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  • Employee or Independent Contractor?

    The Federal District Court for the District of Maryland recently determined in†Braxton v. El Dorado Lounge, ELH-15-3661 (Oct. 27, 2017),†that exotic dancers are employees under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and Maryland's state law version, the Maryland Wage and Hour Law.

  • Unlicensed Construction Contractors in California - Their Hiring, Non-Payment, and Liability Risks

    California has a strict law that prohibits using an unlicensed contractor to complete construction work. Property owners face consequences of using a contractor who is unlicensed. Likewise, the contractor also faces stiff consequences.

  • 7 Legal Loopholes that Actually Exist

    The law is the law, and there is no getting around that. Right? Well, not technically. In the law, several loopholes exist that really donít make any sense. These are due to the way the laws are written, poorly thought out laws, and using almost inapplicable laws to justify actions.

  • Medical Marijuana: A Growing Industry

    For states where marijuana is legal as a medicinal alternative or the only necessary drug, the industry is growing far past what was estimated initially. The use of this substance for pain and other symptoms for ailments is widespread for the states that have legalized use, and the industry keeps growing based on the need for various substitutes to current pain medication.

  • Selling or Licensing a Recipe

    When attempting to build a company or business through intellectual property, it is important to know if the invention or process should be initiated by the individual, sold or traded for possible better benefits in the future. It is also important to have a lawyer versed in these matters available to ensure the rights of the owner are protected throughout the procedure.

  • Minors Which May Legally Sign a Contract

    Minors sign contracts occasionally, but these situations cause severe complications for a business if the employer is not family. However, there are certain instances where a minor is permitted to become involved in contractual obligations as if he or she were an adult facing the same choices.

  • Sports Contracts: Minor League Versus Foreign League

    Minor league sports contracts are for those that love the game but are not paid as much as major league players, and foreign leagues could offer more if the player is willing to relocate overseas. However, each contract is different, and it is important to read the fine print along with the terms and conditions that apply and how they bind the player.

  • Modeling Contract Basics

    Modeling contracts are what bind an individual person in the modeling industry to a client or company, and this comes with the usual terms and conditions necessary to remain under the contractual agreement. However, there are different types of contracts and obligations based on these agreements between parties.

  • Can a Minor Start a Non-Profit Organization Legally?

    Minors have taken part in creating businesses, organizations and churches, and starting a non-profit is not much of a reach for someone under legal age. However, there are often only certain situations that permit the teen to take part in creating a new organization that is legally a non-profit, and these may change over time.

  • The Problem with Minors Signing Contracts

    A minor is not permitted to enter into a legal contract for any reason, and this causes severe complications for a business owner when the individual is not of legal age. However, there are certain situations that are exempt from these problems in placing the teen in a place of business through a family company or when creating a new business.

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