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  • Technology Used by Expert Witnesses in the Courtroom

    When an expert witness becomes part of the courtroom proceedings, he or she may need additional technology to explain the issue to the judge or jury panel, and this could lead to unorthodox processes. When these items become necessary to demonstrate certain issues, the professional may need permission from the courts to accomplish this feat.

  • Anti-SLAPP Motions in California

    The U.S. court system handles a vast array of civil lawsuits, from small personal or business disputes to massive corporate matters. In any system of this size, abuses are bound to happen. One notable abuse of the judicial system involves the strategic use of meritless lawsuits, known as SLAPPs, to silence or suppress dissent, criticism, or certain other constitutionally protected activities. California law provides strong protections for businesses and people who are subjects of a SLAPP.

  • What Source of Laws Addresses Unfair Competition?

    When learning how to deal with unfair competition practices, it is important to know what laws address these matters in the courts and how to deal with the issues the behavior causes to the companies. Knowing the source material is beneficial to the lawyer in leading the case, sticking liability to the defendant and pursuing compensation for the victim.

  • Key Features to Look for in Computer Forensic Expert Witness

    The wide variety of computer and electronic issues that need explaining in the courtroom usually lead to the hiring of a computer forensic expert witness to provide understanding and knowledge of numerous matters. The key features in looking for these professionals are one part of looking for the right fit for the case.

  • Dentist Financial Irregularities

    Some dentist practices experience certain financial irregularities when attempting to ensure treatment for dental problems. If the dentist is unable to provide care even after payment has been transferred to him or her, the patient may have legal recourse for the expensive implants, bridge or crown work or other procedures to include surgery.

  • Breach of Noncompetition Agreements in Unfair Competition

    Noncompetition agreements have use in a company to ensure that someone that is current or leaves the business is unable to compete with clients or through products. However, the use of these contractual agreements may lead to unfair competition practices for possible competing businesses or new companies in similar markets.

  • How to Properly Qualify an Expert Witness during Trial

    Expert witness qualifications are important so that they qualify for presenting testimony in court and explaining confusing or complicated matters. However, to property qualify an expert for a case going to trial depends on the state or federal matters and what type of expert’s knowledge is necessary for the courtroom.

  • Protecting the Rights of Minority Shareholders and Dissenting Shareholders in San Diego

    What should you know about protecting the rights of minority shareholders and dissenting shareholders in San Diego California? California has granted specific rights to minority shareholders of corporations who are based in California, even if the company was formed under the corporate laws of another state such as a “Delaware Corporation.”

  • Delegating the Task of Finding an Effective Expert Witness

    Finding the right and most effective expert witness for a case is daunting and time consuming, and this leaves the lawyer often delegating the task to another person. Searching and communicating with various sources may require additional time and energy, but when the task has been efficiently delegated, the lawyer is free to perform other actions for the case.

  • Top 3 Legal Pitfalls Small Businesses Encounter

    With an industrial spirit, and enviable ambition, many small business owners leave no stone unturned in the marketplace. They see opportunity at every turn, and innovation knocking at each door. The sole focus of many small business owners is how to connect their talent, insight, and products with the millions of marketplace consumers.

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