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  • What Are the Elements for a Tortious Interference Claim under California Law?

    The law of contracts governs a wide range of business and commercial activity, allowing individuals and businesses to take risks with the knowledge that they have legal recourse. Breach of contract claims, however, are only possible between parties to a binding contract. This does not cover many situations in which someone else interferes in a contractual or economic relationship.

  • Unearthing Contradictory Testimony from Expert Witness

    It takes research, dedication and long hours to discover if an expert witness has provided contradictory testimony in a previous case or a connected claim to the current issue. Revealing these matters could disqualify an expert that has been hired to by the defendant or plaintiff, and it could lead to further scrutiny of the case which may lead to other discoveries.

  • Expert Witness Describes how to Avoid Liar Buyer Fraud

    Anti-fraud technology and procedure has failed to stop liar buyer fraud practices and processes against others, and because of this it is perpetuated through the years. There are methods that could reduce the losses caused by these actions, and expert witnesses are hired to explain both these and how the victims are owed damages to those that have caused economic and financial injury.

  • How to Select the Best Accounting Expert Witness

    Expert witnesses with a background of accounting are needed when the issue in the courtroom deals with numbers, financial information and accounts at a company or small business. However, selecting the best professional for the entity is important so that the relationship between client, lawyer and expert are in sync for a more beneficial association.

  • How to Handle Expert Witness Billing and Retainer Agreements

    Agreements are often difficult to handle without the use of a lawyer or other professional to make the paperwork understandable and easier to comprehend. However, billing and retainer agreements have other terms, conditions and stipulations that may require a greater degree of detail and descriptions for those that are not experts in these matters.

  • Best Practices to Prepare a Forensic Engineering Expert Report

    Forensic engineering projects often lead to litigation as parties try to avoid being liable for damages when confronted with technical allegations. An engineering expert witness may prepare a forensic engineering expert report after he or she completes an investigation. This report may be shared with interested parties after its completion.

  • Using a Transactional Law Expert Witness to Get Ahead in Litigation

    Transactional law experts may be utilized for litigation through disputes, class actions with securities, intellectual property violations and family law through a variety of documents and interactions between parties. Those with a strong background in the field of disputes and similar matters may be experts in transactional law cases.

  • Remembering to Factor in Attorney’s Fees for Service Contract

    Lawyer services must be considered when creating and utilizing a service contract. When a company has need of a legal representative, there is usually a contract for service with a client, another company or a project with services attached.

  • Discovery and Document Review in Business Litigation

    Businesses can find discover requests unsettling. A good business litigation attorney will be able to educate businesses on what information they may have to reveal. Read on to learn more.

  • Foreign LLCs Doing Business in California

    Foreign LLCs should qualify and register with the California Secretary of State before conducting business in California. Failure to do so may have negative repercussions on the LLC.

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