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  • Outsourcing Innovation and Ideas: Legal Considerations for Crowdsourcing and Freelancing

    Commerce that involves knowledge is rapidly growing, along with new models for businesses that are emerging as thought leaders in their fields. New vocabulary describing these knowledge workers and thought leaders, and new models of knowledge acquisition for business use are becoming more common.

  • Electronic Discovery in Civil Law: Considerations for Business Owners

    Texas enacted electronic discovery laws in 1999, and these laws allowed discovery in civil suits to include information stored electronically, such as emails, e-calenders, voice mails, instant messages and chat room conversations, as well as more traditional business communication such as memorandum and contracts. Data stored on personal electronics and hand-held devices can be made part of discovery during a civil suit.

  • Problem with Using Fill in the Blank Legal Forms

    Legal forms that are only filled with standard clauses and terms are often the least beneficial for anyone seeking specific conditions or that have a need for certain items to be satisfied. This means when using fill in the blank contracts and other forms, the owner and employees may be at a disadvantage without the help of a lawyer.

  • How do I get my Business Ready for Sale?

    When the owner of a company is ready to sell his or her business, there are certain actions and steps he or she needs to take in preparation. This means it is important to research these matters well before the organization is suitable for selling to a new owner.

  • Guide to Purchasing an Existing Business

    When someone has considered buying an already established business, there are various factors that must be researched, understood and put into motion. This means knowing the company, contacting the right persons and seeking to build a relationship with the current owner so that a mutually beneficial sale may take place.

  • Foreign LLCs Doing Business in California

    Foreign LLCs should qualify and register with the California Secretary of State before conducting business in California. Failure to do so may have negative repercussions on the LLC.

  • What Entrepreneurs Need to Know about California Commercial Law

    For the new California entrepreneur, one consistent piece of advice you are likely to hear is to retain the services of an experienced commercial law attorney. While this is certainly good advice, the reasons why this is so may not be as readily apparent. This is because most new entrepreneurs and even some seasoned business owners do not fully comprehend the scope, purpose or objectives of commercial law.

  • Adding a Member to Your LLC

    When the current owner or co-owners in a limited liability company have considered adding a new person, there are various factors to consider. Adding a new member is often more complicated than it first appears, and it is important that all the necessary paperwork, contracts and information are cleared before he or she becomes a member of the LLC.

  • Guidelines for Protecting Proprietary Information

    Proprietary information is business information that has independent economic value from not being disclosed to competitive businesses or the general public.

  • Startup Mistakes that Can Tank Your Business

    When creating a new business, there are many different mistakes that could be completed before the company doors ever open. In order to avoid these disasters, it is important to research and hire experts that have built businesses in the past as well as seek an experienced lawyer to keep matters valid and legal.

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