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  • Economic Damages of an Employee Reselling Company Products

    Many employees are able to purchase products at their places of employment and then resell them at a higher price or without the discount they are often awarded while working for the company.

  • Breach of Duty by an Agency and Resolution

    Agencies often owe a duty of care to clients or customers, and there is usually some form of contract drafted and signed between businesses in this manner. The duty may be to ensure no danger occurs while within or on the property of the entity, it may be duty of care to prevent injury or another duty similar in scope.

  • Of Mice and Men and Fiduciary Duties

    A short survey of Delaware and Georgia law regarding standards of care for judging decisions of members or managers when fiduciary duties have been eliminated

  • The Basics of American Franchising

    Perhaps you have seen an advertisement at a restaurant suggesting that you can open your own franchise and make a lot of money. Or, have you seen an advertisement on TV or the Internet talking about franchising opportunities? Or has someone approached you about buying into a multilevel marketing franchise? Whatever the situation, an understanding of what franchising is and its legal ramifications can be important for a successful business.

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