Torts Lawyers and Law Firms in Spain

Torts Lawyers in Spain

De Micco & Friends Group

De Micco & Friends Group

Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Full-service Law Firm in Spain, all Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa
Phone+34 (871) 955-077

De Micco & Friends is a full service law and audit firm represented by more than 500 associated lawyers and auditors in all Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa. In Spain, like Palma de Mallorca (headquarter), Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia, Bilbao, Oviedo, Sevilla and the...

Other Offices: Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Valencia

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Giambrone Law

Giambrone Law

Barcelona, Spain
A Full-Service European Law Firm
Phone+34 (932) 201627

Giambrone is an award-winning Italian law firm operating through a network of offices in Barcelona, Munich, London, Milan, New York, Rome, Sassari, Tunis and Palermo with plans to expand further over the coming years.
Our Italian lawyers and Italian attorneys are best in their...

Other Offices: Palma de Mallorca

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ARPA Abogados Consultores

Pamplona, Spain
International, Corporate, Finance & Business Law Office in Spain
Phone+34 (948) 210-112

ARPA Abogados Consultores is a law firm that was set up in 1991 in Pamplona, by their foundational partners which have more than 25 years experience providing economic, taxation, and legal assistance within the business field.
Currently ARPA Lawyers Consultants is based in Navarra...

Other Offices: San Sebastián, Valladolid

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Arpa Law Firm

San Sebastián, Spain
International, Corporate, Finance & Business Law Office

ARPA Lawyers Consultants is a law firm that was set up in 1991 in Pamplona, by their foundational partners which have more than 25 years experience providing economic, taxation, and legal assistance within the business field.
Currently ARPA Abogados Consultores is based in Navarra...

Other Offices: Pamplona, Valladolid

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Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

Madrid, Spain
International Law Firm
Phone+34 91 7689600

Davis Polk is one of the world’s premier law firms. Known for our skillful work in highly complex matters that are critical to our clients, we offer high levels of excellence and breadth across all our practices and specialties.
Our clients, many of them industry and global leaders,...

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Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Marbella, Spain
Full Service Law Firm in Spain
Phone+34 (952) 765-000

Martinez - Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers is, since its establishment, in 1983, an office whose bet for quality and professional excellence have made up the pillars on where the company is known in all the locations where it has seats - national and international - because of...

Other Offices: Alicante, Almeria, Malaga, Murcia

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  • A.L.M Mediterranean Legal Group

    Barcelona, Spain

    Full Service Mediterranean Law Firm in Barcelona, Spain

    Phone +34 93 4127588

    A.L.M Mediterranean Legal Group, AEIE (Group JURISMED) is the grouping of lawyers' offices and juridical services of different cities and of diverse community states of the CEE inside the area of the Mediterranean. Initially formed as offices of Spain, France and Andorra it has the vocation of his...

  • ACC Legal Lawyers

    Murcia, Spain

    Full Service Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (968) 908-344

    ACC Legal Lawyers is an English speaking Law Firm of lawyers and solicitors specialized in offering an integral legal advice to companies and individuals, which is developing and growing constantly.; With a team of highly-qualified professionals, we guarantee a thorough knowledge on each of our...

  • Adarve Corporacion Juridica

    Madrid, Spain

    Corporate, Commercial, Real Estate & Tax Law

    Phone +34 91 5913060

    Adarve Corporación Jurídica was established in 1999 as a result of a merger between the law offices of Garcia-Lima & Associates, and José Fernando Cornejo Pablos, both located in Madrid and with over 25 years of experience. Always working under the principles of honesty, responsibility, and...

    Other Offices: Barcelona, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Seville, Valencia

  • Aguirre Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Personal Injury and International Law Firm

    Phone +34 914 586578

    Aguirre Abogados has the constant exchange of our members and training in the various countries in which we operate can make available to their clients to professionals adapted to current legal and economic situation. The international expansion of economies and the increasing links between markets...

  • Andriulo & Partners

    Torredonjimeno, Spain

    International Business Law Firm providing assistance for individuals and SME.

    Phone +34 685263634

    A modern way to be lawyers. More close to the client's needs! We offer legal and business services in the main areas of Italian, Spanish, EU and International Law - in all transactional matters and litigation contexts.; We are a boutique interantional law firm since 2005. With 2 offices, one in...

  • Boil Fernandez Geli Advocats

    Granollers, Spain

    Full Service Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (93) 879-5459

    BOIL FERNANDEZ GELI ADVOCATS is made up of lawyers, economists and specialists in labour relations with extensive experience in the different areas that the company focuses on. They defend the interests of their clients, making teamwork a priority in order to provide an all-round consultancy...

  • Bufete Baño Leon

    Alicante, Spain
    Phone 0034-965.921.853

    Our Legal Office was founded on 1981 by Mr. Carlos Baño León, and staff of professionals will help you in any of the following 5 languages that are known in this office: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.; ; These are, among other, some of the fields we most work in: Civil Law, Real...

