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  • Pros and Cons of Arbitration for Personal Injury Claims

    When determining whether to take part in arbitration, mediation or litigation, the individual will need to assess the pros and cons of each process and why to choose one over all others. It is important to consider that most arbitration conclusions are binding to all parties involved and usually do not lead to an appeals process.

  • Appeal of a Personal Injury Arbitration Award

    Personal injury awards through arbitration or standard and often awarded based on overwhelming evidence of the wrong committed by the perpetrator against the victim. However, appealing such awards is often difficult and not possible based on the writing of the conclusion of these sessions between all parties.

  • Future Medical Expenses and Arbitration Awards

    Arbitration claims are similar to litigation in that various types of awards are available to the victim after he or she suffers injury through the actions of the perpetrator. These often include treatment for medical issues, pain and suffering and, in certain instances, future medical costs based on the necessity and length of treatment needed.

  • When Can I Appeal an Arbitration Award?

    Arbitration awards are usually final once the arbitrator judges the claim and applies a decision to the proceedings for all parties involved in the situation. There are times when an appeal is possible, and it is important to know when the person awarded damages may seek a greater amount in compensation from his or her incident.

  • Mandatory Arbitration Clause in a Real Estate Agreement - Should I Sign?

    When a person is buying commercial or residential real estate, he or she may sign a lot of papers. Often, the person may not know the substance of every document he or she signs. One such document or provision in a longer agreement that the individual may sign is a mandatory arbitration agreement. This provision can impact important rights of the buyer and seller, so it is important to understand this information before signing.

  • The Many Ways a Legal Nurse Consultant Can Serve as an Expert Witness

    A legal nurse consultant can help in litigation by serving as an expert witness. In this context, the legal nurse consultant can help analyze and explain information to the jury or trier of fact. Because of their important role, many law firms have a legal nurse consultant on their team. Others may choose to retain the services of a legal nurse consultant on an as-needed basis.

  • Best Practices to Prepare a Forensic Engineering Expert Report

    Forensic engineering projects often lead to litigation as parties try to avoid being liable for damages when confronted with technical allegations. An engineering expert witness may prepare a forensic engineering expert report after he or she completes an investigation. This report may be shared with interested parties after its completion.

  • Arbitration of Business Disputes: Ins and Outs

    Arbitration is often a better alternative to litigation for those that lack the funding or time necessary for a long drawn out lawsuit. This process is also most beneficial to keep the situations peaceful and ensure relationships are able to survive without the conflict, argumentation and battling over various subjects.

  • Applying Chinese Law in American Courts

    Accounting for foreign laws is important for diplomats and citizens from other countries. Their actions may be subject to certain stipulations that are not considered in the United States even when they are prosecuted or remanded to the American court system.

  • Seller's Duty to Disclose Known Defects to Home Buyers

    You’ve hired the best real estate broker, so you thought, now your home is sold. You go on and soon forget about the old and bring in the new. But then, when you least expect it, you are served with a Demand for Mediation and Arbitration (or Lawsuit) for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why you ask.

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