Montt, in Chile’s Región de los Lagos – the gateway to Patagonia. This is one of the fastest growing areas in Latin America.
Our firm also has a branch office further south in Chaitén, which allows us to deal directly...

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  • Abdala & Co Lawyers

    Santiago, Chile

    Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law Firm in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (24) 608-050

    Abdala and Company is a law firm established in Santiago, Chile. It was founded in the year 1988.; It is specialized in diverse areas of law and advises its clients with great success, resolving their problems according to their pretensions and interests.; This law firm, began with a clear...

  • Albagli & Zaliasnik Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law and Business Lawyers in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 445-6000

    Founded in 1991, Albagli Zaliasnik began with great dreams of the future. In the years that followed, those dreams became reality and the Firm grew to be one of the most successful in its market, not just for its commitment to legal excellence, but for its vision.; An emphasis on permanent change,...

  • Alcaino & Rodriguez Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Corporate & Business Law Attorneys

    Phone +56 (2) 380-8000

    ALCAÍNO RODRÍGUEZ was first organized in the 70s, and legally incorporated as a professional partnership in 1980 under the corporate name Artaza y Cía.; From its beginning, the Law Firm has been focused on providing a tailored and comprehensive assistance to its clientele starting from the creation...

  • Alessandri & Compañía

    Santiago, Chile

    Inheritance, Industrial Property, Intellectual Property and Internet Law Office in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 787-6000

    Alessandri & Compañía is one of the most important law firms in Chile. With its two large practice areas, the firm is well suited to assist businesses, institutions and individuals with all their legal requirements. Hundreds of companies, both in Chile and abroad, have received the professional...

  • Araya & Cía Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Agricultural Law and International Commerce Law Firm in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 208-2993

    Araya & Cía Abogados’ is a legal firm that specializes in the following four principal practice areas:; -International Trade and Industrial Property Law; -Corporate and Natural Resources Law ; -Shipping, Transport and Insurance Law; -Civil/Penal Litigation and Arbitration; Our particular speciality...

  • Asesoria Juridica SV

    Concepcion, Chile

    Corporate & Intellectual Property Law Office in Concepcion, Chile

    Phone +56 (41) 318-9532

    Asesoria Juridica SV was founded in 1994, SV Legal is a law firm focused on counseling in various areas of business law.; Our working method: we have a wide network of outside professionals with expertise in the performance of legal practice, but also linked to the university. Thus, we are...

  • Baeza y Cia

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Litigation, Arbitration, Corporate and Insurance Lawyers

    Phone +56 (2) 498-2800

    Baeza y Cía. was founded in Santiago, Chile in 1995. It is a prestigious consolidated law firm specialized in disputes resolution and litigation. Ours is a “boutique” study formed by a team of highly experienced attorneys who have an important international and domestic client portfolio of natural...

  • Barros y Errázuriz Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Full-Service Law Firm in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 378-8900

    Barros y Errázuriz Abogados is one of the most important law firms in Chile thanks to both its permanent and sustained growth in time, as well as to the prestige and quality of its professionals. ; The firm provides integral legal advisory services by way of its team of lawyers specialized in the...

  • Belmar Y Sepulveda, Consultores, Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Full service Law Firm Huechuraba, Santiago.

    Phone 56 2 23030688

    Belmar y Sepulveda, Attorneys, Accounts and Compañy was made like an alternative to big Law Offices that work in Chili. We can give you mostly the same service but for a lower price. We lower the costs not in the quality of the work for the client. We lower the cost in the were we adress the office...

  • Carey

    Santiago, Chile

    Full Service Law Firm in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 2928-2200

    Carey is Chile’s largest law firm with over 200 lawyers and more than 10 specialized professionals. One third of them are women. It is widely perceived as one of the leading law firms in Latin America.; Since its foundation, Carey has been committed to professional excellence. It is a core...

  • Carey & Allende

    Santiago, Chile

    Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy and Real Estate Law Office in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 485-2000

    Carey & Allende is a law firm, that although established under its current structure in 1993, was formed by partners with a lengthy legal experience.; The main partners of Carey & Allende participated in the formation and development of other highly regarded law firms in the country and decided to...