  • Campos Catafal Advocats

    Barcelona, Spain

    Real Estate, Succession, Bankruptcy, Bussiness and Family Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (932) 070-569

    Campos Catafal Advocats is a law firm headquartered in Barcelona, ​​in the Eixample and not far from the iconic Sagrada Familia Basilica, specializing in different areas of law and with scope of activity throughout the Spanish territory.; Our work strategy takes as its central point the...

  • Canales & Asociados

    Madrid, Spain

    Litigation, Damages & Bankruptcy Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 781-9999

    Canales & Asociados was founded in the late 70s by the lawyer Antonio Canales and continued by his son, the lawyer Aitor Channels . Throughout the past 30 years the structure of the firm has evolved always seeking the best way to satisfy our customers. This experience of 30 years is what has...

  • De Cambra Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Corporation, Civil, Government and International Lawyers in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 431-2085

    De Cambra Abogados is a generalist firm that offers a range of legal and financial services to any kind of clients, both physical persons and corporations, but with a particular specialization in foreign investments services in Spain and outward Spanish international investments; for this reason,...

  • Estudio Juridico Almagro

    Madrid, Spain

    Madrid, Spain Commercial, Tax, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Banking and Family Lawyers

    Phone +34 917 454010

    Estudio Juridico Almagro offers to its clients specialized legal services with a markedly preventive focus since 1978. We have a well-integrated and stable team of professionals which enables us to establish solid relations with our clients based on loyalty and trust. The firm's organization in...

  • Gomez de Mercado Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Contracts, Arbitration, Administrative, Public, Real Estate and Energy Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 913 690404

    Gomez de Mercado Abogados is the law firm founded in Madrid by Francisco García Gómez de Mercado, former Spanish government counsel and Madrid regional general counsel. The firm attends both public and private law matters, whether in contracts, claims or arbitration. However, it has a high level of...

  • Lopez Rodo & Cruz Ferrer Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Criminal, Employment, Real Estate, Arbitration and Mediation Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 (91) 435-0881

    Lopez Rodo & Cruz Ferrer Abogados was established in 1945 by Laureano López Rodó, and thanks to the confidence and trust deposited upon us by our clients, LÓPEZ RODÓ & CRUZ FERRER has become a prestigious Firm that offers outstanding professional services, especially in the fields of Administrative...

  • Macicior Abogados

    Pamplona, Spain

    Commercial, Corporate, Compliance, International, Real State, Urban Planning, Litigation

    Phone +34 948 199 527

    I place myself halfway to the in-house attorney, providing legal advise based on trust, technical excellence and quality. Comprehensive legal counselling. Legal project management to assign necessary time and resources to achieve the professional assignment in terms of efficiency.

  • Martí & Associats

    Barcelona, Spain

    Business Law Office in Spain

    Phone +34 93 2016266

    Martí & Associats is a firm of lawyers and economists located in Barcelona. Our main objective is to offer professional services of the highest technical quality to companies and individuals.; Likewise, Martí & Associats is the Spanish member of the International Alliance of Law Firms, a worldwide...

  • Martín Sotelo Consultores y Abogados

    Madrid, Spain

    Civil, Family, Criminal and Administrative Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

    Phone +34 91 2844702

    Martin Sotelo has become one of the most rigorous and efficient Spanish law firms since 1969. A law reference in Spain for individuals and companies around the world, with its own identity and with a track inspired by the adaptation to modernity, and based on the pillars of quality, excellence and...

  • Monereo Meyer Marinel-lo Abogados

    Barcelona, Spain

    Domestic and International Business; Securities, Corporate Finance & Business; Estate Planning Law

    Phone +34 (934) 875-894

    Monereo Meyer Marinel-lo Abogados has over 20 years of experience, cross border work, personal commitment and intercultural competence for each and every mandate: that is our approach which justifies the trust our clients have in us.; Thus, we are the same law firm in Spain and in Germany -...

  • Moreno & Otto Abogados

    Almeria, Spain

    Insurance, Banking, Business and New Technology Law Firm in Spain

    Phone +34 (950) 256944

    Moreno & Otto Abogados's goal is to establish a communication channel added to existing customers, and provide information for businesses and the general public about the services we offer. We hope the information we provide is helpful. ; We specialize in liability law and insurance. We provide...

  • Nunez & Villar Abogados

    Cadiz, Spain

    Criminal, Family and Commercial Lawyers in Spain

    Phone +34 (956) 871-944

    In Núñez & Villar lawyers, we are interested in solving the problems of the person or entity to which we serve, which we provide our expertise and personal dedication.; This site is a commitment to new technologies to improve quality and streamline communication with our regular customers and those...

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