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  • Traffic Ticket Lawyers - When DO I Need One?

    Traffic tickets are a common nuisance that many face when driving in the wrong place before a law enforcement officer does his or her rounds and tickets the driver of the vehicle. However, there are certain instances when the individual may need to hire a traffic ticket lawyer based on the circumstances of the ticket.

  • How Many Points Are Added to My Driving Record for a Speeding Ticket?

    Instances of speeding often end in a speeding ticket added to the driving history and record of the person behind the wheel to a negative impact. While some states may add points to the driving record of this individual, others may not have these regulations and just cause insurance premiums to increase for the incident.

  • Can I go to Jail for a Traffic Ticket?

    Continued traffic tickets need attention for resolution before law enforcement need to take more drastic measures. However, the first step is usually a suspended driver’s license that could lead to the individual losing his or her vehicle to impound when caught driving, and then police may arrest the person if he or she incurs additional violations.

  • Small Businesses and Disposal of Hazardous Waste

    While working under the United States Environmental Protection Agency and ensuring that all guidelines are in adherence, the small business owner is able to ensure that hazardous waste and other protocols do not incur violations. To accomplish this, the owner and management must ensure these harmful chemicals and substances transfer to disposal units properly.

  • Small Business' Need for Defending Size Protests

    Small businesses need to defend and appeal protests against the size of the company when acquiring certain government and other agency contracts. The protests that could harm these business arrangements occur due to the larger size of some companies that may retain the label of small business as opposed to those that are even smaller in comparison.

  • Financial Accounting Standards Board Implements New Accounting Standards

    The accounting standards managed through the private-sector organization created the Financial Accounting Standards Board or the FASB for proper financial accounting and reporting. These standards affect private and public companies as well as nonprofit organizations with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP.

  • Factors to Consider When Borrowing under the SBA’s 7(a) Lending Program

    The Small Business Administration 7(a) loans are the primary source that small business owners seek to finance a business venture throughout the country. There are numerous factors that need consideration such as interest rates, flexibility of payments and growing or expanding the business once enough revenue received increases the possibility.

  • Certification Issues for 8(a) Contractors Who Have Multiple Awards

    Small businesses may have multiple awards that provided to subcontractors when they are eligible for program participation with certain jobs. There are various issues with these situations based on how large the program is and which companies and individuals are available for work with the projects to participate.

  • Importance of Small Business Subcontracting Plans

    Small businesses work with subcontractors and contractors to ensure projects are completed on time and through various tasks delegated as needed based on the size and scope of the duties. Some small businesses are able to maintain subcontracting plans and work with other companies with programs and projects that exceed $700,000 in total.

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act for Small Business Owners

    To remove, transport and eradicate waste, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act or RCRA was implemented for these controls and to ensure the small businesses are able to ensure the contaminants are removed from the premises. While there are federal regulations attached to the RCRA, the process permits hazardous waste removal and treatment at the small business site.

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