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  • How Long Do I Have Military Tricare after a Divorce?

    When divorcing a spouse, an individual in the military needs to update the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System first and then ensure that all other documentation is up to date as well. Then, the person needs to contact Tricare to determine if any other processes need completing based on the year, state or new changes.

  • The Five Types of Spousal Support in California

    California provides for various types of spousal support when couples separate or divorce in the state. Divorce is often an expensive undertaking in many couples. However, the financial disparity between spouses is most recognized during this period, and spousal support provides a way to better equalize the financial situations between the spouses.

  • 20 Factors New York Courts Consider When Determining Spousal Support Calculation

    After New York courts have determined that spousal support should be paid, they consider the following 20 factors in determining how much support payments should be:

  • How to Start a Divorce in Georgia

    Individuals who want a divorce in Georgia must follow certain steps to complete the legal process of getting a divorce. They must also take steps to emotionally and financially prepare for this process. Some steps that they should take include:

  • Will Adultery Affect My Alimony Award in New York?

    Many cheated-on spouses feel that they have been irreparably harmed and disrespected in their marriage and that they will be able to get everything they want in a divorce because of the adultery.

  • What is a Rehabilitative Divorce?

    A rehabilitative divorce is one in which rehabilitative alimony is paid to one spouse. This type of alimony can help a spouse regain his or her footing after a divorce if the parties have disparate incomes. This financial support may be ordered even in cases in which other types of alimony may not be awarded.

  • Filing for Divorce When also Filing for Bankruptcy

    Going through a divorce is often difficult and may become a tricky and emotional affair, but doing so while also filing for bankruptcy is enough to break a person. It is recommended to have a lawyer for divorce proceedings, and this could affect how the bankruptcy procedure works and what is affected by either spouse.

  • Steps to Take to Secure Your Family Law Goals in Florida Cases

    Some steps that you should take to secure your family law goals in your Florida case include:

  • Mandatory Mediation in California Divorce

    Some processes for California divorce require mediation before the parties are able to proceed to litigation, if that is even possible based on the circumstances of the situation. However, mediation may permit both spouses to seek a nonaggressive and peaceful resolution to the divorce process that provides a compromise to what both are seeking.

  • How is Property Divided in a California Divorce?

    When a person goes through a divorce in California, there are certain processes that may transpire differently than in other states, and it is important to understand how to proceed with property division. It has taken decades for California divorce laws to evolve, and for those that have been married in this state, it is essential to research and then hire a lawyer to provide the best possible experience.

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