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Assault law deals with the consequences of the wrongful act of causing fear of physical contact to another person. It is treated as a crime and a tort, meaning offenders can be prosecuted by the government, or sued for civil damages by the victim, or both. The purpose of assault law is to deter people from exhibiting aggressive, threatening behavior toward others, even if physical contact does not actually occur. If contact does occur, the act is usually treated as the separate offense of battery.

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  • Violations and Lifting a Restraining Order

    The lifting of a restraining order is a complex matter if there are violations of the order by the target when he or she needs to interact with the protected party. The violations usually cause the person with the order to remain away from and out of communication with the protected person, and this could complicate the relationship or personal matters that require contact

  • 17 Best Criminal Defense Strategies

    There are many legal criminal defenses available to fight criminal charges and win. And long treatises written on strategies and techniques in criminal defense. The job of a skilled criminal defense lawyer is to select the best criminal defense lawyer tactics given each unique case's facts and circumstances.

  • Defending False Accusations of Domestic Violence

    While false accusations of domestic violence are not heard of often, these circumstances do arise in certain situations that paint the target in a negative light with the public. Defending such accusation is difficult, and when the community rises against the person, reversing attitudes become complicated both in and out of the courts.

  • Consequences of an Order of Protection against You

    If an order of protection is taken out by someone, the target must adhere to the rules of the order or face possible charges in court and severe consequences from any adverse actions or reactions to the order. It is important to know what this is, how to behave and how to proceed with the situation peacefully.

  • Assaulted on the Job by Co-Worker

    Workplace violence is a common issue that often leads to the termination of one employee or a legal action through litigation which may result in compensation for the injured party. However, this could involve the company when no measures are available to prevent the incident, and the victim may need to hire a lawyer to determine how to proceed with the workplace incident.

  • What Is a Peaceful Contact Order?

    A peaceful contact order is a type of order that restrains the person from contacting or physical distance to a person when there is possible domestic violence. However, unlike standard restraining orders, the individual may contact the other that filed for the order as long as the contact is peaceful and has no violence or threat of violence.

  • Nurse Assaulted by Patient - Is Hospital Liable?

    It is important to understand the liability in an incident in a healthcare facility when a patient assaults a staff member that may require medical attention. Contacting and communicating with a lawyer about the details is essential so that the healthcare staff member knows what he or she may pursue when harmed in the process of working in the facility.

  • Minnesota's Order for Protection (OFP)

    Understanding the Order for Protection (OFP) and your rights can be critical to your future.

  • Protective Orders against a Mentally Ill Child without Parentís Consent

    Protective orders arise when a mentally ill person harms another through his or her actions even if the intent did not exist for this action. The courts may not have all the information when issuing these orders, and it often takes a new courtroom case in front of a judge before the parent or legal guardian is able to lift the protective order.

  • Personal Injury in Massachusetts from Assault

    Assault cases in Massachusetts may lead to personal injury claims when the person sustained harm from the incident with the accused perpetrator. While assault and battery occur together in usual circumstances, sometimes injury through an event with assault is accidental or due to negligence rather than intentional harm.

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