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  • Can I Recover for My Bus Accident Injuries?

    When you ride the public bus, you trust that the bus company hired responsible and competent drivers who will drive carefully when they take you from one place to another. Unfortunately, bus drivers may drive negligently, or even worse, recklessly, and cause serious injuries to you and your fellow passengers.

  • A Deadly Bus Crash Can Prove Catastrophic

    Because of the way bus seating is designed, passengers on buses have far less chance of being injured or killed than drivers and passengers in other vehicles involved. A research study by the National Transportation Safety Board revealed that in 2009 (last available data) about 5.7 people in other vehicles died in a bus accident for every bus passenger.

  • Uber Accidents: Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

    Ridesharing is a growing trend. The popularity of ridesharing networks like Uber has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, Uberís services are now available in 50 countries, with 8.1 million Uber users and more than 50,000 new drivers added monthly.

  • How Louisiana Insurance Companies Pay Damages in a Car Wreck

    Insurance companies in Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Look at many claims in different ways. Here are some secrets of how a car insurance company pays a claim in Louisiana.

  • How to Claim Compensation for a Soft Tissue Injury

    Soft tissue injury or whiplash refers mainly to injuries which involve the neck and shoulders, suffered by hundreds of road users every single day. It's most common in rear-end collisions but can occur in front-end collisions and other types of accidents as well. If a whiplash injury happens to you, the law says you have a right to compensation.

  • 5 Things To Do When Youíve Been Involved in a Vehicle Accident

    Nearly 1.3 million people die - globally - in road accidents each year; thatís over 3,000 deaths per day, and over 20 million people are injured or disabled - 2.3 million of those injuries occurred in the US alone. Statistically speaking, you have a high likelihood of being in a car accident at some point in your lifetime (and some probability suggests that figure is 3-4 non-fatal accidents per lifespan - about once every 17.9 years).

  • How to Help Your Case for Settlement after a Car Accident in Louisiana

    If you have been in a car accident, you may still be recovering from your injuries, and perhaps you have had to take time off of work to recover. Maybe your injuries were serious enough that you cannot go back to work for some time, or are permanently disabled.

  • When Should an Accident Victim Contact a Lawyer?

    If you or your loved one has been in an accident, youíre understandably shaken up, hurt, confused and overwhelmed. You may be feeling vulnerable, too, wondering whether the accident warrants a call to a personal injury attorney or whether you should just let the insurance companies battle it out.

  • Why Shouldn't an Accident Victim Settle for the First Offer?

    Thereís a common misconception out there that insurance company payouts cover all losses of an accident victim. This is simply not true.

  • How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Most people donít think too much about personal injury attorneys until they are in an accident. People get injured all the time in all kinds of ways, and in most cases those accidents are due to someone elseís negligence. Sometimes the resulting injuries are severe, and the recovery long. Injured people may miss work or become unable to work in the same field because of those injuries.

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