  • Cariola Diez Perez-Cotapos & Cía Ltda

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Antitrust, Banking and Finance, Environmental Law Firm

    Phone +56 (2) 360-4000

    Cariola Diez Pérez Cotapos, is one of Chile’s leading law firms with over 90 attorneys. From its very start, during the first quarter of the 20th century, our firm acquired a solid reputation providing legal advice to companies related to the industrial, banking, retail and large-scale mining...

  • Chadwick & Cia Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Banking and Finance, Business and Industry Attorneys

    Phone +56 (24) 441-6300

    Chadwick & Cia Abogados founded in 1992, merged with the traditional firma Aldunate & Cia., which has its origins in 1875. As Chadwick & Cia Abogados they accomplished a long way of tradition and experience. Today, the firm returns to their roots as Chadwick & Co., emphasizing their current...

  • Eluchans y Cia

    Santiago, Chile

    Litigation, Finance, Bankruptcy and Real Estate Law Office in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 889-8800

    Eluchans y Cia. combines the cast experience of its partners with the projection of a group of young and talented associates all of whom form a professional team of tested capacity and efficiency. ; The firm works on the basis of establishing a close and reliable relationship with its clients,...

  • Espina, Zepeda & Acosta

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Litigation, Commercial, Real Estate and Tax Attorneys

    Phone +56 (2) 425-5000

    Espina, Zepeda & Acosta, provides legal services and advisory to people, national and international companies, financial institutions and public entities in practically every area of the Law.; Our goal is to satisfy the legal needs of our clients in a world of increasingly legal and commercial...

  • Estudio Juridico Otero

    Santiago, Chile

    Civil, Commerce and Corporate Attorneys in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 361-8900

    Estudio Jurídico Oter is a team of experts in our practice areas, efficient in our service, who can be trusted in order to build value to our client's business through a thorough knowledge of their business and the regulatory framework in which they operate.; Estudio Jurídico Otero was founded by...

  • Estudio Juridico Pérez Donoso

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Tax, Corporate, Banking and Finance, Civil and Labor Law Firm

    Phone +56 (2) 499-1900

    In Pérez Donoso we seek to offer a service that can be outlined from what is usually offered by other law firms. The difference would be based not only in the professional excellence but in the strong bonds that are made between our lawyers and our clients. We are convinced that confidence is the...

  • Garcia Parot y Cia

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Corporate, Foreign Investments, Trademarks Law Firm

    Phone +56 (22) 232-3484

    Founded in the year 1974, our firm is comprised of a team of attorneys and consultants who are highly qualified to satisfy the needs of our clients in all areas of law.; The distinctive seal of our firm is its recognized professional excellence and its total commitment to the interests and...

  • GFI Group Inc

    Santiago, Chile

    Corporate Law Department Profile in Hong Kong

    Phone +56 2 898 9200

    GFI Group Inc provides competitive wholesale market brokerage services in a multitude of global over-the-counter (“OTC”) and exchange listed cash and derivatives markets for fixed income, equities, financials and commodities. GFI is an industry leader in various fixed income and energy and...

  • Harris Gomez Group

    Santiago, Chile

    Santiago, Chile Legal and Business Law Office

    Phone +56 (2) 242-1157

    Harris Gómez Group is an Australian-Chilean legal and business advisory firm located in Santiago, Chile. In 2001 HGG was the first Australian law firm to have a local office in Latin America. The firm specialises in Australian (and other Common Law countries) and Latin American cross-border issues...

  • Jara Del Favero Abogados

    Santiago, Chile

    Commercial,Financing, Foreign Investment, Tax Law Office in Santiago, Chile

    Phone +56 (2) 580-8600

    Jara Del Favero is a Chilean law firm with ample national and international experience. Since 1939 provides comprehensive legal counsel and effective and timely solutions with deep understanding of its clients’ needs and a global vision of the challenges they face.; Our legal practice is inspired...

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