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  • Insurance Claim Denied: Next Steps

    When denied a settlement for an insurance policy, the individual may need to hire a lawyer to fight the denial when the situation calls for a payout despite what the carrier says. Through legal representation, it is possible to receive a full settlement for the damage, healthcare or problem the policyholder faces in light of the circumstances.

  • Is an Insurance Company Offering Less than You Deserve?

    Insurance is one of the most unwelcome regular expenses. You may feel like you’re just throwing money away, year after year, until one day, you find you actually need it.

  • Insurance Companies Taken to Task Over Handling of California Wildfires

    Thousands of people have been affected by the California wildfires and must face the stressful task of putting their lives back together. Some have lost loved ones, others have had their homes destroyed, while still others have faced the uncertainty of being evacuated and not knowing what they would return home to find.

  • Preparing Yourself for an Examination Under Oath

    In Wisconsin, when you file a fire loss claim, water damage claim, or other property damage claim against your insurance company, your insurance policy most likely allows your insurer to take your examination under oath. What is an examination under oath, and why would you have to attend one if you were filing an insurance claim?

  • Pursuing a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

    When an insurance company has denied coverage, is unwilling to provide a settlement and similar matters, an insurance company may be involved in bad faith claims. This means the carrier is attempting to get out of providing entitled monetary compensation for a policy that has coverage of the damage caused by the incident.

  • When Insurance May Not Cover Issues in Real Estate

    When someone purchases a property, it is advised to also buy associated insurance for a myriad of protections. A policy could protect from fires, floods, theft and similar concerns. However, it is crucial to understand what types of safety are not provided in these types of coverage as well.

  • Improve Your VA Disability Claim
      by Herren Law

    When you or a loved one joined the military, you, like thousands of other veterans, dedicated everything to your service, giving the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc. your 110%. Nevertheless, the VA is notorious for inefficiencies when getting disabled veterans their much-needed benefits. Despite your dedication, that may have left you disabled, the VA all-too-often rates the severity of a disability lower than it should be, or the VA takes way too long.

  • Private Investigators and Insurance Cases

    One of the most common reasons that private investigators are hired is to assist with insurance cases. In many cases, they try to uncover whether a fraudulent insurance claim has been filed. They do this by conducting an investigation and employing other investigative techniques.

  • Severe Weather Incidents in Texas Spur Record Insurance Claims by Home and Property Owners

    The state of Texas experiences more instances of high winds, hail storms, tornadoes, flooding, and other extreme weather events than any other state in the U.S. Although insurance offers home and property owners some protection from damage caused by extreme weather, many homeowners may be vulnerable due to coverage exclusions or bad faith actions by an insurance company.

  • Insurance Claims for Hail Damage

    While hail can cause extensive damage to a home, hail damage claims may not be easy claims to have accepted. Homeowners may run into difficulties with claims and compensation for payments that they have already made to repair the damage. Because hail damage is often unnoticed when looking at the roof from below, a professional with experience in hail damage is needed.

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