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Bribery and corruption law consists of the criminal rules for dealing with people who attempt to buy influence with public officials and other decision-makers. The crime of bribery encompasses a broad scope of wrongful conduct. It covers bribes of cash, assets, services, favors, or anything else of value, whether delivered presently or in the future. Bribes can occur directly, or indirectly through third parties in an effort to disguise the true nature of the transaction.

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  • When Does Bribery Result in Federal Charges?

    Bribery is a crime that may cause someone to spent time in jail, have fines issued or more severe punishments because the individual has offered or accepted something of value for an exchange in influence over or with a governmental or public official, employee or other person of power.

  • What Is Blackmail?

    Blackmail is characterized as a crime and in some cases a tort that involves revealing personal information about someone as a threat or threatening other conduct to get the person to do something that the offender wants completed. Like extortion, blackmail seeks to remove a person’s free will to conduct some action. Committing black mail can carry significant criminal and civil consequences.

  • Hiring Children of Foreign Officials May Expose Bank to Bribery Charges

    America's largest banking institution is facing charges under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for a practice of hiring the children of foreign officials. The case will test how broadly the federal law can be applied to practices as common as hiring an influential person's children in order to gain a small advantage in negotiations.

  • What Do I Do If There Is A Warrant Out For My Arrest?

    It may seem as though you are standing at the edge of a cliff and are getting ready to fall off, or maybe the feeling you are getting is one of claustrophobia, or something much worse. When the biggest concern on your mind is “what do I do if I have a warrant of arrest” issued for me, the first response should be to find a good lawyer and get some help.

  • What are White Collar Crimes?

    A question we get asked on our website all the time is, what are white collar crimes? With the rise in today's technology it's highly likely that you or someone you know has been a victim of a white collar crime from counterfeit currency to identity theft. Continue reading this article to understand more about the most popular forms of white collar crimes.

  • When Does Your Desire for Revenge Become Blackmail

    Often, after a bad breakup, people react badly and may engage in behavior that is not in their best interests. They may attempt to “seek revenge” against the ex they believe has caused them pain and/or harm. This is especially prevalent when you or your ex believes that there is a debt owed. The wronged party may try to use personal information about the other party to illicit the money or reciprocity for their perceived wrong. It is important to realize that this can be classified as blackmail.

  • Criminal Defense in Illinois

    For those who have never before faced criminal charges, an arrest can be a frightening experience. The stress and anxiety of an arrest may cause you, your family members or friends to overlook important factors, such as the right to remain silent and the right to consult with a lawyer.

  • Drug Charges and Their Defense

    Drug offenses come in many varieties with one common factor, the penalties for a conviction are severe and may result in lengthy prison sentences and fines. An aggressive defense is necessary. Review this article related to drug charges and their defense.

  • DWI Laws: Do they violate the Constitution's Protections Against Unreasonable Search and Seizure?

    Can you be compelled to provide a sample of blood breath or urine for testing or rbe charged with a crime for a refusal? Why are the DWI laws allowed to skirt constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure by requiring a warrantless search? Review this article to see how the laws have come under attack.

  • DWI: The Wizard, the Oracle and the Intoxilyzer Source Code

    In 2008, challenges to the DWI laws are louting. Now more than ever, there a re viable defenses to basic substance of DWI law. With regard to breath testing, increasingly, the Intoxilyzer 5000 and it s source code have come under attack. Review this article regarding that defense.

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