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Curitiba, Brazil Trademark Lawyers and Law Firms

  • Peregrino Neto, Machado, Beltrami & Advogados Associados

    Curitiba, Brazil

    Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law Office in Curitiba, Brazil

    Phone +55 41 3219 3300

    Our firm was founded in 1966, acting as a lawyer partnership since 1974. Since then, we are strongly dedicated to the business law, giving the necessary legal support to the entrepreneur and companies, in its partnership relations as well as in its business.

  • Soares & Bazzaneze Advogados Associados

    Curitiba, Brazil

    Business Law Office, Full Service Law

    Phone (41) 3323-7326

    The Law Offices Soares & Bazzaneze Advogados Associados was designed to offer personalized service to its customers, believing that this model favors closer ties with the attorney, providing them with reliable and secure solutions for their diverse needs.; Working with professionals specialized in...

  • Santos & Santos Law Firm

    Curitiba, Brazil

    Labor & Employment Law, Family Law & General Civil Litigation Law Firm in Brazil

    Phone +55 41 32525510

    Since its formation in 1985, Santos & santos has been helping clients find solutions, settle disputes, and, when necessary, win legal battles. S&SAA offers labor relations and employment law services to every type of business.

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