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  • New Law to Soon Relax Texas Business Naming Rules

    Without great fanfare, last June Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 2856 into law.

  • Resale Price Maintenance, Horizontal Conspiracies, and Antitrust Law

    If you are looking for controversy, you came to the right place. Today, we discuss resale price maintenance, one of the most contentious issues in all of antitrust. If you look around and see a bunch of antitrust economists, hide your screen so they donít start arguing with each other. Trust me; that is the last thing you want to experience.

  • What Types of Businesses Entities Are There?

    If you are looking to start a business in the East Bay then one of the first steps involves choosing which business form best suits your needs. The most popular options include sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, and corporations

  • What Source of Laws Addresses Unfair Competition?

    When learning how to deal with unfair competition practices, it is important to know what laws address these matters in the courts and how to deal with the issues the behavior causes to the companies. Knowing the source material is beneficial to the lawyer in leading the case, sticking liability to the defendant and pursuing compensation for the victim.

  • Vicarious Liability, Dram Shops, and Criminal Law

    Dram shop and vicarious liability could connect through criminal actions such as drunk driving and injuring others while inebriated while driving away from a bar, restaurant or another shop that sold the individual liquor. When the person driving purchased the alcohol at a specific place, he or she could pass on liability to the company an involve both in the illegal actions.

  • Massachusetts Embezzlement of Corporate Funds

    The crimes of embezzlement from a corporation could lead to severe criminal consequences to the individual when the local law enforcement become aware of the illegal activity. However, the person still has the access and ability to defend against the charges in court with a Massachusetts lawyer to mitigate or eliminate the damage of such charges.

  • Expert Witnesses Describe Negligence in Data Breach Incidents

    Data breaches occur with greater frequency when a hacker determined to expose the company leaks the information within the business to the public or on the internet. When these incidents occur, the company, clients and customers may all experience devastating consequences when their details are available to anyone.

  • Georgia Personal Injury Claims against a Small Business

    Customers and clients that suffer injury while in or with the small business may need to contact a lawyer for a resolution through compensation or another remedy if the company is unwilling to settle the matter. Small business interactions are usually safe and protected, but when the negligent or unintentional actions lead to severe injury from the products or services, litigation is possible.

  • Stricter Bitcoin Tax Regulations Passed

    Once Bitcoin funds are sold, the Internal Revenue Service expects to receive payment for these investments just as any other item sold through invested monies. As time progresses, these agencies of the government are becoming more aggressive in seeking the payment owed with those that reside or have primary residency in the United States.

  • New State Tax Appeal Laws in California

    Changes in the state tax appeal laws affect business owners in California when attempting to appeal a tax penalty, have begun the process or want to own a business but have not started this process yet. Understanding these changes may pose a problem for many business owners due to the complex subject matter and how they could affect each person.

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